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‘I Would Not Have Condemned The Child’ – Antoine-Prospere On Student Ambulance Call


Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere, has weighed in on the controversial three-day suspension of a Patricia D. James Secondary School student for making an ‘unauthorised’ ambulance call.

He called an ambulance for another student who was unwell and received a three-day suspension for failure to follow ‘due process’ regarding health emergencies and using his mobile telephone without permission.

The incident ignited a social media firestorm, with many individuals condemning the suspension and hailing the suspended student as a hero.

Education Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere told reporters Tuesday that, in theory, the child may have had to contact the authorities.

“They had to follow protocol. But I would not have condemned the child for doing that,” the veteran former educator stated.

And she was of the view that the punishment was not commensurate with the act.

“It could have been handled a lot better,” Antoine-Prospere told reporters.

She disclosed that when the Ministry of Education learned of the matter, the suspension period had elapsed.

“So as a result, we could not ask the school authorities to reverse the suspension,” the Ministry official explained.

Regarding an apology, she disclosed that there was an ongoing dialogue with the school and the matter would be resolved ‘amicably’.

But in an interview with the DBS Newsworld on Tuesday, the father of the student who made the ambulance call accused the authorities of trying to cover up the the matter.

DBS  reported that the mother of the sick child for whom the ambulance was summoned felt the suspended student is a hero.

The mother said his actions saved her daughter’s life, since the girl suffers from a heart condition.


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  1. Patricia D. James Secondary School you guys need to revise that so called protocol cause if this boy did not break the protocol this girl would have been dead. Poor Judgment on your part and most likely who knows the boy did follow the protocol but to him it was seeming like you guys were taking to long to save the girls life so he made the executive decision.

  2. Now we see a poos school system in st Lucia….teachers break protocols too….this matter should have been dealt with…now what is the punishment for the heads involved? If our students dislike us then we brought it on ourselves

  3. In the news of late there have been a few instances where persons have suffered cardiac arrest and the reports are that they would have died if not attended to immediately. I think this protocol needs to be changed and the individual who suspended this child needs to be suspended because this to me looks more like a show of power than of punishment. This suspension went to far. So for saving a life one must get persecuted? What are we teaching the children?

  4. protocol my ball head. if it was my son that principal would get what coming to her. I think she just want to prove herself. no compassion whatsoever. sometimes we put rules before life. well that’s how the system have it. I blame the evil system also

  5. Everything is suspect a put that school. From the name down! Sorry for kids attending this fiasco that passing for a school. Stop naming things after people! It is stupid!

  6. So he broke the protocol so why is a suspension necessary. There are many other forms of punishment. Principals are too quick to suspend students at secondary schools. You were never taught this form of punishment at teachers college or any other educational institution attended.

  7. It would have been better if he had recorded the student and put it on social media, I bet you he wouldn’t ĥave gotten punish for it stupid people

  8. In an emergency there is you break glass. People have died trying to save others. If he had waited to contact a teacher and had he used his cellphone to call for a teacher’s help ,would it be ok.
    A gun man walks into the school A child sees that . He now must keep quiet and wait

  9. It’s a shame that when students are bullied to the point of being severely traumatized, the bully is barely dealt with in a fitting manner. Unfortunately, this child used his common sense but instead got reprimanded for doing so.

  10. A lot of people in positions of authority in St Lucia don’t like to be shown up – it’s called ego. Truly reprehensible behaviour. Well done to the boy for his quick action and common sense. Maybe his slow witted teachers could learn something from him!


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