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Saint Lucia Government Determined To End Gun Violence

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The Saint Lucia government has expressed its determination to end gun violence, which has resulted in a spate of homicides.

The two latest fatal shootings occurred Monday night in separate incidents at Babonneau and Gros Islet.

On Tuesday, Acting Governor-General Cyril Errol Melchiades Charles articulated the government’s resolve to end gun violence.

The Governor-General delivered the Throne Speech On the Occasion of the Opening of the Third Session of the Twelfth Parliament of Saint Lucia.

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He noted that the scourge of violent crime continues to affect Saint Lucia.

Charles said it was of no comfort that the crime surge has been affecting the entire Caribbean region.

“The seeds of violent crime have been incubating for years and have now grown into a despicable and shameful image of disregard for human life. Those shocking images of gun violence must end, and my government is determined to do so within the ambit of the law,” the Governor-General declared.

“The homicides taking place in the south of the island cannot be allowed to continue, and so my government is determined to end it, lest it begins to spread and threaten the social and economic life of our country,” he told parliament.

The Governor-General recalled that the government had already implemented legislative changes.

In this regard, he pointed to the Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers) Act.

Under the act, which gives the Police expanded powers, Vieux Fort has become an escalated crime zone after witnessing a surge in deadly gun violence.

In addition to the legislative move, the government invited Regional Security System (RSS) officers here to assist in the anti-crime battle.

The Governor General told parliament that Saint Lucia would continue to engage the RSS services ‘for as long as it is necessary’.

He also disclosed that given the shared crime challenges within the region, the Saint Lucia government would be working with Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States to stop the smuggling of guns and drugs into and across the region.

Charles observed that government continues to provide the Police with all the required equipment for the effective execution of their duties and remains committed to providing the necessary assistance to the Police until the scourge of violent crime is under control.

At the same time, the Governor General explained that the Police would continue to work closely with and within communities by engaging meaningfully with community leaders and civic groups in the fight against crime.

And in support of a multi-disciplinary approach to crime fighting, a National Security Council will be re-established to coordinate crime reduction efforts undertaken by government agencies, the private sector, and the Police Force.

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  1. Cyril as much as I want to agree with you I must also be realistic with myself. That is an impossible call at any level within the confinement of St. Lucia. This country does not harness the skills, structure, finance amongst other pertinent resources to combat gun violence. As a matter of fact on paper and geopolitically within the OECS this island sits pinnacle for trade and transit route but our governance before and now are unable to tap into that wealth. Bare in mind the equation is a rush for wealth crime automatically follow but an island of just 180k and such porous borders along with white collar criminals sits on both side is it a mountainous task once we follow the current formula.

  2. Teach the children a trade. They need the honest skills of their hands. Mechanic, Carpenters, plumbing, Electricians, Mason Etc. These are trades that will be around for a while. Having a Trade can take you to an honest living. I was an Electrician in Sadaam Hussain’s Central Palace USMI. IRAQ.

  3. As much as we want to help the police some of them are involved too and go back to mention names and for this people are afraid to give info so sad for those infomer cops

  4. After reading this article I can only wonder. So many educated fools in charge. fighting gun violence by focusing on gun smuggling will fail, because it’s an unrealistic and unattainable objective. History is a powerful teacher. Large, developed countries fail to stop gun violence utilizing this strategy, going back 100 years. Effective solution is right there but will be ignored. creating an environment where criminals do not know which citizens are armed is the most effective deterrent to crime and gun violence. Simply allowing law abiding citizens to carry legal guns in large numbers will accomplish this deterrent. States in America where the citizens carry have the lowest gun violence.

  5. I agree with all the comments, But, where and how we employ the trades and professional?
    We must be more creative in employing, and also a fair living wage of $10+ per hour based on 40 hrs weekly to avoid a nonproductive collection of brain drains..
    Any step of moving forward is currently needed..

  6. Thanks God they are finally determined. I feel so much safer. I could tell they were not determined before but now that they have said they are determined now, it makes all the difference. Bunch of idiots led by A planless J-donkey of a leader. I swear Im losing my patience with this guy and this mongoose gang.


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