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Woman Knocks On Door Of Castries Home While Armed Men Lurk Nearby


A Castries resident has warned homeowners to be wary of opening their doors when strangers come knocking after a woman visited his house while armed men lurked nearby in the darkness.

The incident occurred on Saturday at about midnight and a video of the woman knocking on the door went viral on social media.

The homeowner told St Lucia Times he was at a staff event when his son called, describing a ‘most interesting interaction.’

The youngster explained that he thought his father had returned when he noticed someone in the corner of their balcony lurking in the darkness.

It turned out to be a woman who later knocked on the door.

“He thought it was me, so he opened the door, and he realised it was a woman,” the father said regarding his son.

The father said social media posts suggesting the person was a man dressed as a woman were incorrect.

According to the father, the female told his son she lived nearby and was scared to walk home because of dogs on the route.

“She was asking him for me to come out and drop her. So my son said that I was asleep. And then she proceeded to ask him if he could be the one to drop her. He refused and closed the door,” the father told St Lucia Times.

“After closing the door, he continued to monitor her movements in the darkness and he realised that she went to the neighbour’s house. She went and she knocked and apparently nobody answered,” the father recalled.

He said as his son continued monitoring the woman’s movements, he realised that she passed the house again, accompanied by two men, one of whom had a machete.

The father said the trio kept walking until they were out of his son’s sight.

According to the father, his son was ‘very lucky’.

“I think the only reason why they did not try anything is because my son is tall, he is a big guy. It could be that the female didn’t think she could overpower him and from what he is saying, where the two male figures were – they were a distance away from her,” the father asserted.

“Before you open your door check first,” he warned homeowners.

The father also advised people to install motion-detecting lights around their homes to get a clear view of anyone approaching them when darkness falls.

He also noted that criminals have been using females as ‘front people’ to commit crimes.

“It’s quite common,” the father declared.

He recalled that criminals had emerged from bushes at the roadside and attacked motorists after the unsuspecting victims slowed down or stopped because a woman had flagged down the vehicle.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video on social media.

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  1. This should not be new to anyone. As this was the habit of service render to tourists who visit and young girls sell there flesh to older men. They have the gang behind it. Now that they are targeting certain homes could be a form of retaliation or perhaps a service with intention. That being said there a few individuals who are extremely close relatives and kids of a big business man who rent places for the government, these terrorist solicit college girls who foster there needs and also carry on a parallel pimping scheme. The sad part of these individuals who continue to operate is primarily because they have certain police on there payroll. So what happened here is not a yesterday thing.

  2. Maybe the 2 gentlemen were just dropping her home and the cutlass was to protect from the dogs…

  3. Arrest her filthy dirty triffling ass too… Waste a woman and waste of 9 months. Arrest that bitch!!!

  4. Well, women and children who are genuine will suffer: whether it’s day or night the brakes on my vehicle do not work when I see them, nor can I find the key for my door at home when they appear … what a world, … we can’t even afford to be human … humanity has gotten very costly … Father protect us 🙏


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