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‘Claudius Francis Must Resign As Speaker’ – UWP Launches Online Petition


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has launched an online petition calling for the immediate resignation of Claudius Francis as Speaker of the Saint Lucia House of Assembly.

In a message to citizens on where the petition appears, the UWP declared that the Speaker’s biased decisions have cost the state money.

The opposition party also declared that his decisions had put the interests of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ahead of the people’s welfare.

“As Speaker of the House, Mr. Francis is expected to be impartial and fair in his rulings. However, his actions have shown otherwise. He has shown a clear bias towards the SLP, which has led to decisions that are detrimental to democracy and the state’s financial health,” the message noted.

“We cannot afford to have someone in a position of power who is more interested in serving their own interests and that of their party than those of the people they represent,” the UWP observed.

The party called on all citizens who believe in democracy and fairness to join it in demanding the resignation of Claudius Francis as the Speaker of Saint Lucia’s parliament.

“Only then can we begin to restore faith in our democratic institutions and move forward as a united and prosperous nation,” the UWP asserted.

As of Thursday night, the petition had gathered over four hundred of its goal of five hundred signatures.

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  1. Has no repect for the people of st.lucia. He must has repect for everyone it does not matter which party you are need him out

  2. These politicians fork around endlessly and try to distract us with petty nonsense like this, no one wants to do their jobs , no one wants to fix st.lucias problems. They just point fingers and blame each other for the problems they’ve created. Take away their pensions and make them earn it back with results.

  3. 500 petitions!?….. out of a population of 180K?? A percentage of 0.3%. That is actually a brilliant target. Because its a true representation of the number that will actually agree with this entitled &#*^)!….

  4. UWP who else will yall ask to resign again? yall asking for the whole SLP to go? stop dat nonsense.

  5. I will add Hilarious and one other to the list. Send a link. where is the petition? They resign in big countries when they do nonsense. It can happen here too. Mwe kah sign! koh tay?

  6. The uwp had plenty opportunities to ask for resignations but did they. They are like a drowning person, grabbing at straws. Guy, Ubaldus, Spider… Chas…..

  7. Cry a @#$*# river you yellow fools he is going no where. Allen Chastanet have no damn respect for the house. Why yull never ask for Andy Daniel to be removed ?? Chastanet believe he has a self of entitlement just like Trump very self centered moooooove it’s not happening clowns got nothing better to do…….. surprise he did not call for a march in the hot sun. Clowns !

  8. So what we are saying is that when all was in power they never called for any resignation of any minister or senator on their side? Think about this it should not be about party but about the people representing this country. I for one don’t care about which party is running the show, my concern is what is happening to our country and I feel that it’s time for change in both of these leading parties. We may need fresh faces and new ideas as to how to run this country as to save this country.

  9. Why don’t you just wait for the next general election and let your previous track record in conjunction with your future policies/manifesto – either RETAIN or RESIGN the speaker.

    Meaning if you win you chose your speaker and if you don’t win well……..

  10. Wasn’t this bazooka carrying man accused of rape a few years back? Didn’t he also accuse a don in his own camp of putting a hit on him? Too much roro and nonsense. Too many racists, thugs and bobolists in this government. We need a new election and new faces on both sides. Educated, mature adults preferably of any race or religion that wishes to serve diligently and honestly.

  11. Allow miss Alvina Renolds to take that post . As much as she is a SLP supporter , I think that she would be an honest person in the house . She has a good heart

  12. With all his cabals in high positions I highly doubt this petition will carry weight…buh for sure jah she’s and knows it all and that fool of a guy,his rope bound to end.

  13. Allen please place a No Confident Motion in reference to the Speaker Of The House…..That way you can debate what is on your CHEST without any objections…..

  14. HE IS AN ARROGANT MAN! I also think he have an axe to grind with Chas, because Chas won the court case against him prior.

    Am not even a Chas support but Claudiass is not fit for that position. The SLP should get rid of him.

