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WATCH: Supporters Gather For Allen Chastanet’s ‘Walk For Democracy’

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet who on Tuesday organised what he described as a ‘March for Democracy’, has accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of focussing on protecting its victory at the June 26, 2021 elections and suppressing the people.

“This is not about Allen Chastanet,” he asserted as supporters gathered outside the opposition leader’s office in Vigie Tuesday morning.

The former Prime Minister declared that he had done his part in standing up to the SLP government every time it tried to take away his civil liberties and silence the opposition.

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“This is a very important walk,” he told reporters.

According to the former Prime Minister, it was time people recognise that the Philip J. Pierre administration has ‘gone rogue’ and has no respect for the constitution.

Chastanet spoke as he prepared to return to parliament after a suspension.

“We have to stop being silent. We have to stand up,” the UWP leader told reporters.

“I am hoping that through my actions I have shown that the judiciary, the law is on our side and we now must make sure that this government upholds the constitution and protects the rights of the Saint Lucians,” he asserted.

“People are fed up with this government,” Chastanet said.

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  1. Corruption, nepotism and sale of state assets. The changing of an entire constitution to deny the citizenry their democratic rights to a referendum. Press and Union bribery to further undemocratic and unethical behavior. Threats against the free press. Racism and thuggery. Authoritarian attempts to crush opposition. Fraternization with drug dealers and money launderers who may just be campaign financers. Intimidation, threats and abuse of power on the nation’s airwaves. Yes we have a lot to protest. This country may be becoming very bitter, violent and repressive under the cabal of vicious champagne socialists.

  2. It seems as if an evil has descended on St. Lucia. There are racists and murderers calling the Lord’s name in vain. Some are pappyshowing the Lord’s prayer and wearing crosses while its only darkness in their souls. St. Lucia needs saving from this darkness and evil. Murder, thieving and name calling cannot be the new normal. There seems no one with a love for this country again, perhaps even the journalists have sold their souls for party loyalty and their own hatred for people of different political loyalty, different religions and races. St. Lucia needs to reset.

  3. Yull have no ambition running behind THIS GREAT WHITE HOPE go and work…..look at him pink like cook lobster in the hot sun, St Lucians running behind this David Koresh go and drink the yellow Kool aid jackases consider yull self lucky it’s not Thursday

  4. Lmao look at them rush to flood the comment section. This current UWP is not attracting independent / swing voters that are needed to win an election. COME TO MARKET STEPS ON THURSDAY TO SEE WHAT Y’ALL UP AGAINST. PAPISHOW, A MAN CANNOT SIT IN THE HOUSE HE WAS VOTED FOR TO BE IN YET HE TALKING ABOUT PROTEST FOR DEMOCRACY LOL.

  5. When he refused to appointment a deputy for 5 years was this democracy ???
    All st. Lucian lands he gave to foreigners was this democracy.

    Man go hide yourself.
    Joker ….

  6. See history repeat itself. Reminds me of the pictures from Africa, where there is one white man and dozens of Africans, and the Africans carrying all the white man luggage and carrying the white man in a hammock. No wonder slavery lasted so long.

  7. Madoo Grndson – Did you miss the pictures where the black people were selling their children and their wives too. Put this in you pipe and smoke it you will become rascal

  8. The Labour Party hacks and followers are is stuck on the liberal race baiting plantation. Just like in the American ghettos where African Americans are uneducated, vulgar, killing themselves in ever increasing numbers, drugged out on cocaine and weed YET still voting for the Democratic Party which controls those ghettos.
    As The Labour Party thugs in Parliament twist the rules in demonic fashion, call the Lord’s name in vain, engage in bullying and name calling, their people outside clap and cheer at the debasing of St. Lucia’s institutions as their overlords fill their pockets.
    Democracy is being thrown out the window in St. Lucia. All the signs of the ghettoization of St. Lucia is in full swing even as inflation is killing our people and the Labour Party is extracting more and more taxes from our workers, borrowing billions, to pay their family and friends with contracts and $100,000 jobs.
    The signs are on the wall. At the time when we should be basking in the post Covid revival period, when good paying jobs should be abundant, when money should be flowing, when we should be able to visit our relatives abroad, when we should be able to go to the suprermarket without crying , instead we are counting the $5 in our pockets to see if we can but bread or milk.
    Whst a life under the evil of the arrogant, parasitical SLP Massas!

  9. @Black Ant…..try your damnest to spin Chastanet
    Economic Psychology that St Lucians will be delivered by him.. You are ranting ABOUT borrowing and spending may God forbid he should assume office again in your psycho babble mindset do you believe his excessive borrowing will be deminsh ? That’s the misconception of you Clowns a plane load of tourists will all pay for it.

  10. @jo- not sure what you’re trying to say. My point was that black people also share blame for slavery. Slavery lasted hundreds of years, there were many, many ways of getting slaves, all were not caught running through the jungle, some were fooled by the church, all came singing hymns and clapping, only to be stripped naked on arrival, and sold to a white man. Same thing I see in st.lucia,black people still being fooled by white people.

  11. @ant- you must have cable. I can tell you watch a lot of t.v. You’re trying so hard to sound smart, that you come off as an idiot.


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