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Public Service Minister Provides Update On Passport Office Relocation

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The Minister for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs   Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte last week Friday, (May 5, 2023 ) convened  a high-level  meeting in  an effort to expedite the  retrofitting works related to the relocation of the Passport Office to a new site.

The Minister pointed out that she was satisfied that a new chapter lay ahead for the staff who have been airing grievances for some time now.

“I was very pleased that we were able to cover a wide-range of issues, as we looked at the problems faced by the Immigration Department. In the Meeting we had representatives from the Police Welfare Association, the Permanent Secretary –Public Service, the legal officer and facilities management officer. We had the Deputy Permanent Secretary from the Department of Home Affairs, and we also had representatives from Immigration. I was the one who convened that meeting to look at   the issues affecting the Immigration Department at this time.”

Minister Albert- Poyotte has paid the Immigration Department many in-person visits in the recent past; including a visit that was totally unannounced.

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The Minister says she believes in ensuring the staff is constantly updated, so that they do not conclude that nothing is being done to address their concerns.

The Minister says accommodation, is just one serious concern but there are the staffing   issues within the Immigration Department, which is another priority issue that is currently receiving attention.

“We concluded that meeting by agreeing that the Immigration Department will be located to a new site.  However, we are in the process of doing the retrofitting work so that they can move there at the earliest possible time. We also looked at the issue of staffing, at Immigration.”

The issue of adequate staffing, Minister Albert-Poyotte explained, will be addressed in collaboration with the Commissioner of Police Mrs. Crusita Descartes Pelius.

Minister Albert-Poyotte says in the  meantime, the officers at the  Immigration Department are encouraged to take every safety precaution from an Occupational Safety and Health stand-point, since some officers have medical complaints.

She also encouraged the staff  to use this time to prepare  for the upcoming move, and to patiently look forward to a more conducive work environment in the near future.

SOURCE: Department of the Public Service

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  1. What a load of BS i just read there. Oh “I” convened a meeting. SMH, Is she trying to score political pts. Anyways this woman here talking about staff issues at immigration. An elderly lady has to stand for over 6 hours to try get a passport and u out here talking about STAFF. Btw what’s the point of the so called Minstry of Elderly Affairs. ANYWAYS. We got what we voted for. Do like me Lucians Vote for none of these 2 USELESS SETS OF POLITICIANS.

  2. Define incompetence: roling out a system in the midst of chronic office related health and safety issues that also included extreme shortage of staff that all happened in the peak travel season for Saint Lucians. This lady just can’t get it right….

  3. the minister for registry of lands should do an unannounced visit at the land registry yesterday something happened in there and they closed earlier than expected and people who have been waiting to pay for documents requested cant pay for them because the cashier decided to up and leave without any notice to the public in line waiting to pay for their documents. If there is no casher you cant get a receipt and you cant get your document issued without your receipt smh.

  4. This country is running on autopilot. I’ve seen skyscrapers built faster than this debacle is taking to be solved. Welcome to the PJP government.

  5. Mold issues have been plaguing the police for some time now but they, the police are always encouraged to hold tight, help is coming, while they all fall ill and die from mold related complications. I live in Micoud and have been appalled by the conditions under which the officers at the district station have had to work. From working in the hot sun under a tent to returning to the same mold infested station since they could no longer endure the harsh conditions outside. And they expect those po po’s to put their all into serving us. And guess what a officer told me – the force tests for mold, send people to clean it then ask the officers to reoccupy the buildings without first testing to see if the mold issue was indeed rectified. In effect sending the officers to die slowly. You think that is right. Is that the best the so-called caring government can do. Is that the best the police bosses can so. I have always had my issues with the Po Po but I feel for them for they are human beings too.

  6. People need to start using windows build more windows in new structures and kill the AC I don’t understand I’m always reading mold infestation…… open the Phockin windows , you all cryin for poisonous gas infused AC….. open the Windows in you’re vehicles 2! Smph who’s installing these mold contaminating units that are not serviced!…..? There’s is so much unaccountability for professionals on this island from contractors to masons, to plumbers, to refrigerator repair ,washing machine repair, vehicle repairs… where are the new updated PURCHASED licences required to call yourself a professional in 2023……!!! NO ONE has 1….it’s insane! Smph woiiiiiiiii

  7. U see why i questioned dem buildings built back in the day in the name of Political Points. All dem Police Stations built for Political Points and nobody looked beyond the nonsense. DCA Always headed by a PARTY HACK. How can DCA approve a building in Lucia which has poor ventilation for a tropical country? Why hasn’t CABINET approved the Building Code? Blame it all on the Leaders


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