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Victim Of Fatal Rodney Bay Shooting Was Out On Bail And Had Unlicensed Firearm

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Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a shooting at Rodney Bay,
Gros Islet, which was referred to the Gros Islet Police Station about 7:45 p.m. on
Sunday June 11, 2023.

Upon arrival Officers observed an unresponsive body of one (1) male. A search of
the victim was conducted and an unlicensed firearm was recovered on his person.

He was later identified as Marvin Charles Eliodore a thirty-nine (39) year old of La
Criox, Babonneau. Marvin Charles Eliodore was on bail for firearm related offences.

The Royal St. Lucia Police Force wishes to urge anyone with information regarding
this incident to contact the nearest police station or the Gros Islet Police Station at
456-3830 or the Crime Hotline at 555 (for anonymous reporting).

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SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. When will it stop, you’re out on bail for illegal possession of unlicenced firearm, you’re fatally shot with another unlicenced firearm.
    A famous quote,” He who lives by the gun, shall die by the guns”.

  2. Well he lived with the gun and he died by it he didn’t even get to use it to defend himself, no body should come out with ANY information, you have numerous firearm related offenses and you out on bail? And to make it worst you have a firearm on you. He must have had killed people ,well what the justice system could not do street justice took care of that.


  4. What a stark lesson for the inept justice system! In the name of common sense, stop the stupid practice of granting bail to gunslingers! They are the ones who are turning Fair Helen into the Wild West –yet as soon as they are arrested and taken before a court of law they are offered bail to go and start shooting up the place again. Smh.

  5. Is anyone surprised that a gunman on bail, is discovered with another illegal weapon? It is like saying that you didn’t know the sky is blue. The public has been clamoring for a long time to close the gate which is permitting exit on bail. Those offenders simply rearm and promptly resume churning the cauldron.

    See the politicians, with their pretentious mathematical air, feigning deep analysis, as to why gun crime statistics remain high. Only an idiot would let criminals out on bail if they knew first hand (police info) that criminals were promptly returning to gun crime. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure it out.

  6. That area has so many cameras surely it should not be difficult to know exactly what happened. USE THE CAMERAS AND START INSTALLING IN CRIME PRONE HOTSPOT AREAS.

  7. He had an Unlicensed Firearm it Didn’t save Him at all other so called Bad boys will take note of this. These guys Walk all over the place Whether by day or night .The Fines Cash or Suitable is big Joke at the Criminal Court

  8. This another example why our minister of National Security and his Cabals needs to go it’s all his fault it’s this government and their Drug Lord politician (Pablo Escobar) is what s killing St Lucia, now the decent folks of Rodney Bay are trembling the people have their Air B&B,s and businesses to see about , this would have never happened under Allen Chastanet

  9. @Ant. So, the only descent people are found in Rodney Bay? Are you insinuating that other places where violence occur do not have descent people? Don’t you know that the biggest drug kingpins live in Rodney Bay?

  10. Rodney is a heaven for drugs , prostitution and firearm . I do not want to live there at all to many elites crooks live there all the rich people do there is smoke cocaine and fentanyl

  11. Why is “ANT” above using my name. That is the kind of immoral thing that is not appreciated.

  12. Another Young man gone how many kids did he leave fatherless, soon women in st lucia will begin begging on the streets for men or just entering other women 🚺 houses 🏘 and grab their man husband’s won’t be surprised at the alarming rate men dying its a shame?

  13. The Ministers in Government and opposition Throwing Remarks for one another In the House of Destrucrion and none of them debating the Increase of Gun Violence and Return to the House with Stiffer Penalties for Illegal guns and Gun Related offences.This is not Good for St.Lucia at all .They Refuse to Upgrade themselves in That House of Drstruction.Young men and Women Viewing these Foolishness on Social Media

  14. Vigilante justice is the name of the game. Two gun slingers at it and the fastest stay alive. The justice system is broken to a T. They refuse to make life difficult for criminals by any lawful means. Amend laws where necessary. Law enforcement a must. Bingo ! Owning a gun doesn’t make one invincible !

