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UWP Chairman Accuses Government Of Distraction In Apology To SLNT


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) Chairman, Therold Prudent, has accused the Philip J. Pierre administration of seeking to distract people with its apology Friday to the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) over the demolition of the former Royal jail.

In its apology, the Government noted that the then-UWP administration authorised the demolition without adequate consultation with the SLNT.

“Why would anybody, with everything that is happening here in Saint Lucia, apologise to the National Trust for the demolition of the royal jail?” UWP Chairman Therold Prudent declared in a video statement.

In this regard, he raised several questions, including when the labour administration would apologise to Cabot for vilifying the company and doing everything to ensure that the firm would not take root in Saint Lucia.

Prudent said seeing the same Saint Lucia Labour Party embrace Cabot and approve its operations was hypocritical.

“But what is most telling is the fact that you also have an explanation that was supposed to be given, and that is from the National Trust, and that is why is it that 30 trees were chopped down to accommodate jazz?” The opposition party official stated.

In addition, Prudent asked when the SLNT would explain why it continues to ‘cherry pick’ between commercial activities and conservation which the organisation claims is its focus.

He also questioned when the labour government would apologise to citizens over lies and deceit that brought the party to power.

And Prudent declared that the Government is proving that every time it is under pressure and unable to deliver on its promises, it tries to change the conversation and turn attention away from what is happening in Saint Lucia.


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  1. At what point it’s going to get across to this guy, that demolition of the prison was a bad idea. Nah! A very bad idea. At the time of destruction, the island was experiencing a high level of crime… just as it is now. The smart thing would have been to keep the prison intact, in case it would have to be used to house gun criminals. Well, supposing UWP was interested in fighting crime. From a security standpoint it made no sense to destroy a future asset. Any security minister who is worth his salt wouldn’t dare advise its destruction. Between Chastanet and Duh Security Guy” they didn’t know what they were doing, as is evident.

    I have criticized Pierre mercilessly for granting bail to gunslingers. I want him to amend the law that provides bail to gunslingers. I am also aware that he is also hampered by the lack of prison space in his decision-making. Had those two clowns kept the place intact, there would have been more options available. The economy is tourists driven. Anything that affects tourism negatively must be deemed as a threat. If crime affects the economy, why would one want to destroy an asset for fighting crime?

    Some of these guys just address surface issues when they talk. Reminds me of the people who claimed that Chastanet’s hospital was a box even though it is more functional than what’s ongoing. His hospital looks like a modern day US Hospital.

  2. The weekend clown. They have destroyed an asset that could have been used to house gun criminals. They have actually and effectively limited the options available for crime-fighting. The decision to provide bail to gunslingers is partially based on limited detention space. You don’t want to mix hardcore criminals with the run of the mill crook. Between Chastanet and “Duh Security Guy” they flubbed this whole thing.

    Gassa, think security if your business is tourism.

  3. Where UWP got this joker from. Hey are we for real? UWP do better than that. Look I’m hearing Minerva Ward vying to run the Gros Islet seat on the UWP ticket. Lol. We suppose to send better representation. I’m telling u BayBay will be hard to remove. Ask spider he will tell u

  4. As much as I don’t support you and thinks that you are a fraud, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I must say you are right on cue here. Time for this administration to get on with the governance of this country and stop pussyfooting and acting like sorry a$$ mendicants. Wonder what Shawn, Kenny and Alva thinks of this latest charade.

  5. John vomption rejected you. Chas picking up recycle material.
    Brings nothing to the party. UWP needs to abort three of you ; AC -GJ- HP.
    As a start

  6. Apologizing to the SLNT was a decent thing to do but I don’t think the Government needed to make a song and dance about it. Should Custody Suites be rebuilt? Will the money used to rebuild Custody Suites not be better spent expanding Bordelais? It was build for 550 inmates. At times that capacity is exceeded. I hear it is now. What about using the money to improve security at Bordelais or expanding holding cells at police stations, or putting more CCTV cameras in crime hotspots.

  7. Anonymous and Poule Foo, I think you are one and the same person. How stupid of you to think that such a derelict building could have ever been used to house criminals without Amnesty International breathing down the government neck. This building was not only unfit for habitation but also a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t condone criminality but how you like to be in an altercation and have to be housed there for a weekend. Sometimes we are blinded by politics.

  8. This lap dog keep barking for a bone. I believe he wants to be on the UWP ticket for the next general election.

    May be they might kick Fadee out and have him replace Fadee to contest the Anse La raye seat. Which in my opinion is a win win and good to send Fadee packing once and forever.

  9. @Marcella. You are right. It is the same person. I forgot to put my “Name” and I accidently submitted the first entry. I didn’t know the system would accept it as Anonymous.

    Sorry, I don’t play the “Laybar/UWPEE” game. I hate it, primarily because of its destructiveness and wastefulness. There are worse prisons than that around the world and how is Amnesty International affecting them? Now, that the structure was destroyed, there is nothing to fall back on…nothing. This is not effective management by any sense of the word. It could have been used for only gun crimes.

  10. Why do we want rejected politicians to be at the helm of the party once again? I am referring to Guy. These Guy, Allen and Domnic bound to have us to lose the election in 2026. St Lucians don’t want these rejected politicians again. Once you lose you stay out. Give fresh blood a chance, people with new ideas. By the way Allen when are you going to apologize to the young lady for calling he non entity? We the cuzins are waiting. Remember negroes fight each other we don’t.

  11. To be fair, regardless of which party is ruling or in opposition they often display childish behavior. It’s like telling a class of students to watchman a crate of chocolate bars in a school filled with pure thieves. For only those who it is convenient for will make and issue out of it. Nothing wrong to say ‘ I am sorry ,’ why people are so money hungry or power hungry that in one breath they will say I don’t need your money but before exhaling you asking for donations. For me politics from now and beyond are just fitted for foolish people reason I said that is because the table often turns when they are out of autocratic position they make you look brilliant when they become autocrats they see you as a foolish set of people. Carry on we decode it..


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