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Chastanet Expresses Concern Over Agriculture, Tourism


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has expressed concern over the agriculture and tourism industries, asserting that the former was in a ‘tailspin’.

“Nobody is speaking about what’s happening with the bananas,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told reporters on the sidelines of a sitting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Chastanet noted that bananas are important in the agriculture sector’s viability.

Regarding the tourism sector, the former Tourism Minister noted that despite a substantial recovery, Saint Lucia was not back to where it was in 2019.

Chastanet explained that with a reduction in airlift, he believed Saint Lucia would have as good a year this year as in 2022.

However, he told reporters that the tourism sector would not grow substantially.

“I would like to see this government get back on the path of construction – the airport, St. Jude Hospital, the road reconstructions and encouraging private sector people to get more involved in the construction sector,” the former Prime Minister stated.

“The call centres. There’s been a deafening silence. I know that there is more business to be had. I am not hearing anything from this government as it pertains to these issues,” Chastanet declared.

“And again, we started a huge campaign on sports in this country. I am very happy to see how well the kids did at the CARIFTA Games and many of those kids are residents at the Gros Islet Sports Academy. I’d like to see that programme expanded,” the UWP leader told reporters.

“We talked about building a Sports academy in the South with FIFA, so I would like to see some of those issues come up,” Chastanet disclosed.

But he said that the biggest issue is crime.

“And this government I think first has to gain has to gain back the confidence and the credibility of the people of Saint Lucia which starts with holding themselves accountable and the people accountable who are in breach of the law,” Chastanet said.


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  1. Oh Mr. Chas, you asked what happened to the bananas, it was sent to France via Martinique.

  2. we also need to have confidence in you, can you tell us the amount of passports you sold during your reign and also tell us about the cost overrun in the airport scandal?

  3. Some one needs to talk to you on the sidelines before you speak your dementia is getting worse by the day. You killed the banana industry single handedly, it’s was so noticeable it was published in the foreign press, famers caught your government yellow jaundice and were commiting suicide one per month under your watch (fact). What happened to Virgin under you ?? As far back to Air Jamaica flights were running from you.. your government was paying American Airlines $USD 20 million to fly to here (fact) everyone was questioning your judgement who stopped that insane bleeding it was The then the newly appointed v Tourism Minister The Most Honorable PJP who told them to fly away the country could not sustain them at that cost. Under your watch you bankrupt the Tourist Board (fact) we were depending on Sandals alone to thank for running commercials in prime time on CNN. You killed Jazz…who could forget the Diana Ross fiasco that was the nail in the coffin and Jazz was never the same after that, is now Jazz coming back we were the love of BET. Bro you really need to stop you are only fooling those who don’t know you.

  4. AT least, the XPM finally hit’s the nail on the head this time..
    The minister of Fisheries and agriculture, Don’t have the vision for his portfolio and not creating 0 % to earn the salary he is currently receiving..
    We need more creativity for all the minister’s..
    They must earned their salaries..
    That’s my observation and thoughts and I endorse my comments..

  5. Bla bla bla bla. Yawn yawn yawn yawn. Chpz chpz chpz. We don’t want u . We don’t want u. We don’t want u. We are tired of hearing u. We are tired of seeing u.

  6. Agriculture and chas in the same conversation ?? Wow you can clearly see this man is in opposition and needs power. Ezikel to busy making money now after he did nothing for that sector but lies and more lies . Chas come on we all know you believe that the tourist sector is the solution to agriculture . Speaks a lot about your real agenda . Agriculture is wayy bigger than that sir and most important in the times we live in ,not just hotels buying produce .

  7. Former PM is weak on the issues. He is failing to offer an attractive , feasible alternative to the current administration.

  8. Only NOW Chastanet is mentioning “Agriculture”!
    Bananas are dead – whereas there are so many other areas of agriculture which can be realised for viability and sustainability, right here on our own soil. We need more agro-industrial projects in order for survival.
    Take a look at Grenada!!

  9. You was there what did you do? The MSME is a good start. Under your rule you had easykill along with Barry going to various cluster and meeting with small processors just to brain wash people. The clusters was form and it get nowhere. COVID came you then ball out we must produce more… Zero effort was put in place. I am not sugar coating anything to the SLP. What they do from now on until next election it will determine their date. Voter are watching.

  10. Guess Mr. Chastanet didn’t listen to the PM budget address because he talked about building a new call centre, building 5 new hotels and talked about agriculture initiative as well.

  11. @A llison. Who in the world influenced your point of view? From Chas? Wrong person! You would need to investigate for yourself before positing this jumble of words.

  12. The man put emphasis on tourism so coco palm could have full house occupancy never export a box of bananas to Martinique but want to come and talk about agriculture..


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