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Three People Shot In Dennery


Police are investigating a report of a drive-by shooting in Dennery at about 8:15 pm Sunday.

According to initial reports, three people, two women and a man, sustained fatal injuries.

Sunday’s incident follows two separate homicides within twenty-four hours last week at Belmont, Dennery and La Clery, Castries.

According to law enforcement sources, at about 11:30 pm on Friday, police received a report that the body of a man in his twenties was discovered at Belmont, Dennery.

The body had apparent gunshot wounds.

Hours later, at about 4:45 am on Saturday, there was a report that a man had been shot dead in a vehicle at La Clery, Castries.

(Story updated)

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  1. Whoever wrote that article needs to throw ! You said a whole bunch of nothing ! What are we supposed to do with last weeks information? Y’all quick to put out a head line instead of actually being journalist and finding out information

  2. I totally agree with you Kim Kardashian. They always do that crap. The give you 1 line of the latest news and 99% of stale news which they gave before.

  3. This report of the murder of two women and one man in Dennery apperrs to be correct.
    The pictures of the two gunshot women has already appeared on social media.
    And I can bet all the previous social warriors ( not) who would have been quickly and GLEEFULLY on the airwaves if this were under the UWP , will remain quiet with their evil intentions only motivated by hatred of one party and no love for St Lucia. Let us see if their feminist side is motivated to say something. But no, their party in power so the moo moo pile have all been consumed.
    I hope to hear something from the stray dog loving , anti Cabot, Covid pandemic troublemakers before the day is up. Oh no – I forgot- these murders of women and youth will be swept under the rug because the SLP in power. Hypocrites!

    No protest, no letters, no crocodile tears, no condemnation of this clueless, parasitical, treasury raping, friends and family , no USA visa cabal of an SLP cabinet. NOTHING.
    It is a sight to behold, the gunshot lifeless bodies of these two young women yet a certain section of lucians will glorify the very people that we KNOW have been involved in this mayhem.
    It is getting worst then we had thought imaginable!

  4. Seeing the videos of 3 dead bodies (2 women) lying on the side of the road must sadden and worry every patriotic Saint Lucian. Five people were killed since Friday. I sympathize with their families and loved ones.

    @ Anon. Our country is full of hypocrites. From what you wrote we assume you are not one of them. We assume you protested and wrote letters and shed tears over the murders that happened during UWP rule.

    Every murder is worrying but these drive-by shootings should scare the sh— out of us. Let us support our police to put an end to this violence.

  5. Allan Chastanet did not enact a minimum or livable wage ,for the thousand of private sector workers and government workers who earn 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour . Its like they do not want to be unpopular with the businesses who exploit the working poor …

  6. Allan Chastanet did not enact a minimum or livable wage ,for the thousand of private sector workers and government workers who earn 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour . Its like they do not want to be unpopular with the businesses who exploit the working poor …

  7. Anon you are nothing but a political hypocrite your bread is well buttered and you want to come and criticise people for taking about a minimum wage

  8. From time to time I pop into these forums. However, I am not certain why it is so hard to understand why some Lucians don’t want to work will never work but have already given themselves over to criminal activity, hatred, envy, evil and destruction.

    In addition some of them are cursed from generation to generation….let’s be honest most of you all are engaged in diabolical activities and as a result are reaping what had already been sowed.

  9. To the people who always talking about politics when crimes happen, explain to me how politicians can stop crime. Politicians don’t carry guns, they locked up in parliament under top security, how they stopping crime? Politicians make laws, we already have a million laws,people don’t care, one more law? What’s that going to do?

  10. Fire burn. We need to remain focused. Why is this about Allen Chastanet. Our mentality is our biggest problem. The hate we Harbour for people who have done us no wrong. There is too much hate in this country. We see it at ever level in our country. In the highest institutions to the man on the street. Our Parliament is as example of the hate encouraged in our society. We must say to our parliamentarians enough is enough. We see the young men on the street disrespecting people every day, yet when they feel disrespected they are ready to resort to violence. We see people skipping red lights, we see people not stopping at minor roads, we see people parking anywhere even under traffic lights. Including the police. We hear of police cuts traffic with sirens to pick up their children in school. We see a government minister on a weekly program spreading hate and anger.

