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Saint Lucian Wanted In Martinique For Murder Arrested, But Escapes From Babonneau Station


Police arrested a Saint Lucian wanted in Martinique for Murder during an operation in Odsan, but he later escaped from the Babonneau police station.

According to a Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) release, officers executed a Search Warrant on the premises of Joharius Johannes alias Joe Grind and Junior Dorville on June 8.

But although the police found nothing of evidential value, they arrested Johannes regarding a report of an assault with a firearm.

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) had also issued a ‘Red Notice’ regarding him concerning a murder in Martinique.

Officers escorted Johannes to the First District Court, but police said he escaped lawful custody from the Babonneau Police Station on Wednesday, June 14, after attending Court via Zoom.

According to the RSLPF, he was pursued but was not recaptured and remains at large.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has urged anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Joharius Johannes to contact the nearest police station or Babonneau Police Station at 456-4120,456-4122 or the CRIME Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

Also, on Thursday, police executed a search warrant on the premises of Jesse Charles at Barre Denis, recovering one Taurus 9mm firearm and one magazine containing six rounds of ammunition.

The officers also recovered one round of .357 ammunition.

As a result, they arrested Jesse Charles and charged him with possessing a firearm and ammunition.

An RSLPF release said he pleaded guilty, and the court remanded him to the Bordelais Correctional Facility for sentencing at a later date.

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  1. Babonneau police station AGAIN. some one has to be held responsible this time around

  2. 2nd escape from Babboneau!
    What happening policemen? Cell door broken?
    Finally remanding criminals for possesion of guns. Well done magistrate.

  3. Babonneau police station again ????? let me see how they will handle this one. Who were the officers scheduled ???.

  4. The guy was arrested for Murder and he Run out of the Station .Why was he not Locked up in the Holding Cell. Everyone on Duty Should be Transferred out of this police Station .That’s the Second prisoner Escaping from that Police Station.The Jamaican was back in Jamaica in Less than 3days .This last Escapee must have Leave the Island.This police Station along with the Marshand Police Station should be Closed down and Transfer everyone to Central police Station

  5. Officer’s no disrespect but YTF…….I SHOULD help you find someone you had in custody and escape…
    are you not the popo if you can’t hold him how do you expect the public to find him isn’t it ironic that every time you have someone in custody that commit bad crimes would automatically escapes…I think you should start investigating your own police offices because it doesn’t make since to me…either it’s pure incompetent or bribery… figure it out..

  6. lol lol . babonneau police station again. that’s a big joke. it is said that once you have turtle’s meat and crabs you can buy your way through with babonneau police at that station. someone needs to do some serious investigation at that station something smells spoiled in there. maybe there’s dead crabs and spoiled turtle meat there. I get it from good ground. lol

  7. That police station in BABONNEAU should be investigated you can’t keep losing prisoners like it’s no body’s business is it incompetence… i think these police offices need to be retrained because it doesn’t add up Lucian people dose that story make sense to you…

  8. Is it me alone or is there someone out there who feels like “Nothing is going Right in Lucia Right Now”. WE NEED DRASTIC CHANGES

  9. They should arrest all these officers in that Babonneau police station. Murders always escaping from there. We know some of this is an inside job!

  10. Babonneau have alot of corruption the hold station need to be under surveillance these officers up there are working with drugs dealers if the government don’t look into that just now alot will be happening here

  11. Virginia you have another investigation on your hand but this time it is much closer to home. I don’t envy you and your ministry especially when you have to get to the bottom of serious matters created by your colleagues Stanley and Richard.

  12. It is evident that this country is in total slackness. Instead of protecting the masses, they are adding to their fears. What a joke !

  13. It is said that Lightening never strike the same place twice, Babonneau exempted. Here’s the thing, the same SLP Minister as Minister of Security, under whose watch both criminals escaped, was last week flashing a big smile telling us how great a job she is doing along with the Prime Minister, who also is responsible for the same outfit, between the two of them, I don’t know who should quit first. How strange this never happened under UWP.

  14. Lucians jus stupid they hold sumbody for extradition the people of the country ehh knw nun about dat as he escape people knowing this was in play there is no extradition treaty between martinique an st lucia they breakin the law those put to uphold the law breaking it they wronge side people clean in deh house before they clean the streets not streets first

  15. Yeah I smell a rat πŸ€ what some of these police officers will not do for a few dollars πŸ’΅ doesn’t exist shame on them madam commissioner where are you in all this mess

  16. Government should only buy shackles and not vehicles for Barbonneau police station.

  17. According to the RSLPF, he was pursued but was not recaptured and remains at large maybe the officers who pursued had big bellies and may not have been fit

  18. @Ma Malay, the RSLPF report also said the prisoner got lost as he blended in with a group of school children. I guess he was wearing the Babonneau school colours.

  19. @james John, why do you talk so much foolishness? Who told you there is no extradition treaty between Martinique and Saint Lucia?

    Martinique is governed by France and the is an extradition treaty -> do the research and if you don’t know what you talking about just keep your mouth shut and you fingers off the keyboard.

  20. My people we need help in this country who can we turn to, the very same people that are supposed to protect us are knee dip in corruption what a joke

  21. James John, you’re very busy calling St.Lucians stupid. But yet still, you can neither write a sentence nor spell. so, who’s the stupid one right now?.

  22. The # FOX so who was in power in 2020 when the first escapee from Babonneau broke free. There must be a thorough investigation to find out who aided in this escape and the previous one at that location.

  23. Officers recovered one round .357 ammo. This means that a Magnum 357 is out there on the streets. Individual is already in Bordelais and no word on that weapon. Where is it?

  24. Let hope that he is captured with the helping hand of God and brings revelation on this matter !!


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