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UWP Declares Win For Democracy, Announces Chastanet Law Court Victory


Leader of the Opposition and Parliamentary Representative for Micoud South scored another victory in the Courts yesterday, 15 May 2023.

An urgent application was filed by Allen Chastanet to restrain the Speaker of the House, Claudius Francis from excluding him, as Leader of the Opposition and a member of the House, from sitting in the House when it next convenes.

Mr. Chastanet had contended this was unlawful.

The UWP is pleased the Members reminded themselves of the democratic principles that govern us and Mr. Ernest Hilaire, who is the Leader of government Business in the House, filed an affidavit indicating that the Government members intended to pass a motion at the next sitting of the House to lift the suspension.

On that basis, the parties negotiated the terms of an undertaking that was given by the Speaker to the Court, which has the same injunctive effect as if an order had been made by the Court.

The undertaking given by the Speaker was as follows:

(1) to invite the Claimant to attend the next sitting of the House, whenever that should occur;

(2) not to exclude or cause to be excluded the Claimant from entering the House or the precincts of the House;

(3) to allow the Claimant to take his seat in the House, but not participate in proceedings, pending the vote on the motion to lift the suspension of the Claimant;

(4) the motion to lift the suspension of the Claimant shall be the first matter to be dealt with by the House at the next sitting of the House, whenever that should occur; and

(5) upon the motion being carried, the Claimant will be at liberty to carry on his duties in service of the House.

Democracy has prevailed and Mr. Chastanet will therefore, be attending the next, and any subsequent sittings of the House and NO APOLOGY is required of him.

Mr. Chastanet’s substantive claim for a declaration that his suspension and detention were unconstitutional and unlawful, and for damages, has been scheduled for case management and trial later this year.

Only three months ago, the Opposition leader was victorious in the Courts in a Claim brought by him against the Speaker.

This underscores the need to remain vigilant when the government holds a significant majority in Parliament. The Speaker of the House has a duty to protect the rights and interests of the minority and uphold impartiality, lest the very essence of our democracy be undermined.

The Speaker must ensure that all voices, particularly those of the minority, are heard and respected.

The United Workers Party is pleased with the outcome of this matter and will continue to oppose every effort made to silence the Opposition and to call for the resignation of the Speaker.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Here here the fastest court case settlement in the West’ now let’s see how long it takes SLP to Lift the suspension so UWP, Chastenet can speak again in de House!…
    ….Marine unit needs to be addressed with this 24 hour hold on search parties……’s too long to wait to begin searching!….

  2. Claudius and by extension the SLP government should be ashamed of themselves. A bunch of idiots in positions of power. We all watched as Claudius made his vindictive decision with resounding applause from his colleagues. Rather than chastise the speaker, they all like sheep rallied around him. Now they should be made to pay. But I am not surprised at the speaker’s actions and I am certain that the “Angel” isn’t surprised either. That’s what happens when people don’t get just punishments for their misdeeds. They tend to believe that they are above the law. But May I remind the speaker that the longest rope has an end.

  3. Claudius you are an embarrassment, go fix and clean your teeth and leave the young women alone.

  4. Who is right and who is wrong, that is the question; it has been seen that on more than one occasion the Speaker has singled out the leader of the opposition to ridicule and to make fun of. While we all admit that is ridiculous, I think the time has come for the SLP in Cabinet to make the much needed decision for a replacement, that is to maintain the decorum of the office of “the Speaker of the House’ in the right Honour it belongs irrespective of person or Political affiliation. Failure to do so is for a continuation of the same nonsense; shame on you.

  5. A win for democracy but an escape from the truth. Had this gone to court the Speaking would have to justify his request for an apology. That means proving that what Chastanet said was false; or having Chastanet prove what he said is true. Evidence would be key. In a normal world, the Land Registry and Survey office would have to provide necessary information. The individuals who appraised the land would be called upon for explanation. And oh what a tangled web we would weave.

  6. Claudius Francis has acted within the framework of the parliamentary procedures, that is, the standing order. He was not the architect of the rules however he has been given the power to implement them as he sees fit. The detractors may not like his judgment nevertheless it is based on his interpretation of the rules. And as is commonly done in a democracy, an unfavorable judgment can be challenged in a court of law. The sad thing in St. Lucia is how quickly can a verdict be rendered by a court for the ordinary person.

