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‘Something Is Fishy’ – NGP Leader On Prisoner Escape From Babonneau Station

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National Green Party (NGP) leader Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires has expressed concern over the recent prisoner escape from the Babonneau police station, asserting that ‘something is fishy’.

“There’s a need for concern. How secure is the Babonneau station?” de Caires stated.

“The Babonneau station is one of our new stations, so the facility should be much more secure,” the NGP leader asserted.

“Where was the officer who was supposed to be checking the prisoners in the cell?” He asked.

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Joe Grind wanted poster.

According to Saint Lucia police, on Wednesday, June, 14,2023 Joharius Johannes alias Joe Grind and Junior Dorville of Odsan- Morne D’or escaped Lawful Custody from the Babonneau Police Station after attending Court via Zoom.

“He was pursued but was not recaptured and remains at large,” a police release stated.

And the police urged anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Joharius Johannes to contact the nearest police station, the Babonneau Police Station at 456-4120,456-4122 or the CRIME Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

Officers had arrested Johannes regarding a report of an assault with a firearm.

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) had also issued a ‘Red Notice’ regarding him concerning a murder in Martinique.

“I am not sure if somebody within the force is assisting these people to escape because how can this be happening again?” NGP leader Andre de Caires  stated.

In October 2020, the murder accused, Orville Purnell, escaped the Babonneau Police Station and fled to Jamaica.

Jamaica police recaptured Purnell, but he escaped again while awaiting extradition to Saint Lucia.

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  1. Are you telling me that two low life good for nothing gangsta, have more brains than the Police; it appears to me, that since they are held in Babonneau, its only a matter of time, they’ll be gone; aided and abated by powerful unlawful forces in the Narcotic underworld. Some of these well known people are with you, no need to mention any names. But what with the Elected Members with the Portfolio, paid to keep the Nation free from such scandal? the least that PjP should do, is to shuffle the Cabinet. Remove that woman from Security, remove the Pitbull from the Cabinet, demote the King Cobra, show some balls and respect for a change, that’s overdue. We must continue in Prayer for St. Lucia.

  2. the fox.i hope you are praying for yourself just incase you are accusing someone wrongly.

  3. The Fox: you guys relish the opportunity to spread yall divisive politics. Tell me in Gods name how reshuffling Cabinet have any bearing on a damn prisoner escaping?
    Looks more like corrupt cops to me!.

  4. Look on the sunny side. It’s an opportunity for the SSU to go searching for him. A little collateral damage to the people hiding him would be a plus. Two for the price of one.

  5. In the world of St. Lucia today, try not to sound as naively as you two. You know what’s going on, corruption is at the top of the list, the manager or Director may be innocent, but since its been happening in your department, something’s got to give; while no own is fingering anyone certain disciplinary actions must be taken; failure to do so implies that you are o.k. with it. I don’t think that PjP is o.k. with anything, but to do or say nothing shows weakness. Tell me, is that why Dr. Kenny is not sitting in the Cabinet? I don’t blame him for certain elements in the mix. The reputation of St. Lucia is under investigation; the French are not happy with you, too much crime taken place in Martinique – your Tourist Industry could be highly affected if something is not done about this crime & corruption crap. Why only in St. Lucia???

  6. A JA can see everybody getting a little cut on the cash n action. Will cross the wrong path one day. Can’t escape karma.


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