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‘We Seem To Be In A State Of Readiness’ – PM Speaks On Preparations For Bret

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre emerged from chairing a National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) meeting Thursday morning, telling reporters that the gathering went well.

“We had a very good meeting of NEMAC. All the agencies reported, and we seem to be in a state of readiness,” Pierre said as Saint Lucia braced for the impact of Tropical Storm Bret.

Pierre appealed to people to listen only to official advice and not rumours.

In addition, he reiterated that people should stop disposing of garbage indiscriminately.

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“Littering causes a problem. If you look in our waterways now, you will see mattresses. You will see fridges; you will see stoves. They ought not to be there,” the Castries East MP observed.

He spoke as Saint Lucia activated its National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) from noon Thursday.

The Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Maria Medard, disclosed receiving a request to open a shelter.

“That shelter will comprise four persons initially,” Medard stated.

But she told reporters that normally shelters open after the storm.

However, she said a shelter would open before a storm if an assessment reveals someone’s home has been compromised.

According to the NEMO Director, it costs the state whenever a shelter opens.

“We have 236 shelters. So we open as needed when people request,” Medard told reporters.

Regarding an all-clear, she noted that before, there were two, one from the Met Office and the other from NEMO.

But Medard acknowledged that two all-clears were confusing the public.

“So since then, over the last three years what we have done is that Met issues a discontinuation of the storm. So when they put out the notice to say that we are safe from the storm, it is not the all-clear,” the NEMO Director observed.

“So from then, the director would call the emergency works personnel, such as (the Ministry of) Infrastructure, FLOW, LUCELEC etc. to check around to make sure that downed power lines are up,” Medard told reporters.

She said the director would advise the Prime Minister to issue an all-clear once that occurs.

“Now, this all-clear is to the public. The one by Met is not to the public,” Medard stated.

And she said the Prime Minister might decide that he would issue the all-clear himself or advise the NEMO Director to do so.

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  1. What do I understand by “we seem to be in a state of readiness” well, how assuring is this statement? I don’t think it should be “we seem to be…….” we either are or we are ‘not’ ready. Can’t play around with this stuff; forget about the crime wave in this Country, one swipe of this 100 mph demon can undo everything you’ve done good in the last ten years. Then you may realize not completing the modern Hospital in the South was an act of short sightedness and stupid politics, but signing along with the top Cabinet Brass, giving ‘ Global Port Holdings ‘ a free hand in the – so called – improvement and development in the Castries Harbour was a hasty and unthought of move; you should have been in a better state of readiness. I do pray for wisdom for the sake of all in St. Lucia tonight.

  2. Stay safe, everyone. And while you are it, humbly seek the shelter that God alone provides: salvation! In other words, sincerely repent of your sins, commit yourself to loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and seek to love your fellow human beings as you love yourself. Yes, let this moment be your opportunity to heed the calling of God to turn your life around. Have a meaningful storm.

  3. I know in recent times once the gov’t officials aware that hurricane season is approaching they contractors jobs to desilt rivers and ravines…the one by my home is fill with grass tall like banana trees and this fool is coming and talk about preparedness

  4. TRUTH B. TOLD:- One thing that bothers me, after all these years, do they ever listen? the sad thing about it is, “He will come as a thief in the night” – we see today, Friday & Saturday Night couldn’t come fast enough for the revelers to go partying.
    Who are those then that shall be saved? you may have made a covenant with the Lord, but make sure you will not draw back and be part of one of the foolish………./ I myself have been a sinner, save by Grace through faith…..Ephes:2-5,6. The sad question is, how did St. Lucia survive before Gros Islet week ends? and can’t we have these week ends without the loudest of music blasting for miles from the source? and what if it were Church Music, Would it attract the negative elements? You’re laughing now but that’s not a joke. I urge you to read again what TRUTH B. TOLD wrote and consider, this is not a time for laughter.


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