  15. I think it’s time these so-called leaders put their differences a side come together work together set example for the rest of us to follow to much division in the country these politicians are l.d.a.d

  16. They walk with their chest puff up felling so entitled its disgusting how shameless they are all of the same kind

  17. Mr Pierre by now should realize that the man is a liability to the government. Any sensible PM would have done some restructuring and get rid of him forthwith. Pierre is Delaying the inevitable and it is costing him dearly. I think he is hell bent on protecting the victory rather than getting rid of imbeciles like that arrogant speaker. If you watched his show with Astephane you would realize the contempt the man has for his own party supporters who would not tow his line much less opposition supporters.

  18. @ James:- true he has had an Axe to grind for a long time. He has for a long time taken on himself a habit of making fun of Chas. I remember when Chas was contesting the Soufriere seat quite a few years ago, how Chas was mocked and ridiculed for trying to speak Patois (creole) to the people; he was successful in that Soufriere contest to turn a lot of the people against Chas, saying he is not one of them because ‘he can’t speak Patois’, Chas did lose that contest, but was successful the next time around in Micoud South.
    The old habit of ridicule never ended; fast forward, see how he has caused the Government of St. Lucia, time and money and to set back agendas instead running backward and forward to Court, to argue his do’s and don’ts not once, but these old habits of his encouraged by two or three Castries seats, seem never to end. The Leader and Prime Minister of this Country must show his strength, if any, that he is the P. M. of all the people, not only the percentage who voted him in, but to show his strength and make a change. I think it would serve the Country better if we had a well qualified Lady, maybe one with a Legal background but not necessary; I’m waiting to see how tough Pjp is in handling this. My Lord, give him the strength needed; we need St. Lucia God’s Blessings today.

  19. It would be foolhardy for the prime minister to ask Mr. Claudius Francis for his resignation. Mr. Francis has acted within the framework of the constitution by invoking the appropriate standing order to suspend Mr. Allen Chastanet from the lower house of parliament. Mr. Chastanet’s bizarre behavior in parliament warranted his suspension.

    The UWP henchmen are quick to shamelessly use the word ‘democracy’ to validate their reckless and aberrant behavior without doing any self-examination. Socrates once stated that ” the unexamined life is not worth living.” Has Mr. Chastanet really examined his life mainly when dealing with prime minister Pierre? His over-inflated ego wouldn’t allow him to perform such a simple task.

    The petition claimed that Mr. Francis’s biased decision has caused the state money however there is no analytical or empirical basis to substantiate this falsehood. Currently, St. Lucia has a vibrant and functioning democracy and we, the people, will not allow Mr. Chastanet to impose his version of democracy on us. He has to abide by the laws of the nation formulated within the limits of the constitution.

  20. Whi h law that Claudius break for him to resign? Did he say there should be no Deputy? Did he borrow 863 million dollars and cannot be accounted for? Did he lease land for $1.00 per acre? Did he stop the laptop program? Sp please tell me. Did he call an Indian lady non entity?

  21. The Sulphur is in the air, the behavior of CF is a reminiscent of what the barat jagdeo did to Guyana in his reign where he position YES MAN to him in all various departments, however his great lawyer anil lost so many cases at the CCJ. Now a very similar situation is playing out here, this banana republic will never change.

  22. That is laughable! For a party that is boasting that the majority voting for them or their supporters stayed away from the polls are only looking at 500 five hundred signatures from a population of over 150 000 one hundred and fifty thousand people. 🤔 Guys if you are serious think big go big. Guess you don’t have confidence in yourselves. It’s a pot calling kettle black. Look within first and then the outside.

  23. Leave him! The dummy keeps doing dumb shit and keeps ending up with egg on his face. To think that instead of expending efforts to solve the countries problems of which there are many– St Jude’s, Terrible healthcare, Deteriorating road network, high cost of living, these people spend time to meet and discuss strategy around trying to embarrass the Ex Prime Minister. This is crazy. As a young person, I really admire PJP and I believe in his vision for Saint Lucia. I see him as a kind level headed PM with people and St Lucians at heart; however, one infiltrator has changed everything that the labour party stands for. I wonder how Kenny feels when he sits in the house and sees what the hijacker has relegated his party to. Instead of focus on policy and healthy debate, parliament has been relegated to settling the personal score of one hijacker and the rest of the Labour politicians have all unwittingly been drawn into this fight at the expense of the people. Please fix it PJP. At your core I know you do not subscribe to the type of politics that is currently being displayed.


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