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United Workers Party Hosts Successful Community Night In Vieux Fort


The United Workers Party (UWP) is thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of its highly anticipated UWP Community Night event held in Vieux Fort on the evening of
Saturday, June 3rd 2023.

With a record-breaking attendance which saw approximately 2,000 enthusiastic participants, the evening was filled with excitement, entertainment, and opportunities to win remarkable prizes.

The UWP, committed to fostering a strong sense of community and promoting unity, organized the Community Night as an initiative to bring supporters together in celebration and camaraderie whilst helping to raise funds to support current and future party initiatives.

The event provided an exceptional platform for social engagement and highlighted the party’s dedication to the welfare of our supporters.

Some of the highlights of the evening included door prizes, raffles, auctions and several rounds of bingo, where lucky attendees had the chance to win from over 200 exciting gifts.

The prizes ranged from exquisite jewelry to luxurious hotel stays, a cruise, and delightful hampers.

The UWP recognizes the importance of gratitude and appreciation and sought to express our gratitude to our supporters through this event.

The United Workers Party would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees who made the Community Night such a grand success. Your enthusiastic participation and unwavering support truly exemplify the spirit of unity and camaraderie that the UWP strives to foster within the country.

A huge thank you in particular goes out to Mrs. Raquel Duboulay-Chastanet and her committee of dedicated ladies for coordinating such an incredible night with great food, top notch decor and an after-party like no other!

The success of this event was made possible through the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors, our flambeau family in the diaspora and the hardworking members of the UWP.

Their commitment to ensuring the success of the Community Night was truly commendable, and the party is incredibly grateful for their invaluable contributions.

As a responsible political party, the UWP remains committed to working tirelessly for the betterment of Saint Lucia and its citizens.

Through initiatives such as the Community Night, the UWP aims to build stronger bonds within the community and create an environment that promotes progress, prosperity, and

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. UW-pee raising funds for Chastanet! It is easier to see a green horse than Chastanet wining that court case.

  2. Looks like we got ourselves another boxing in paradise, Only we ain’t got noo boxers…

  3. @cop
    Why don’t you look for a green horse and bring it come so you and only you can vote for it

  4. I grew up in a time where there was bloko but it was so much more than chicken and rum. There were so many games being played. So vendors came with games. And you payed a small fee to try their games. You won prizes too. Or at least tried too cause that was the goal. Communities also had performances. Not loud music. But plays on the stage. So your parents bought you to watch a few plays. It was not guns and loud music. Just wholesome ways of entertainment. I look at those growing up now and they don’t realise the safety and the good that they missed. They just have internet but with endless fear and crime.

  5. Once Chastanet , Guy and Domnik are in the party, be assured UWP bound to loose the next election. St Lucians are hypocrites, they will be available for the chicken and rum but not to support Guy anymore. Remember 8 million dollars was borrowed to repair the Barre Denis road, also to build the wall by Happy Hour. Guy, what become of that money?
    Remember we have tat mark down.

  6. Good job. This use to be the norm growing up in communities with community development groups but years we no longer have such in our communities. Good initiative. Help bring people together in a social setting to relax and enjoy each others company instead of bringing them together to bad talk the other party and create enemies. I hope this is the beginning of such activities. Also next time advertise for t better do others can join and when former slp supporter join your people interaction welcome them with open arms and let not ur supporters label them as slp supporters. Continue working o foster peace, love and togetherness with no biasness. To our young men and women come be part of this activity where we can work in love peace and harmony in our beloved country. Again job well done. Peace and love

  7. Great job and kudos to the event planners, organizers. This was well planned, executed, attended and well supported by the enthusiasm of the participants. So many good prices and I didn’t attend. Good clean vibes indeed.


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