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Educating Our Readers: How To Spot Fake News And Distinguish It From Our Trusted Reporting


[Castries, Saint Lucia] – As a responsible and trusted news outlet, we feel it is essential to educate our readers on how to identify and differentiate between genuine news from our website and misleading or fabricated content. At times, fake news is unfortunately falsely attributed to our organization,

Fake news can be intentionally created to deceive readers and manipulate public opinion. It often circulates rapidly through social media, making it crucial for individuals to develop critical thinking skills and employ a healthy skepticism when consuming news online. We would like to provide 3 valuable tips to help you identify and discern real news from fake news:

1. Verify the Source

Always verify the authenticity of the source before believing or sharing any news. Our official channels are below:

If news purporting to be from us comes from a source/channel not listed above please exercise caution. Sometimes, news may be also shared via screenshots, but the source links are not shown/visible. Always visit one of our official links above to verify.

2. Scrutinize Visual Content

Names, logos, photos, and videos can be manipulated to support a false narrative. Discrepancies with any of these are signs that an article may be fake.

3. Check the Tone and Language

Fake news may employ sensationalized language, use excessive capitalization, and contain grammatical errors or typos. Professional news organizations maintain high standards of grammar, punctuation, and clarity. If the language appears overly emotional, exaggerated, and contains grammatical errors, exercise caution before accepting it as reliable information.

We, at remain committed to delivering factual, reliable, and unbiased news to our readers. We encourage you to be vigilant consumers of news by questioning the source of the information you encounter, analyzing visual discrepancies, and checking tone, language, and content for errors.

So when reading our news, always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did it come from an official channel?
  2. Are there discrepancies with any of the visual content?
  3. Does it sound overly sensationalized, use excessive capitalization, or contain grammatical errors or typos?

If you come across any news falsely attributed to our website,, we kindly request that you report it to us through using one of the methods listed below. Please include any screenshots or additional information you may have. By working together, we can combat the spread of fake news and maintain the integrity of journalism.

  • Email us at with the subject line “Request to Verify Potential Fake News”
  • WhatsApp us at (758) 721-0130 with the message “Request to Verify Potential Fake News”

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  1. Respectfully, the only thing this article does is manufacture public trust for the publication of FAKE NEWS in this very medium; in the past, present, and future!


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