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WATCH: Bouton Residents Undertake Self-Help Road Repairs


Last weekend, residents of Bouton, north of Soufriere, completed a self-help project to repair the main road leading into the remote community.

Road conditions were so bad that motor vehicle drivers avoided making the mile-and-a-half journey into the area.

Two frequent visitors to Bouton supplied material for the road repairs – 14 yards of ready-mix and a bale of cement.

Community resident Gifta Jongue explained that people in the area had suffered long enough.

The residents engaged in another self-help project to repair the road leading to the Bouton playing field the next day.

And they are planning an April 30 fundraiser to generate cash for a community resident at St. Jude Hospital who is in need.

Organisers have invited everyone to the event, featuring cricket matches, other sporting events, and entertainment.

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  1. Imagine we’re the most heavily taxed country in the OECS and we still have to find the means to fix the roads ourselves. Shame on these governments.

  2. Great community spirit. And i agree this administration is more useless than the previous…smh..our Rep Casimir refuses to help us in corinth with road repairs and more importantly speed bumps. But hastily put bump at Harbor club bcus money talks. We went as far as volunteering to pay for it but was stop with treat of prosecution..SMH

  3. Love the community spirit shown here but sadly this is due to the incompetence of you know who

  4. The 863 million dollars Mr. Chastanet borrowed during his term in office, did he even repair the road? What did he do with it?

  5. Well this road has been like this for years why Allan never fix it when he was using Soufriere as his diving board into politics…..anyway coming together as community and doing something that benefit everyone nothing is wrong with that ….the government alone must not do everything take pride in your community by uplifting your community with little projects such as these, crime watch, planting of trees and flowers ect and stop letting jackases telling you it’s Mary’s responsibility.

  6. Good , you see what Shyne was saying when he meant by helping your self cause if you have to wait on the government every time you will get no where. I hope all of you who worked very hard on this road vote for Emma in the next General Elections. good luck

  7. This is a good initiative which other needy communities can emulate. If the damn gutter is clogged in front of your house, don’t wait on government to unclog it before you get flooded. It’s about time that people come together to help themselves and put politics on the side. That red and yellow worshipping is what’s keeping us divided and dependent. The government can use this to expedite road repairs in communities willing to provide the labor by at least providing the materials and an expert.

  8. Yes I can pick up garbage and unblock a drain in front of my house, but road works should not be a citizen’s responsibility. Sorry, but I do not agree with helping myself that way.

  9. Highgrade and troy .get your facts right before you post your garbage ,almost 2years since labour in power but you’ll talking about chas ,and first you’ll information yes they did


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