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Two Teenage Females And A Man In His Early Twenties Killed In Dennery Drive-By


Two teenage females and a man in his early twenties died in a drive-by shooting in Dennery on Sunday.

Police have identified the deceased as 22-year-old Penlly Fones of La Ressource, Vieux Fort, and 18-year-old Twinkle Dolor and 17-year-old Quemese Annibaffa of Dennery.

Annibaffa’s Great Aunt recalled that the teenager came home, changed, and went out.

“The last we heard was she was killed. I do not know why,” the Great Aunt stated.

She said the teenager returned to Saint Lucia from England about a month ago and had no problems with anyone.

“We are at a loss for words. It’s so difficult,” the Great Aunt explained.

“They need to put down the guns, ” she said through tears and called on whosoever was responsible for the fatal shooting to surrender to the authorities.

“They need to surrender because God is not asleep. We don’t know who, but they know who they are. They left us in pain – so much pain. We’re not eating,” the Great Aunt lamented.

“I know my niece was not involved in anything,” she declared.

Officers at the Dennery police station responded to the shooting report at about 7:55 pm and observed the three victims with apparent gunshot wounds to their bodies.

The victims received transportation via ambulance to the Dennery Hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced them dead.

Investigators have disclosed that no suspects are in police custody.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has urged anyone with information regarding the triple homicide to call the Dennery Police Station at 456-4090 or the Crime hotline for
anonymous reporting at 555.

Saint Lucia has recorded 43 homicides for the year.


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  1. Why is the media lying we all know that there have been 57 homicides for 2023 not to mention 4 unidentified bodies found decomposing so far for the year but insist on covering up the numbers so it will be easier to swallow to the people outside of St Lucia. Why are the ministers not speaking up to make our minds be at ease. Carnival is in 16 days and everyday has an event leading up to it. Gros Islet Carnival shooting 1 dead Ciceron Carnival shots fired no deaths . Dennery Carnival 3 deaths. If every event has a killing the media will tell us it only 40 for the year so far

  2. This madness needs to stop. We are killing our own . Black-on-black crime. Nothing to do with the government. Dennery people should not give the criminals a safe space to operate. We can’t be loosing our young people to gun violence. Government needs to tighten up on possession of illegal guns and make sure the criminals spend time in jail when caught.

  3. Let’s play it safe for carnival. Every band’s costume should be army helmet and thong.

  4. Smh , reminds me of the drive by shooting in coolie town some years ago. Sigh such young people sacrificed at the prime of their lives but then again the guy was from vieux fort so who knows its this same situation that is going on again when if they don’t get you they take one of your family members and who ever is around you

  5. For those of yall that think yall on top and better than and more important than anyone and look down at people because yall young and have nice things than others don’t. take a look at this story and read it again cause you going to the grave with all your style.

  6. When I was a child in st.lucia, I never heard of one person shooting another in st.lucia. You would hear of people getting chopped up with cutlass. On more than one occasion I’ve seen one individual chasing another with a cutlass, the first one literally running for his life. We are still the same people, but today, everybody has a gun. The one thing the government can do, is stop the guns from reaching here, the guns are not made here, but the government let us down. Where’s the police, there are more murderers walking the street than those who escaped from jail. When the youngsters see all these people get away with all these crimes, what’s to deter them?

  7. The nation has bowed her knees to the devil, and sadly it is the many who seem to have sworn allegiance to Satan — even the same many who have proudly and foolishly turned their backs on the Almigjty God! Further, the devil has now demanded the blood of Helen’s youths as payment towards the contract that Lucians have signed with Lucifer! The debauchery associated with segments of Lucian Carnival is only part of the story. There is so much more going on in secrecy and darkness. The leaders themselves are lost in the mire of sin, transgression and hypocrisy, and their pride will keep them from humbling themselves, or from acknowledging their need for God. Will the nation repent and turn to God? This is Saint Lucia’s only way out of the hell-hole that the place has become. Nevertheless, God will save all those who genuinely repent and turn to Him.

