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CARICOM Leaders Urge End To Russia-Ukraine War, Express Concern Over The Fallout


Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders have expressed concern about the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war and have urged an end to the conflict.

“The Heads of Government of CARICOM remain deeply concerned at the severe impact of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on energy, nuclear security and safety, the environment and global food security,” the regional Heads of Government declared in a statement Tuesday.

“We register, in particular, our grave concern at the negative impact of the war on the global economy, and on the economies in our Region, where disruptions in trade and high fuel prices have resulted in extremely high rates of inflation reflected in increased prices for goods and services for the people of our Region,” the leaders said.

They said the Region urges a return to mature diplomacy and calls on all relevant bodies to intensify engagement, propel an urgent and enduring resolution to the conflict, and build peace.

“We call for full adherence to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter,” the CARICOM statement declared.

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded and occupied parts of Ukraine.

The invasion marked a significant escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which had begun in 2014.

It resulted in tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and triggered Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War Two.

The war also delivered a massive shock to the global economy, especially to energy and food markets, squeezing supply and raising prices to unprecedented levels

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  1. Why are Caricom Niggas so concerned about the “White War” when they have never been concerned about the Wars in several African countries for many decades? Caricom should be more concerned about the guns and drug wars throughout the Caribbean region, and diversify its economies rather than tourism dependency.

  2. CARICOM leaders are concerned that CARICOM citizens will finally see them as mere vassals of the US empire, instead of faithful stewards elected to ensure the economic welfare of the citizens of the Caribbean basin; now that the US empire has failed catastrophically to achieve regime change in Russia, via the combination of war & economic sanctions. This communique from them is a measure of the dread they face, that the US shark might turn its attention to them, mere guppies in the Caribbean, since the Russian & Chinese whales have proven too difficult to swallow!

    Where was their concern when NATO, led by the US, attacked Yugoslavia in 1998, and dis-membered it into smaller, weaker states? Where was their concern between 1997 & 2014, while NATO expanded its military occupation aggressively towards the Russian border? Where was their concern when the US spent US$5Billion to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine via a violent coup in 2014? Where was their concern while, for the next 8 years (2014-2022), NATO (led by the US) armed & trained 10,000 Ukrainian Nazis each year to NATO standards for the express purpose of eliminating the militias of eastern Ukraine, who were protecting the lives of Russian-speaking citizens (14,000, including women & children, did not survive) who were opposed to the 2014 US-sponsored coup? Where was their concern when NATO rejected (in fact, laughed at) the peaceful, security proposals from Russia, in November, 2021, to ensure compliance with the Minsk accords signed by Ukraine to ensure the autonomy of the eastern Ukrainian citizens within the contiguous borders of the state of Ukraine? Where was their concern when NATO & the US rejected the peace deal that had been agreed to, by Ukraine & Russia in April, 2022, just so that they could continue fuel the US economy with unlimited money for the US military industrial complex to continue the export of weapons & war? Where was their concern while the US & NATO illegally invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria, killing millions of Arabs & Pashtuns in the process? In fact, the US still illegally occupies one-third of Syria, the part where the oil fields & wheat fields exist, just to punish Syrian citizens for wanting to retain the democratically elected government which the US was trying to violently overthrow.

    CARICOM leaders should really pay attention to the actions of the rest of the world which refuse to be vassals of the US empire, and have taken positive steps to use the failures of US economic sanctions & militarism against Russia as a golden opportunity to continue trade with Russia, for the benefit of their own citizens. They should disabuse themselves of the delusion that the war has had a negative impact on the global economy. The rest of the world (who are not US satrapies) see the US-imposed sanctions against trade with Russia, plus the exposed military weakness of NATO as an opportune time to be rid of US dollar hegemony, which is designed to keep them mired in poverty while transferring all their wealth in natural resources to the oligarchs who really control the US.

    In simple language, Garland Nixon attempts to enlighten us with the realities of the world’s current events, in this video essay:



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