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Young Male Arrested For Attack On Businessman In Castries – Stolen Gun Recovered


Police have arrested a young male in connection with an attack last week on a well-known businessman who was relieved of his legal firearm.

Investigators arrested the young man on Saturday and recovered the stolen firearm.

The businessman came under attack on Thursday afternoon during a routine walk in the Morne Fortune area of Castries.

He sustained injuries and had to seek medical attention.

According to reports, the victim was struck in the face and relieved of his legal firearm.

The incident occurred at about 3:30 pm.

Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. The police Should have Delt with Him .Because I am sure its not the First Time He have Committed that particular Offence .IT Should have been. His Last

  2. The Police department must be congratulated for this arrest. Let’s have some more of this; not because he was a business man, but because he was a PERSON, a human being;
    You young man must have done similar things in the past. You are lucky I am not the one in that ministry, or else I would demand that the Magistrate have you and others like you whipped publicly as a message to other miscreants when they are caught.
    I think I can see what will be done here: ( out on Bail for X amount of $$$ )

  3. Let’s hope that the swift arrest and firearm recovery had nothing to do with who the victim was and that the police were just operating at their (usual?) efficient best.

  4. Crime will always fester in 758 because the law is designed to protect the identity of scumbags!!! In my ideal state….all now his pic and full name included his alias would be all over the Caribbean! Now that is a real punishment instead of spending endless to pay Lawyers and magistrates just to charge him 2 case of Piton and 1 bottle on bounty!

  5. Yes I agree with you if these faces and names are made public I think they would think twice before committing a crime again, we would know right away if these guys leave next door

  6. You think that you can hurt and steal from a freemason and get away with it . Then again the government will have to build more prisons to put the black people as so many young black men prefer to do crime than go and work for guardsmen for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour

  7. This is swift work on the polices part and I must commend them given the Intel received on this particular case. Commentator stop your nonsense by insinuating crap.

  8. I have one question as I am not certain if the laws in St. Lucia are open carry.
    Question: How did the thug/bandit know that the business man was armed?

  9. You know something. That little thug who committed this senseless crime must have a mental problem to think that beating up an 80 year old man is cool and that he would get away with it. You steal the gun, beat up the old guy and you feel proud of your lazy black ass. Little black ass go to school and learn so that you can earn. Fool. No more excuses for the rest of your black boys.

  10. Great job. Are the police always that efficient in recovering items stolen from people during ambushes. I know of people who were ambushed, their cellphones were stolen, despite them tracking it and giving the police the location, weeks later it is still not retrieved. Despite this I say thanks to the police for a great job cause one gun in the hands of a thug would have been a disaster waiting to happen.

  11. I think it’s important to say to the Police :
    Go ahead !
    When we know where they can find these guns, we must show them the way !


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