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Point Hardy Golf Club At Cabot Saint Lucia Now Open


After months of hard work and dedication by the Cabot team and great anticipation by key stakeholders, the region’s premiere golf course is finally open.

The soft opening of the Point Hardy Golf Club at Cabot Saint Lucia took place during a special ribbon cutting ceremony which brought together the company’s leadership, Cabot team members, bankers, golfers, realtors, local officials and friends of Cabot.

Chair of Cabot Saint Lucia, Ben Cowan Dewar, in his speech reflected on the journey that led to this milestone: “In 2016 after visiting dozens of sites across the region in search of a new location, I made a stop here at Point Hardy. I knew instantly this was it. This was going to be our next golf course. Since then, we have fallen in love with the country and the people and we are happy to celebrate this achievement with you today.”

 The Cabot Chair also disclosed that the first call he made from the Point Hardy site that day was to one of the world’s foremost golf course designers Bill Coore of the legendary duo Coore and Crenshaw, who have famously designed some of the best golf courses around the world.

 “I must confess that when I visited this location, I tried to talk Ben out of building the course despite how fantastic and spectacular it was. I knew it was not going to be easy and would have been unlike anything we had every worked on, but Ben was tenacious and determined to do this and we are happy to have been part of it. This is by far the most visually appealing and spectacular golf course we have ever worked on”: Bill Coore as he addressed the opening of Point Hardy Golf Club.

Two of the main financial partners for this project are Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (Republic Bank) and Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL).

Rolph Philip Managing Director of BOSL is excited for what’s yet to come: “We are very proud to be part of this achievement here today. We worked very closely with Cabot in ensuring that the information we needed for the financing was provided. They were always transparent and cooperative. Today marks a significant milestone for Cabot but also for the elevation of the country on the global stage as a golfing destination.”

 These sentiments were echoed by Managing Director for Eastern Caribbean operations for Republic Bank, Michele Palmer: “Congratulations to the Cabot team and to Saint Lucia. From the very beginning when this project was presented to us, we were supportive of it and knew that it would be a gamechanger for the country. This is the kind of impact we wanted to have through this partnership and we are very pleased to see that the golf course is open”.

 Vice Chair of Cabot Saint Lucia, Kristine Thompson has been integral in seeing the project to where it is today: “Words cannot describe the pride and joy and real satisfaction I feel today. As the team leader for nearly three years, I experienced what a dedicated team can achieve through some of the greatest challenges – even the world’s worst pandemic. This is a credit to the people of Cabot and the wonderful people of Saint Lucia who welcomed us into their homes, social events and sports clubs. Without these community engagements we could not have achieved this amazing feat today and this what I am most thankful for”.

 Perched above the Atlantic Ocean and crafted around the cliffs and valleys of Point Hardy’s magnificent landscape, Point Hardy Golf Club offers an unparalleled Caribbean golf experience.

Designed more by nature than by people, each hole takes on the unique topography of this incredible site. Course designers Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw have wound the course through lush terrain, over rocky outcrops and along tropical bays and sandy beaches.

It has been described by Golf Digest as possibly one of the most visually spectacular golf courses in the world.

SOURCE: Cabot Saint Lucia

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  1. Can there ever be some means in St. lucia for progress and development without these nasty comments by some, then they clamor for minimum wages increase, better living conditions, more jobs, when jobs come knocking at their door? I guess its easier to rob people and a fast getaway, sit round the block, smoke shyt continue life the way they accustomed. God help St. Lucia with this god forsaken lazy generation, ex- jail birds.

  2. Labour Campaign in Poetry, govern in Prose.
    – Mario Como former governor of New York.
    DR. Hilaire has join himself to Cabot or what?

  3. Are they ever going to hold true to their promises and fix the roads in Cap Estate???? The residents can’t even come and go on our own roads without massive damage to vehicles! Promised they would fix it when done building. That’s almost a year now and NOTHING!!! Cabot doesn’t care about St Lucia or its people!!!


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