  15. Dr. Horace Chang must be laughing his head off, seeing how the new Chairman for ‘National Security……….’ is handling things, not for Regional but ‘only’ for his own little Island. What made or who made PjP accept this appointment, was it for any pay or was it for supposed prestige it may carry if any? since accepting this position, have anything got better?
    Other Island Prime Ministers must be laughing at us, the way we handle this crime wave. We certainly needed more and tougher Cops, some real Badass guys, but who do we get? guys from Barbuda, Antigua, and who knows where. Here’s some statistics so far, homicides:- Antigua = 1, Grenada = 8, St. Lucia = 39, with 300 Lucians in Jail in Martinique. Here’s my question, should PjP still hold the Portfolio of Minister of Security? and also the Chairmanship of the Council for National Security and Law Enforcement? not that it will make life any more secure if he leaves – the main fault is with the Judge or Magistrate at the Law Courts. The reason for all this is the sale of and the forceful and domination of the industry by lethal means if necessary, and see who we have in the ‘Cabinet’ as a top Minister? The God Father, our home grown Barron himself, how can you win. It will take a miracle – but our Lord God knows we need Him today, come now father.

  16. The incompetent folks within the justice system should just resign- this is solid evidence that the system thus far has been worthphockingless. This is stark beginning of a trend where vigilante justice will prevail because our very own justice system could not keep him from commititing another crime!

  17. This is a prime example for those dumb ass magistrate. on bail for unlicensed firearm and he dead with one. See when I say the LAW IS AN ASS

  18. Messi…come down frm dominica…….boss bolo living in hotel now….he turn forienger in his own place….i tell u tht bad mun life eh joke

  19. All the comments before me seem to be saying the same thing, but they aim the balme at the magistrates. The magistrates can ONLY enact what is in the law as passed by u all Politicians. There is no law that says NO bail gor ppl found with guns. If it’s not there the magistrates cannot use it. So the balme should ALL rest on your law makers not the law enforcers.

  20. Pjp is a laughing bag . No sense of urgency in this man to deal with the crime situation in this country . Mr Pierre are you really hearing the cry of our nation ? Mr Pierre,,,; the people of st Lucia are paying you a much more deserved amount of our money to govern and take care of our people . What are doing to help us as our prime minister and national security minister???

  21. Onething i have noticed, they not saying how much crime that have been committed so far what’s going on that’s all for now

  22. Same comments every day when there is a homicide or someone released on bail for illegal firearms & ammo. People if you really care about this significant issue which is tearing the island apart, start a petition and present it to the Prime Minister at Parliament as the person in charge of Security. I am not on island now, but I know it can be done. Lucians have risen up in the past on various issues, so instead of being keyboard warriors, get out there and petition and protest again!

  23. The irony of it all.
    St Lucia is such a ‘religious’ god fearing nation (joke)
    Most kids born out of wedlock, absent daddies with their jabals, criminals roaming the streets after being released on bail, cookie jar full of politicians hands.
    Where is the Almighty’s guidance? (joke)

  24. All I am asking is for the magistrates to stop these frequent adjournment of gun cases. We are tired of cases not being heard.

  25. Why are we so quick to judge others.who is without sin cast the first stone.all sin is sin.some of you out her raping,breaking up homes, prostituting just to name a few but we are always the first to condem.we know he was no Saint but that gives us no reason to rejoice over a person’s death. Allow him to RIP .

  26. Stop blaming the magistrates, Most of the police officers, can’t submit a written case file in time so the magistrates will proceed with the Gun case’s,..Blame the uneducated Po Po’s for the Lark of education.. They can’t read, present a proper case. Stop blaming the wrong people…

  27. Peter, Paul and Mary’s song in late sixties/early seventies: ” Where have all our young men gone.”.??

  28. @Jeff – yes an anti-war (Vietnam) song ie a song of protest… One of the lines is “when will they ever learn”. Btw the song title is “Where have all the flowers gone”. Have a listen to it (kingston Trio version) Keyboard Warriors and take action if you truly care about what’s going on in Sent Lisi.

  29. You can get cocaine, opium, heroine, fentanyl, hash and meths in Rodney Bay as it is a mecca for drugs


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