  8. Give the young people a damn minimum wage so that they can be motivated to go and work and throw their firearms in the Castries harbour and the fishing pond in vieux fort

  9. Sympathy to the families of the deceased. The lives of these young people are lost senselessly even before they reach the prime of their lives.These hardened criminals are bent on creating havoc in society and pain and suffering for families.

    PM Pierre, you and your party got in power partly on your utterances to fix the perennial problem of crime. You should have come in armed with workable plans and strategies. It is quite apparent that you did not.

    Do something to arrest the proliferation of guns and ammunition entering the country. Strict border patrols, 24/7 surveillance , more officers in hotspot areas, swift trials, stop and search, X-Ray machines at official ports of entry, should be implemented. I rest my case.

  10. Please read comment #1 and #5 – whereas # 1 laments the number of homicides so far in 2023 and its a chilling commentary, the other talks of material things and style.
    It appears to me that the evil one has possessed not only the hearts of the killers, but that of the unsuspecting to invade and play with their minds, talking of trivial matters of lesser importance, making St. Lucians look less educated to readers abroad; it also seem to me that all Local Lucians think about is fett, loud music, dance and having a good time. Is that all there is in life? “steal, kill and destroy” – shoot, kill, maim, then laugh and dance to a demonic music. Have you realized what has happened to you?

  11. minimum wage crap it was ritten the young generation come to mash up the nation government can’t do shit

  12. After the SLP’s victory in 2021 I said we Lucians were in trouble.
    The SLP’s track record was one of viciousness, vitriol, aggressive riling up of the base instincts of our people in order to gain power. So preoccupied are they with this agenda they have never worried to even think of what is required in order to manage St Lucia properly.
    Their agenda is power, their salaries, perks and whatever deals can be cut to increase their personal wealth.
    They therefore have no skillsets, mindsets or competency to run the country and as times go by things under them just gets worst and worst.
    Well so said so done. Murder up, inflation up, wages down, gas up, food up, accountability out the front door, no transparency , the most nefarious of characters in government, incompetent family and friends drawing big salaries and contracts.
    They traipsing all over the world, arrogantly walking the corridors of power while lucians suffer under their callous and arrogant attitude.
    I am almost sorry to say I was correct in what their past history had shown us. And it will get worst.

  13. Every carnival season. We get a few strange deaths/accidents. Not surprised at all Cuz it is not of God

  14. Sympathy to the parents and family’s who lost their loved ones..NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE LIKE THIS

    #Lucian high garde those kids that just lost their lives they were not acting like they were better than others they were not looking down on people they dressed up and went out just like you and everyone else who has nice clothes in their closet because they looked beautiful doesn’t mean they deserved to die.. Parent’s work hard and bought nice things for their children….maybe that’s what you lucian high grade do when you put on nice clothes you look down on people not everyone is like you.. SMFH YOU SHOULD STOP TALKING DISPARATES! PAPI-SHOW

  15. You’ll love to blame a Government or politician. Never have I seen someone say I will work with the police provide tip offs or information to help get the guns off the street.

    I can almost guarantee that all the commentators in here know a family member or someone in their neighborhood who are involved in criminal activity. Start talking and stop blaming!

    Condolences to the families.

  16. What are the police doing? Its very sad to see people dying like that. Hight time the law give these criminals something to fear, when they kill hang them or get and electric chair…. make them think twice of doing these murders, tbh the police afraid! All these crimes and not one arrest? These men out there walk around us all. Bring back hanging and put other things in place and too the government, plz bring professional investigators and equipment to do the job.