    Fire burn. Let us remain focused don’t let politicians consume our hearts with hatred for people we may not have even met in our lives. Politicians are people like us.


  12. Minimum wage have Nothing to do with the Increase of Gun Violence in St.Llucia . No Politricktian in St.Lucia Is Concern about the Increase of Gun Related Offences and other Crimes in St.Lucia all what grey do is Throw Remarks for one another in the House of Destruction .The Prime.Minister needs to Re.Visit that Fire arm act for Illegal Guns and Ammunition

  13. We must stop politicising murders especially those drive by shootings and young ladies are involved. People are doing their own thing and we blaming the government. Which government would like to hear about young men and women being killed. This is ridiculous. everything is de government.

  14. Most of the comments don’t make sense. We need to focus on finding ways and means to stop the senseless shootings. The public needs to share information with the police to help get the bad elements off the streets. The Dennery community should not provide a safe space to those involve in possession and trafficking of illegal guns.

  15. Madoo you’ll ignorance is what you’ll family carry from generation to generation. This is the generational curse. No politician will or can stop crime but they need to implement policies to deter or reduce crime. Not sure you can understand that.

  16. @really, I noticed you couldn’t explain to me how politicians stop crime, so you come with bulls#%t. ‘Impement policies to deter crime’, What tv channel you hear that on? The criminals don’t care, the jobs not paying more than crime, plus criminal don’t have to wake up early, who cares what politicians implement.

  17. You need like minded people to sit with the murderers and gangsters and ask them to give us a break from the saloptay behaviour. People that are narcissistic, corrosive and violent understand each others lack of compassion and empathy. Richard please sit down with these guys and calm them down.

  18. Meanwhile in addition to rampant murders, we top the chart in alcoholism in the Caribbean. St Lucia among the biggest rum drinking in the world. Among the top 30! All the bad things we top it! Most crime ridden island in the OECS, most drunks in the Caribbean, top drunkards in the world a cording to the CIA. They have not measured levels of jamet’ and informal prostitutiion for both men and women. we top that too somewhere.

  19. Madoo the 1st 3 letters in your name tells alot about you. @really obviously knows what he is saying. Alo of you people comment for attention I believe. A politician can sway the rate of crime in his/her country. Yes if you implement the right measures. Operation Restore Confidence happened, 10 bad elements were taken out. For 7 months zero murder, not even a busted head you heard of. Idiotic Kenny made one of the most ridiculous speeches about the police force, following day 2 murders. Under John Compton’s regime crime was under control, we had crime but nothing spiraling out of control, why because of measures Compton implemented with his special Task force. STUFF YOU DEFINITELY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT I can clearly tell. Then came Kenny who refused to follow suit as a result CRIME BEGAN TO ESCALATE. Till this day his constituency is the worst as it pertains to murder/crime. Politicians don’t wanna hang, crap about getting Aid from the USA where they still carry out lethal injection and electrocution execution. Then you have Mary and Martinus talking about human rights, what about those innocently murdered, rapped, beate, shot, chopped, stabbed etc. What about their rights? RSS comes and goes but if the bad apples are taken out completely we are still back at square, I guarantee if John Compton was alive and in power these bad elements would be gone or would think 100x before they commit crimes. So all this being said it boils down to the politicians. THE PM to make the necessary calls, implement the necessary measures……

  20. I mean to say if the bad apples aren’t taken out completely we are still back at square one…

  21. @ onlooker, you don’t know me, I remember John Compton, my grandfather was a close friend. Compton didn’t have to do anything, everybody in st.lucia wasn’t running around shooting each other in John compton’s time, those were the days of cutlass.
    So where all the guns come from? The politicians don’t want to tackle that issue, that would mean taking a look at their rich friends who give them contributions.

  22. Tasy I had a good laugh at that. You not wrong though. It seem like this place is on the highway to hell. The problem is the higher ups turn a blind eye to everything. Just this morning I saw the bicycle patrol officer come off his bike to give someone a parking ticket. I wanted to go and shake his hand but I know that person probably has a friend higher up in the Royal St. Lucia Police FARCE that will make that ticket disappear. What is that young officer supposed to do after that? Lawlessness and disorder in now ingrained in the mindset of the people. Some people try to do the right thing and contact the authorities when they see lawlessness. But like the bicycle patrol police officer, why would they bother if nothing is being done at the higher levels?


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