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Mother Believes ‘Knock-Out’ Spray Made Her Sleep Through A Bedroom Invasion


A traumatised mother believes a ‘knock-out’ spray made her and her 13-year-old daughter sleep through a bedroom invasion.

And the woman, who lives in the North of Saint Lucia, has warned people to be on guard.

The woman, who preferred to be identified only as Samantha, said that they sleep with their bedroom window partially open due to the heat and their need for fresh air.

Samantha recalled getting up after midnight and, as usual, checking around the house to ensure everything was okay.

Satisfied that all was well, she returned to bed, getting up after 4:00 am.

“When I got up, I started coughing, and I asked my daughter who tied the curtain. She was looking at as if she was lost and she said, ‘Not me,'” the mother told St. Lucia Times.

Samantha said she could not recall tying the curtain.

In addition, she noticed that the insect screen for the window was not in place.

The mother and daughter would later discover that cash and electronic devices, including a laptop, were missing from the bedroom.

Samantha said her throat was burning, and she felt upset and wanted to throw up, which led her to believe that using a ‘knock-out’ spray preceded the bedroom invasion.

In addition, she told St. Lucia Times there was spray residue on the window through which entry occurred since the bedroom door was locked.

“We are very fortunate. I am thanking God for that,” Samantha declared.

But she said the fact that she and her daughter were asleep and someone was inside their bedroom left them in a state of panic.

The mother declared that whatever the intruder used was effective because they heard no noises.

“Whatever he used knocked us out for a while,” she stated.

In addition,  she explained that to get at her electronic tablet, the individual or individuals who entered her home had to reach under her pillow to remove it.

Samantha said the intruders came and left through the bedroom window, tying the curtain while exiting.

She has reported the matter to the Gros Islet police.

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  1. I’m glad you told the Gros Islet Police and not the Babonneau police.
    It is well to keep a Dog around; better still Bugler alarms with security Camera.

  2. Evil all the way through! Satan’s beasts of doom are on the prowl! Be careful, Lucians!

  3. Thankfully the lady and her daughter are alive!!
    TIP: Always put into your electronic devices: “Find my Phone”; “Find my table”, etc. to make it easier to trace. Your device tells you how it works. A lot of people do not do that, or have no idea about this feature on their devices. Sometime ago, I was able to block my tablet which was stolen, rendering it inactive for the thieves.

  4. There’s are small screw-type devices that one can secure window openings. Some of them are mounted to the window rail, still others are mounted to the frame of the window. They are typically very secure, especially if mounted on two sides of the window. Not sure if they are available in St. Lucia.
    My suggestion to the lady is try getting some as she tries to keep cool when sleeping.

  5. Oh my god . I do leave my windows open because of the heat. Its keep the house cool. I will stop it. Although i have burglar bars

  6. People are not safe even in the privacy of your home what a wicked world we leaving in God help us all

  7. Tough and sad situation…. but if that is the house in the pic, you can clearly see that the door has a gate but the windows don’t have burglar bars so I’m baffled as to why women would leave windows WITHOUT burglar bars opened at night 🤔

  8. and you telling me you get those fellas in your house as a man god alone knows what they could have done to your wife and daughter your burst the intruders behind and people want to say all kinds of things about vigilante justice. Then again they right cause you all like to record and post to much things. I not lying to tell you i hate a thief with a passion.

  9. if they have some knock out spray, I dont know. but this door had no burglar bars. that is risky thes


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