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Chastanet Says SLP Is A Minority Government In The ‘People’s Parliament’

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has warned the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government that people’s patience is running out while declaring that labour is a minority government in the ‘people’s parliament’.

Chastanet acknowledged that the people had elected the SLP at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

But he asserted that it was by the slimmest of margins.

“Don’t fool yourself about this 15-2 in the House. That’s the only place that you have that kind of majority. But in the public domain, the people’s parliament, you do not have that majority,” the Micoud South MP stated.

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“And in fact I would say that you are a minority government in the people’s parliament in this country,” the UWP leader asserted.

In addition, Chastanet said the majority’s voice is growing, and their patience is low.

“What they want is more accountability and more responsible government that is sensitive to the people’s needs,” he told a news conference on Thursday.

Chastanet also called for an end to the system where the ‘Comrades’ and a selected few benefit from the government.

“I am warning this government that the patience of the people in this country is growing thin,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told the news conference.

“This idea of telling people or telling me and the United Workers Party we lose and that two years later you still want to go and celebrate your victory, you all need to wake up to the reality,” he declared.

In his opening statement to the press conference, the opposition leader highlighted several issues of concern.

Among them were the situation with St. Jude Hospital, the lack of explanation for Richard Frederick’s presence in the SLP cabinet, and the Bananes land sale, for which he urged an independent investigation.

Chastanet also called for a probe into the Citizenship by Investment Programme and for Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to reverse the decision on the two-and-a-half percent tax because the country cannot bear it.

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  1. This man is obsess with power. I am just sick of hearing him. The government is on the verge of enacting a minimum or livable wage, universal health care you think that the people will turn their back on the government, didn’t you see the large crowd at the market step …

  2. Without Chastanet St. Lucians would not know what is happening under the table. Soon st Lucians would get to know what is happening at the NAO

  3. Nigel, let Chastanet tell the nation the number of passports he sold during his reign and what he did with the 863 million dollars he borrowed. When he can declare this I will take him serious.

  4. Politicians are the same the world over. When in power, things are rosy. When I’m opposition, the sky is always falling. Pitiful!!

  5. The government is clueless and inept and are riding the Covid bounce back. They are vindictive, anti-democracy and arrogant. Nepotism and corruption is a major problem. They have disdain for the population and try to bamboozle them regularly. That having been said Guy and Gail are not the answer. The opposition must prove that new faces are coming with stronger ethics and morals. If Allen is to win next elections, he must tone down his ambitions for the country to doable projects and then execute them without favour.

  6. Keep them grinding their teeth Chas. Troy Francis I hope you’re not one of those public servant who was sitting on your tou bodah at home collecting your full salary during covid, you every wonder how the government was meeting its monthly commitments. When the country was generating almost zero revenue. Don’t know if that figure is correct but all governments complain about meeting their monthly expenses during normal times. Far less during the pandemic.

  7. @Nigel St. Omer …… not only the NAO but in the Project Coordination Unit. The Project is coming to a close and there is last minute rush for some to full up their already fat pockets and that of their co-conspirators. I hope the audit turns the place inside out the same way the world bank audit department is doing and that every penny that was misappropriatedis returned to the tax payers of this country. Too much corruption going on


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