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Eight Individuals Granted Bail On Illegal Firearms, Ammunition Charges


The following eight (8) persons were charged for two counts of Possession of
Firearm: one (1) Berretta Pistol Px4 Storm 9mm and one (1) Heckler and Koch 9mm pistol and two counts of Possession of Ammunition, sixteen (16) rounds of 9mm and (13) thirteen rounds 9mm during the joint Police Operation on Sunday 16 April, 2023 in Bois d’ Inde, Jacmel.

They were escorted to the First District court on Thursday 20 April, 2023.
They are:

1. Dayna Louis of Leslie Land, Castries
2. Kayshaika Leo of Bois D’Inde, Jacmel
3. Kim Joseph of La Clery, Castries
4. Ackim Lionel of Leslie Land
5. Jonathan Francios of Arundel Hill
6. Julius Charles of Jacmel
7. Clianus Justin of Bois d’ Inde, Jacmel
8. Joseph St. Holl alias Bolo of Bois d’Inde, Jacmel

They were each granted bail in the sum of fifty-five thousand ($55,000) dollars cash or suitable surety and other court conditions.

The matter has been adjourned to a later date.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. You’ll quick to post people names!!! But you’ll doesn’t post the rapist and them, child molesters, the drug dealers, how funny😹😹😹😹 what about the container of drugs ? You’ll not talking about it okay !

  2. HN y didn’t u ask to post the rapist , kidnappers an robbers faces? I don’t think these people families are ashame because that’s just gun an ballets charges. They not the first and won’t be the last. Atleast they didn’t charge them with robbery, kidnapping, thieves, rape. This one is not a movie

  3. Lydia Estaphane come see this. I’m not seeing you dropping your comments. I don’t see rapist, child molestes, robbers and kidnappers. Lollllllllllllllll

  4. What’s the point of arresting them if u just letting them go!?….. All that hard work how many other countries it took to come here to assist SSU!?4-5 different countrie’s SSU are here to do this… $ 55,000th is a drop in the bucket for these dealers who have millions……! This is an insult to all the hard work…… so why don’t you STLT tell the people who is handing out these judgments and sentences!….. hmmm seems they involved….. smph Good Job Officers keep it coming’, CARE FOR COUNTRY.

  5. What? Less than $10 000.00 per person. Mr. Phillip Pierre the criminal system is against your government.
    The Adjourned Magistrates need to be held accountable for the crimes.

  6. Y’all never found them with guns or ammunition, those officers set this up. 2010-2011 on again. Officers setting people up.

  7. Did they say $55,000 for all of them? They spreading false news so much that’s not even the bail amount lol. If the bail amount is wrong then the spelling of the names wrong to lol

  8. Lydia Estaphane it seems you from marigot lol. I never see you post again from the time they charge the talibans

  9. At least the magistrates are getting the point 55k bail is just a start but it should be like over a 100k and on the other hand extend the alternative prison time to like 15yrs min. So if they are like 20yrs old they coming out at 35 missing out half of their life and coming back out to a society with different generations. Even 20yrs of alternative prison time and let Mary Francis clap her mouth all she wanted. Why humans rights are not against the Indonesia government who made execution simple. They catch you with drugs then they tie you to a tree and have some fun emptying magazines after magazines on your body. At least the police are making a headway somehow.

  10. As bad as it sounds, they have the legal right to post bond as long as they meet the criteria. It is up to government authorities to investigate the source of the money.

  11. Troy Francis where you went to school? Did they say less than $10,000 per person? Where the balance of the bail ? They swallow it? The quick to spread news and make people look stupid lol

  12. Good job RSLPF. You have said before that you are not happy seeing these people get bail; but knowing the law as you do, you will understand why bail has been granted. I am happy that bail for each accused was set at $55K. As John Brown suggested you should follow that bail money trail. I notice that many arrests are for ammunitions possessions not guns. I wonder if the accused are not gaming the system by making sure they are not caught with guns AND ammunition.

  13. @Troy Francis: do you know the meaning of “each”?
    @105smh: EVER PERSON who is charged for an offence is entitled to bail, unless for special circumstances (like a repeat offender or someone likely to abscond e.g. a non-national)

    The bail amount is NOT a charge or penalty imposed on defendant/suspects. It is an amount (subject to the alleged crime or other circumstances) that is put up to secure that defendant/suspect’s attendance in court. if they fail to abide to the bail conditions, then all or part of the bail money is forfeited to the state. that is in addition to any fine imposed, after the trial.

  14. So courts unicommer, big banks ,
    Credit unions insurance companies, and businessmen who exploit the working poor with wages form 2 to 5 EC dollars an hour are they not criminals

  15. Where is the courts container of drugs, the guns that were found in the stove, who were held responsible.

  16. St lucia news why didnt the police give you the right information. Gun were not found on any of the individual or at their homes. They were found in a ditch where everyone have have access including the marigot bous when they came to do the shooting there in January.
    The police need to put out the truth, hence why bail was granted. The police are being malicious. The container of drug was found by court warehouse, why didnt you arrest the owner and employees of courts. But because is the ghetto yutes and you want to make bolo look bad you arrested them. Yall time will. Targetting innocent people.

  17. Hot Stuff, I am from Boisden. All you supporting criminal activities I don’t. I will always write about it. You know very well Bolo is a menace to our society.

  18. You are in no position to judge and the road to heaven is not infront your door step. Mama yehyeh. Use your time to clean your house and around your dirty house. Pray for your kids instead. Bolo have enough people playing for him. Is not not that have to say when bolo day is there. You not god. Go to hell

  19. What could I have said that my comments was not posted?
    Any way, back to reality; let’s do the Maths; 8 guys at $55,000 x 8 = $440,000.
    where did that money come from to Bail out the bad guys so quickly? that’s all I ask

  20. The Fox the same place your money coming from for your bail that’s where theirs come from. So do your maths to lol.

  21. The Fox all of them their families have land. So is not money alone you can bail someone with ok.

  22. And why you want to know where the monies come from? You’ll really have things on you’ll accounts wit smf

  23. If anytime they get bail it could be land documents the court will hold. Now if they are back on the streets therefore there will be more aggressive crime that will be committed because somehow and somewhere that liquid cash must be obtained as lawyer fees will be gigantic as well. I’ll advise all distribution vehicles to be on high alert as they can be high target.

  24. Did they ever say they got anyone with a firearm? Did they say where it was found? Did they say they got everyone with a firearm? You’ll saying anything smfh


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