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Autopsy On Remains Found In Vehicle Belonging To Omar Defreitas ‘Inconclusive’


An autopsy Thursday on remains found in the vehicle belonging to Omar Defreitas proved ‘inconclusive’, police say.

An inconclusive finding means the autopsy failed to show the cause of death.

But investigators have disclosed that the remains were that of a male individual and they are awaiting the result of DNA tests to establish an identity.

Omar Defreitas
Omar Defreitas

Omar Defreitas and his vehicle disappeared on January 6 when he left a staff party at the Sandals Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate.

Earlier this week, the vehicle was discovered partially submerged in a pond about three hundred yards from the Club.

And the police have dismissed as untrue a social media post claiming that the vehicle had bullet holes.


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  1. what???? they know we have our eyes glued to the screen for the cause of death……i guess it maybe skeletal remains making it hard to know…..this story has baffled me on all levels…..only God knows what happened that day…wish we could have gotten the happenings behind this…oh Lord God reveal what you see fit in due time…….I want to know if the reward is not going to the golfer who found the vehicle… hunch keeps telling me something aint right…it’s just a matter of time..

  2. Patience brings understanding. Isn’t Omar’s brother a policeman? If so, he and his family want answers too. He knows whether the car has bullet holes. He too must have his eyes glued on the investigation. Whether a reward is paid to the golfer would be the last thing on his mind.

  3. Was this man a God . Why so much attention is being place on this man when hundreds of people have been killed and forgotten. The man was just a bloody hotel worker, working for the elite who exploit the working poor with low wages …

  4. Only god I pray that before this month end this person will bring them selves in. Lord if it is someone or people involve give them no rest no peace lord.lord make them come forward before this month end

  5. My deepest condolences to the Defreitas family. Reading these comments one would be tempted to believe that this man was murdered, as there is no other explanation for his untimely death. However, what about the intoxication factor. Isn’t there a remote possibility that he may have consumed some alcohol and taken a wrong turn which led him to the pond. What about the suicide factor – Isn’t there a remote possibility that he may have just decided to call it quits. What about sudden illness – which may have caused him to be disoriented and taken the wrong exit? Or what about pure night error – one where he unsuspectingly just took the wrong turn. We will never know. But with the story of bullet holes in the car debunked and no signs of foul play, the best speculation would have to be that his death was due to accident. I don’t think that our scientists and other experts are that incompetent that the are unable to discern intact skeletal remains from one with visible signs of trauma; that they can’t tell an intact skull from one with obvious signs of fracture or other inconsistencies. So if they say that the cause of death was inconclusive, then I believe them – since without signs of trauma and the number of days since his disappearance, it would have been virtually impossible to determine whether he died as a result of drowning or illness, unless he may have been poisoned. And that fact would not have changed even if he were in a first world country. so stop putting down our own for they are doing their best under the circumstances and the resources at their disposal. Just remember that even in the more advanced societies, with all their resources and seemingly competent professionals, many incidents of crime go unsolved.

  6. People take a chill pill stop making things up the car has bullet holes really my People my People?

  7. Poor Omar, I was a regular at the Body Holiday, he was a nice guy, like all the Saint Lucian people I met there. So sad to die so young. Condolences to his family and friends from England.

  8. Maybe folks it was just a tragic accident. He drove into the pond and could not get out of his car. As unfortunate as it sounds, this might have happened. thats an unlikely way to go, but not impossible. Perhaps he had too much to drink and could not think clearly to try to get out of the car when that happened.

  9. @choops you are correct ……sometimes there is no compassion in some of us….and it’s a shame.

  10. Someone said in another post that perhaps we should drain the ponds, we may be surprise at what we find on the bottom…I think this incident is a clear indicator that it should be done.

  11. @just saying…the only other possibility u mentioned that I can consider also is the suicide factor and maybe sudden illness…but the drunk possibility alot of people are looking into I don’t know but some hunch in me telling me no no….consider the way so many people especially young girls turn up dead in remote locations his death has me wondering… secondly in the interview with his close work friend the lady u can tell that he would not put himself at risk like that….u are drunk enough to walk to the car start it and go but to end up in a pond jus nearby? Was he the last to leave the party that no one saw him drunk and offered to drive? Something jus not adding up for me….will we ever find out? Left to be seen…..anyway we all need to be careful out there….so many strange things are happening in this st Lucia place….guard yourself and your children…

  12. The reward money….. why they not giving to the golfer…..big boys and big boy toys…. something fishy going on

  13. Every body is yapping their mouths. Driving to this place is a difficult task ok .plus no one has mentioned that he left with two females.have they been questioned cause they are still on the job.and by the way who would put themselves in the trank of their vehicle close it and push the said vehicle in the pond


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