    Chastanet’s quasi-popularity in his party rests solely on demagoguery. And demagoguery in his party is a substitute for democracy. How can a flagrant violation of parliamentary rules be democratic? Enforcing the rules within the full extent of the law is democratic. If we let Chastanet continue with his shenanigans we will cease to have a functioning democracy.

  7. We the people expected victory for justice over tyranny. We knew what the inept speaker along with his cabal attempted to do was illegal. But instead of of letting the whole world see their wickedness exposed in the court, they run ahead and asked for an arrangement to have Chas return to house, what a bunch of people who can’t govern nor seems to know the constitution, including the AG of all who sat there quietly watching this illegal act enfolds and said not a word not a word. This speaker is a liability to our country along with the rest of the cabal, they have to go. The kitchen seems to hit to handle they need to make way for those who are able to run the affairs of the country. How much more of our tax money must be dish out to Chas due to incompetent people running our affairs. Who knows how much more they have to pay Chas for damages and the illegal detainment case scheduled for July, pure none sense by these gorgorment.

  8. ,@758 Hold your ass..he was shamefully humiliated and er in judgement does not wipe the blight from the history books . HE WAS AND STILL IS THE FIRST PM TO BE CENSORED BY THE OPPOSITION . His greatest humiliation will still be at the pools AGAIN

  9. Still go ahead with the court case to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Without the court case going through no precedent will be set. Don’t settle with them at all.

  10. No surprise here as this was clearly a case of bias and prejudice. This incident was Not about Chastanet not showing respect, as some have commented on before. It’s about behaviour, being unfair and incapable of being tolerate to one’s point of view, whether you like it or not. Some of you dislike Chastanet and think that’s a good reason to somehow feel he deserves being treated unfairly by the Speaker. That’s old school nonsense and what in my opinion is bullying tactics. Clearly there is an unwillingness to accept Chastanet and his opinions. This had to be challenged.
    Simply put, and in simple language, so all St Lucians in every walk of life can understand. This is about poor judgement, incapable of being impartial and refusing to allow the evidence of findings whether you agree or not.
    Let’s not forget. Only 3 months ago, Chastanet won with a claim brought against the speaker. That’s 2 strikes and no mention of SLP taking action to have him removed. Why, they rather have a fall guy than face a replacement.
    This is embarrassing.
    What needs urgent attention is the gang crime culture happening in St Lucia right now. Stop sitting around in nice big shiny desks and chairs, using big useless words, go protect your borders and stop the gang violence. St Lucia has a crime rate ridden in drugs culture with strong ties in organised crime. The country’s homicide record is shocking . Several brutal killings have shaken this country as murders reach record levels. It’s frightening for the citizens. All cabinet ministers, every single one of you, should be united in combating crime and drug tuff wars. Instead you busy doing nonsense and behaving unlawfully in a public house of representatives. Who will want to visit when it gets worse. Who will want to return to retire. Spend the money on all the unsolved crimes, missing persons, domestic abuse, drugs entering and illegal weapons. Because, the majority of the killings in St Lucia are committed with firearms. What St Lucia needs is to have a Police Force better equipped to deal with crime, both locally and international. What the people of St Lucia deserve is zero tolerance and the right to demand better protection of rising violence. Better management and expertise in how to combat these criminal activities. I want to see the works to tackle the real problems facing St Lucia right now. Crime and violence against everyone. The victims are unheard, no legal aid to support them, you push their needs aside. Those are the real every day situations that need urgent reform and attention. Clearly you too busy with Chastanet and your dislike for him. Like @Fox said…on more than one occasion the speaker has singled out Chastanet.
    Come on guys, do better stop the unprofessional behaviours. Learn from pass mistakes. Sort out the real issues, the ever increasing crime rate, soon it will not be 76 homicides but 76 and rising.

  11. Aa where are the comments of Lululululucian High High Gighgraaaaaaaaaade and Cro cro cro croooooooooow?

  12. Chastenet gave the speaker of the house a bloody nose…..AGAIN!!!!….check mated his ras..tafari….

  13. loool Claudius your decisions again as speaker of the house costing tax payers their money, thats the second time you lost a case to chas. i think its safe to say one more strike and your are OUT!!!!! Since when that was your Role!!!!!!

