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Pierre: CARICOM Seeking United States Help In Addressing Illegal Gun Problem

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, acknowledging that crime is one of the most significant issues facing the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), has said that the region is looking to the United States for help in addressing the region’s problem of illegal guns and ammunition.

Pierre recently attended a CARICOM crime symposium in Trinidad and Tobago.

On Tuesday, he spoke to reporters on the sidelines of a sitting of the Saint Lucia parliament.

Pierre recalled that leaders at the Trinidad and Tobago symposium decided that CARICOM would write the United States government asking the Joe Biden administration to do something about the influx of illegal guns and ammunition into the region.

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“The vexing problem is guns and ammunition,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, explained.

“It has been almost proven that these guns originate from North America. So this is a major problem and we’re trying to ask the US to work with us,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

He described the United States as a friend.

“We have worked with the US in drug interdiction. They are our friends and we hope we can get together to fight that scourge,” Pierre stated.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister spoke hours after deadly gun violence in Babonneau and Gros Islet claimed the lives of two men on Monday night.

And he expressed condolences to the bereaved.

In addition, he stated that the government was trying its best and would allocate more resources to fight the scourge of gun violence.

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  1. Pip reveals himself to be a deluded city-boy, who believes that his pet (friend) mongoose (USA) can be reliably expected to guard his chickens!

  2. Prime Minister Pierre if you are serious with crime fighting please bring back the Cargo Screeners, the Dogs and a new addition Drones. Enough talk we need action now. Sir can’t you see what is happing all around you? Are you blind ?

  3. the usa is the cause of this gun problem cause some states you can just go to a store and buy one , they have all these mass shootings and kids brining guns to the schools killing other children they cant even control their own gun problems you want them to help us

  4. Re Article : The PM is on the right track and I endorse that taught..
    He has a very hard task ahead of time,no matter what he tries, his own people critiques him..
    Mr Pm,I hope that you can find the courage to IGNORE and focus on providing a living wage system of $10+ per hour to elevate the working poor and their Families.. * * * * *..

  5. Here we go again with the non intellects bashing the PM for asking for help with the current number two quality of life issue facing most Caribbean nations CRiME… you are damn if do and you are damned if you don’t……no other lazy minister of national security ever ask or seek help, no other PM has ever stand in any forum and address this issue, What Would they rather see a continuation of going to Mara-largo to stand in the hallway leading to the kitchen panhandling only to come home empty.

  6. The irony is USA has it’s own gun problems. However, they can help in terms of resources and training.

  7. However you twist and turn it guns was made to kill. Who want me to believe it was made for something else then they can go suck some coconuts or salt fish. These fellas bread will butter they already get payed to talk bullShaait at any forum like it or not.

  8. By his every comment in this forum, “The Most Honorable Lucian High-grade” is primarily involved in promoting the intellectual scam that criticism of government policy is rooted in partisan affiliation. By perpetuating this falsehood, he hopes to hide from readers the fact that the SLP & UWP are but two cheeks of the same backside; whose excreta stinks more than can ever be smelt from the “ka-ka-bah-wee” tree, no matter which cheek occupies prominence on the toilet seat of government.

    What’s wrong is wrong; and what’s right is right! Pip is wrong, but worse than that, he is stupid to think that the US is a friend – that it will recant its policy of retaining its fast diminishing hegemony over the western world by sowing chaos around the world, via its only surviving industry, the manufacture and exportation of weapons. He would do well to heed the words of the infamous Henry Kissinger (perhaps the only truth he uttered in his entire life): “…it may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

    The reason for crime in St. Lucia is self-evident: The majority of citizens do not value life at all, or through their mental immaturity have placed a very low value on life, based on what is promoted by local corporate & government media, who emulate the gospel according to western corporate media (including Hollywood). The criminal duopoly which has usurped the will of the citizens of St. Lucia since adult suffrage was “granted”, wholly reflects the mental political state of the populace it pretends to represent; which, in turn, reflects the divide-and-rule policy in effect up to the end of colonialism, particularly, the house-slaves vs. field-slaves paradigm encouraged by slave-owners.

    The only way crime can be reduced is by St. Lucians (with such a small population) coming to the understanding that their fellow citizen is not their enemy, that in order for us to survive, we must co-operate in every aspect of life; that we must reject the false life values imposed upon us daily, from abroad, via government & elites (for their own selfish purposes). Indeed, in this regard we must loudly declaim the professional mendicants in the duopoly (SLP & UWP), whose sole regard is to do the “Bump” dance (ass-cheek to ass-cheek), ONLY for personal & partisan aggrandizement, with foreign oppressors, who are merely wolves in sheep clothing (forgive the mixed metaphors).


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