  17. Lucian high-grade all of us including you is case you didn’t know will go to our grave in style to make a comment like that speaks volume of you because these kids did not deserve to die like that

  18. High grade you are the one who looks down on others I respect people’s opinions but sometimes you make some very annoying comments what these kids ever do to you I smell jealousy

  19. It’s Pierre fault and his Cabals fault I tell you they refuse to enact a decent minimum wage they are only concern about paying themselves. Under Chas we never had this he always held criminals foot to the fire

  20. Lowest grade is classless. Sits on the computer all day, in his loose waistband underwear, spewing nonsense. Don’t write anything negative about “de party.” That has been known to make him foam at the mouth. His familiar hate-filled themes of “de White man and de Coolie” tells one that he is very unwell. The guy just need to get a lagoon bath.

  21. How sad that we have reached such low depths in our ignorance. Could you imagine an innocent photographer covering Dennery carnival for his company is shot in a drive by and because he is from Vieux Fort persons are making vile comments. I don’t know the young ladies but at 17 I wonder who they had looked down on. We should be sympathetic to the family and the nation as a whole not making derogatory comments. After all these are the future, these are the ones who would be paying our pension. Get a grip St Lucia.

  22. @Truth be Told – I agree you have posted the truth. Obeah, voodoo, occult and evil seems to be the order of the day in St. Lucia – evil is rampant and it is sad….

  23. The criminality that’s taking place in st Lucia is a reflection of what’s happening in the house of Parliament.

  24. Low grade Lucian would prefer people to dress ugly and look down on themselves. I you didn’t know, it’s when people hate themselves and are jealousy of others and unhappy with life that they externalize their actions. And if you think about it, these pretty young girls, one coming back after being away, probably with an “accent” caab cause jealousy in small minds. If they could not get her or could not be like her. If you’re Lucian, don’t play dumb as if you don’t know how envious and wicked people can be if they see you trying something. You too old to be that foolish and hateful. I rather people be full of themself than full of hate. As if you want people to hate themselves…lucian culture. That’s why so manvclinging to wild lifestyles. It’s the way to feel alive in ansociet that uses shame in policing actions.

  25. There’s very little care for people but lots of judgement, envy, badmind and making up lies about people that they are jealous of here and it’s older people like YOU who should know better, that are talking about CLOTHES. You think you’re righteous. Like anything you saying would please God or make sense to Him? Did HE tell you to take note of what clothes people wear or if they are arrogant? As if you’re happy to hear about the violence. You think you know people’s lives so much? How do you know they weren’t once bullied and now are taking pride in themselves as God intended for His children? How do you know what looks like arrogance is really choosing to no longer be a victim of the lies people spread? You prefer people to hang their heads down and hate themselves??? So shortsighted because of the hate in your heart, you only look at things at face value. Don’t put God’s name near your nonsense.

  26. “STOP THIS SENSELESS SLAYING”……Do any of you not see the realisation of this consistent “slaying” in St Lucia and the detrimental effect this could have on
    TOURISM and the economy?

    St Lucia is now renowned for this persistent killings. People are actually making this a topic of conversation in the UK. Just recently, I was conversing with a Market vendor, who told me about his last visit to St Lucia and witnessed, 7 corpses on the Streets of Vieux Fort. How sad was that?

    OMG….this was my homeland where homicides were a rarity 😪😪😪., now its become a way of life. Wow, celebrating
    Emancipation Day is double standards to say the least.

    How will the Government of St Lucia
    Quantify the “CENSUS?” Would a mere subtraction be plausible by excluding all the deceased whose untimely demise be conducive when counting for data purposes?

    This isn’t all gossip anymore it is surreal and happening right now as I write. My beloved St Lucia is written in Blood and the “UNDERTAKERS” are watching their monies inflate.

  27. Knowledge is the solution to everyone’s problems in st lucia, when you have knowledge you are aware of the resources in st lucia and out of st lucia. Without knowledge you work a job and expect to become a millionaire and blame the government for all your problems. If we could take care of our problems the government can focus on his duties as a government, unfortunately he’s to busy dealing with gunmen solving their problems the uneducated way.

  28. None of this will not resolved the suitation, except the word of God must continue and the Glory of GOD shines on St Lucia 🇱🇨, who can stop it ❓


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