  14. I’m not one to engage in political he say she say. So my comment will be objective. First off, in my humble opinion the Opposition Leader should apologise to the house and the people of Saint Lucia for throwing out espersions with no evidence. I believe with evidence, no one can call you into disrepute and one should keep quiet without the necessary evidence. Alot of the Opposition Leader’s previous decisions in government looks suspect and may appear corrupt to any layman but no one is calling him out with the necessary information in hand. Second, it is said that one should never make a decision when irritated or anger. Hence, that is where the government side failed. They should have made the observation and reserved the right to revisit the subject. I respect the fact that the government side and the Speaker were humbly enough to recognise their error and made things right. That says alot about the people. Our politics should not be about back and forth but about the uplifting of our people. When bad speeches are made the politicians not only hurt themselves but the nation at large. I respect evidence based information and accusations. One love.

  15. All they can talk about is power, at the poles , at the poles, power to keep people in poverty. St Lucian’s are not poor. Stop blighting the people of st Lucia by calling them poor. You all are the ones making us poorer. Let the MODERN MAN WITH BRAINS lead us . St Lucian’s are not poor . Take you poor energy back . I am calling on our youth today to educate our parents to move away from that mal -lay – wAY thing . Thing of the past. Nonsense.

  16. There were no judgement in the case. Why is Allen mudding the water. What Allen have not said is that the case is against the Parliament and Government of St.Lucia. The same constitution he used when he was Prime Minster of St. Lucia….. Yet his sycophants in this chatroom gloating that Allen won the case Vs Claude Francis, when in fact there is no case against Claude Francis registered in the High Courts of St. Lucia. I ask anyone to double check the facts i have established……

  17. @Abuse of Power….gasa hold your…..let me tell you something there was no abuse of power Allen Chastanet continues to disrespect for the house; DRAG THAT HOG THRU THE MUD let him run and spend his money in court. The damn judge er in his judgement if you don’t want to abide by the rules of house then leave house or fallow the rules…… chatting about prejudice yes it’s his cokynes and self of entitlement of which he believes he should not be schooled or censor by that Black Boy just like Trump with Alvin Brag. Chu ! His victory in court does not equate winings at the ballot HE WILL LOOSE AGAIN so hold your ass with your delusional concept of a ” modern man” St Lucia needs a PM for the people and not just for some. The PM brought in RSS you find fault (something he Chastanet NEVER did). What’s the yellow crime plan ?? They NEVER have one. The screws are tightening around Allen Chastanet neck due to the fact he made all kinds of shady deals with the devil’s for our birthright , this is what Butch Stewart warned him about and he cannot fulfill them. I don’t hear the working poor saying they felt relief under the yellow raign of terror they are still poor because of HiS POOR MISMANAGEMENT. I would HIGHLY recommend the PM to call a by-election NOW and sock it to him again he and Bradley would definitely gone for sure.

  18. You yourself @ Abuse of Power, you don’t see the makeup of the SLP government? criminals cant police criminals. they understand each other too well. so offcourse crime will increase in st lucia. so many of them in the SLP have cases and accusations against them for contrary behaviour.

  19. If Chastanet’s statement is false and malicious, why haven’t the offended parties filed a case against him for making libellous or defamatory statements? Just asking……..

  20. Chastenet’s days is numbered. We can change the constitution by magority to deal with him. We have the best lawyers. All the UWPs are KWOOYON and we should ban them from power by law if necessary. The SLP has mostly acodamics We have our influence in the East Caribbean High Court. We have our people in the CCJ. It is time to move this Westminister system that allows the UWP people to fool the voters. SLP does not need help to govern alone as look how good China etc is doing. Our 5 star gineral and his comrades can make us grate with the boss RF.

  21. We need to ask ourselves if ingrained racism in the SLP is to blame for what appears to be hatred and vitriol. Does one of their members hang his head in shame that his father was a local white? Does their lucian pot banger feel ashamed that his grandmother was white? The comments I hear about not belonging plus their derogatory words for Indian St. Lucians is noteworthy. Especially as they now use Jason the racist to write good news stories to put lipstick on the pigs and regurgitate flowery propaganda.

  22. @ Realty DON’T EVEN GO THERE…..the UWP has supercedes it’s reputation and notoriety of been the party that does not care about the working poor and cannot see a black man as PM of this country……they even dog out their own when Stephenson King became prime minister and was stepped over for The foreigner Allen Chastanet.. I will not go into what the current PM has endured on a daily basis, but you Clowns need get a life because he will there AGAIN for five more years.

  23. I am sick and tired of these jokers just walking out of the house as they please. There should be consequences for this childish behavior. May I suggest that one consequence is an automatic monetary fine. This practice is being abused and most be deterred by any means necessary. What goes down in our House is our business which they get paid to administer. That would serve both colors equally.


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