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Randy Charles, Shot And Recaptured After Escaping Lawful Custody, Escapes Again

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Burglary suspect Randy Charles is on the run after police shot him in the leg and recaptured him on Tuesday at Cul de Sac, Castries, one day after he escaped from the Micoud police station.

Charles was conveyed to the OKEU Hospital but escaped again on Saturday at about 10:20 pm.

It was not immediately clear how he managed to get away.

Police have asked anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact the nearest police station, the major crimes unit at 456-3754, or the crime hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

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  1. The person who wrote this article needs to go back to school! This upside down writing style should be illegal!

  2. Slapstick comedy without naming it so. An injured flight risk who escaped a second time is no joke.
    Good material for a Netflix comedy. They might as well secure him with fil sac, the next time that he is captured.

  3. How about at the next police shooting, we skip the hospital altogether and send him to a place he will not be able to escape?

  4. The next time y’all get him don’t shoot him in his leg y’all know what to do ,vieux voler. I hate a thief with a passion.

  5. that’s a big joke. so no police was watching him at the hospital ? do we really have police here

  6. Disclose to us the name of the officer who was manning him at the time he escaped and I will tell all where he is.
    Look he is at……….
    Just say who was manning him.

  7. Sloppy job as usual by local Cop, he aimed too low; it could have been one less worthless son of a no good b….. he’ll soon find out.

  8. He does not want to go to jail so he keep escaping . The government refuse to enact a minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour so you think the guys will go and work for 3 to 4 EC dollars an hour for hotels ,security companies and hardware stores

  9. This Randy guy has the police wrapped around his little finger. If this guy with a wounded leg can escape from you all watch then I rest my case. The police need to be a step ahead of these guys and remain awake. Bayteez!

  10. This is the RSLPF exposing its level of incompetence. Shame on this organization for allowing this to happen, not once but twice. This man demonstrated that he had the propensity to escape when he did so the first time, so one would think that every effort would have been made to ensure that he did not escape again. But apparently not – these watchmen couldn’t do that simply task. So what now, would he be shot again? Lord put a hand.

  11. Security is very lax in St. Lucia. This incident has exposed the gross incompetence of the police. This is good reason for criminals to think that they can do crimes with impunity.

    St. Lucia needs a well trained, well motivated, fitted with all the resources they need to fight, investigate and detect criminal activity. The status quo in the police is patently inadequate.

  12. This is why the criminal force has become so strong now. God is not asleep you know,,,,,
    ! Ppl pls don’t take me wrong, and don’t come for me too😆. Tax payers are paying so much money for our own security safety here on this small island yet still such easy assignment cannot be met. What else?? Do you expect now for the criminal force to squill for you lazy boys ???? . You all are the ones making the clean dollars , do the work . Make us proud of our hard earned $$$. You are hiding the police , the criminals will not work with you . It’s the criminal force against the so called royal force .
    Who was that police scheduled at the hospital ??? Let’s do it right… the nation is waiting . Stop it .

  13. Editorial staff, you did a number with this article lol lol lol

    You’ll should really get other people maybe a colleague to read your work before publishing.


  14. Had to read the beginning of that article like 3 times trying to make it make sense before I realised that person was writing nonsense. St.Lucia times your’ll can do better than that make an effort


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