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UWP concerned over reports of civil liberties abuse in the south

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The Opposition United Workers Party has expressed concern over what it described as ‘the growing use of Suppression by the Government of Saint Lucia as a form of protecting their victory.’

In a statement on opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s Facebook page, the UWP indicated that it had learned of several reports of abuse of the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens in the south under the Government’s Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers).

The opposition party observed that the measure had given ordinary police officers far-reaching and unprecedented powers infringing on individual rights, liberties, and privacy.

“Under the Suppression Act, ordinary police officers are now granted the authority to conduct searches of homes and businesses without obtaining a warrant. This expansion of powers which has largely gone unchecked, raises concerns about further potential abuses and undermines the fundamental principles of justice and due process,” the statement observed.

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In addition, the UWP statement highlighted ‘the government’s deliberate suppression of crime statistics, creating a distorted narrative of public safety.’

“Shockingly, this past weekend alone witnessed four shootings, two murders, a rape, and numerous robberies, most of which went unreported by the authorities. The government’s silence on these alarming incidents is deeply concerning, as it fails to address the growing insecurity in the country,” the UWP stated.

And the opposition party declared that the government’s suppression of the truth regarding the true economic situation is equally troubling.

It declared that despite recording record-breaking revenue through excise taxes, the government plans to implement an oppressive and unrecoverable 2.5% tax.

“This regressive tax system places an additional burden on citizens at an already difficult time while obscuring the government’s true financial intentions,” the UWP asserted.

It also accused the government of deceiving the public about the actual state of unemployment in the country, leaving many citizens in the dark regarding their economic prospects.

“The Prime Minister must immediately address these concerning trends of suppression to restore transparency and accountability. We urge the authorities to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all citizens. Additionally, the UWP demands that the government provide accurate information regarding the crime rate, economic conditions, and unemployment figures,” the UWP statement said.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. “Under the Suppression Act, ordinary police officers are now granted the authority to conduct searches of homes and businesses without obtaining a warrant.”

    I hope y’all in this country see the dangers of that. Corrupt and/or power hungry police having unchecked power. That is a recipe for disaster.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  2. My boy is now you go loose your seat in Micoud that kinda crimes that is being committed in Vieux Fort that was never seen in st Lucia’s history that’s the best thing you coming and say awa leave politics alone

  3. This is EXACTLY WHY the need to silence your yellow ass YOU HAVE TOO MUCH ZAFE’ AND YOU CHAT TOO MUCH. I believe you and that Archibald David Duke Bunker are from the same household. Damn when the PM do and Damn him always when he don’t. It’s interesting how you BLASTED CLOWNS like to get up everyday and bawl about crime, what’s not been done how LAPO the Minister of National Security is but when he draw for the BIG GUNS to be in St Lucia and they are given powers to be heavy handed against criminals you start complaining. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE that are complaining ??? I am quite sure it’s no one from VF because everyone here saw the need to give up some civil liberties for a crime free quality of life.. WHEN SINCE you start talking about crime ?? .WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT ??? Ha ha hah ha hahaha.. Taxes were implemented under your raign of terror, right now they are needed to pay down the ECD$ 7 billion debt you left for us to pay off, you act like you left the coffers filled. Don’t worry we have a economist steering the ship not a shady business man with his failed trickle down economics policies. We will be just fine.

  4. That too, and since revenue was spent to build a modern, well deserved Hospital in the South, political, racial and other myopic differences prevented the completion, but rather spent millions on an old health clinic left over by the U.S. not suited for a modern day hospital, but try to make it pass as one. They rather let the modern one started under UWP to rut away. I cannot understand the hatred one has for the Leader of the UWP because of skin colour. I’ve spent 70% of my life working side by side at schools, at work etc with white folks, in Europe and Nth. America, some times rough some times nice, win some, loose some, that’s life. We are almost an invisible dot on Planet Earth, with a population much less than 1/4 that of where I am; can we carry hatred in our hearts to the Grave Yard? do you see the direction St. Lucia is going? since when at peace time that any other Island send for Police reserve from other neighboring Island? Jazz Festival wont help.
    It will take the miracle of the miracle maker for a change in the ‘Court System’ and the manner Parliament members see each other. (I call on the Lord God to put a hand).

  5. Sick puppies! We are OK in the south . Law abiding citizens do not mind the necessary temporary loss of a tiny bit of our liberties. The majority of those unhappy are criminals and those profiting from them. Get a life. The majority like this more peaceful atmosphere. Stop grabbing at straws. This strategy won’t work .

  6. @The Cunning Fox https://Malcolm X the house negro and the field negro it’s high time you understand yourself not because they smile with you in the back of their minds it does not mean they are of acceptance of you. We are now a WOKE PEOPLE we are not our ancestors and the sons of former slave masters the likes of Allen Chastanet and other great Caribbean Red Men will not cut it anymore. We will be governed by folks who looks like us, successful or failure will be decided by the likes of us and NOT a foreigner. We need to embrace, love believe and govern our selves, spend our monies amongst ourselves and decist from the notion that ONLY people of European Ancestry can make it right

  7. The demagogue and enemy of democracy, Allen Chastanet, has again displayed his ignorance. He alleged that several people had their civil liberties abused without evidence. We are witnessing demagoguery at work: Make vile and vacuous statements to anger and frighten your followers. The demagogue’s evidence is always hearsay, conjecture, and innuendo. To be sure, no scientific conclusions are ever drawn from a study or event.

    Chastanet, democracy is an ideal. It is something you work at until you attain your established goals. It is a work in progress. It is an experiment that helps you reach a scientific conclusion. Moreover, the deteriorated conditions in Vieux Fort warrant strict police surveillance because people are dying. We don’t want your demagogic solutions rather the SLP-led government with the inclusion of the people will find a scientific and long-lasting solution.

  8. Chastanet, along with his worthless minister of security (duh security guy), partially brought us to this point. They did nothing about a serious security problem on the island. Their high water mark was appointment of a senior, useless police officer. Such was the quality of security. Brilliant, would be a severe overstatement, in describing that individual. Anyway, his masterstroke was to cancel police leave during the frequent crime outbreaks.

    Fast forward. See who is trying to exploit a bad situation? I am in both Vieux Fort and Soufriere every week. From my interactions in Vieux Fort, there has been tremendous satisfaction coming from the people.

  9. Now alone chastnet cares about Lucians. ..only now you know vieux fort..such a hypocrite. Focus on micoud south. Chastnet remember all those crimes started happening under UWP . All your focus has been on tourism…

  10. Everytime I see a comment from ‘The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade’, I just skip past it. Complete ignorance from the first few words

  11. It’s simple: Not all black people are good and not all white people are bad. Such ignorance (& reverse racism) is not the reason St Lucia is failing in so many ways. People are not unified. Very critical of almost everything that is said and done by anyone, politician or otherwise – just a very fractious bunch. Some might blame that on divide and rule policies of former colonial governments but, even if that is so, have the intelligence and reason to work together now to achieve for this island, and do something positive in your communities if you really care so much. Plenty of time to post online, but what else are you actually doing to contribute to the country…


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