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WATCH: Saint Lucia Police Get New Motorcycles


Under Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre’s stewardship of the National Security Ministerial portfolio, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continues to receive the equipment, resources and tools needed for modern-day policing and law enforcement efforts.

The Prime Minister has increased the motor vehicle fleet of the police force after delivering five [5] new motorcycles to the High Command.

Since 2021, Prime Minister Pierre has committed more than XCD 45 million to strengthen the country’s chief security agency for a safer and more secure Saint Lucia.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister (Updated)

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  1. Mr. Pm stop blowing your trumpet.. if you want to know what equipment you should get for the force let me know. Best of all my advice is free.

  2. The black boy can’t do nothing right instead of encting a minimum wage so malawys can find something to do he rather spend millions on motorcycle and vans for police all of which will be in his red territories. This country is just going from bad to worst by the minute each day this government stays in office Chas is the only that can save us.

  3. Ok I agree we have to provide them with the good resources however what’s the point if they are unable to be effective when it comes to solving the crime problem on the island ???

  4. Pierre, again you do not understand the root cause of the security issues in SLU. You have made an investment in vehicles in SLU and nothing has changed so far. I am not sure who advises you but obviously you need some changes yourself. You cannot continue to inject money into a corrupted set of Police men and women. You need to address this from two fronts. You need to set the rules, make changes, set objectives, monitor and everything else to ensure you have a group of police men and women who are there to serve and protect. Some of these folks are not sincere and honest and they make everyone else look bad in the police system

  5. Applauded for providing new vehicles to the police. Great for Saint Lucia. What about the Saint Lucia Fire Service? Where are the new ambulances? Where are the new Fire Trucks? Where are the new utility vehicles? ANYTHING? ANYTHING? Those currently in their fleet have become tricenarians.

    Firefighters are expected to perform miracles with the derelict vehicles in their fleet? These Officers are First Responders who are to respond to Saint Lucia and perform life saving measures to citizens. Pretty soon, they will be expected to fly, because as it appears they will soon have to tow the Firetrucks and ambulances whenever they are called.

  6. Mr PM these types of stories are not helping you. They come across more as PR. We don’t need PR. We want the same information you were given by the police that made you give them these resources. The police must have told you how this new equipment will be used. So tell us. Convince us that taxpayer $$$ given to the Police is being well spent. Will there be more police on our roads and highways? The last time I saw a police officer on a motorcycle on the Castries/Vieux-fort highway, he was racing with two motorcyclists. Traffic policeman do nothing to ease traffic. They ride past traffic jams with sirens on. How nice it would be to see a traffic cop at the bois dorange or S&S junction on a regular basis?This talk by the Ag Commissioner that the police often have to loan motorcycles from other countries for major events is a magee. Why not rent bikes from local owners for these short events? STUPSE

  7. Well done Most Honorable the necessities of a police force to protect and serve in its response time in addressing crime and other first responders issues. Clowns are too ignorant to see this. Just continue same speed we are proud of the job you are doing and I am sure have the backing of law enforcement

  8. Stluciatimes, you were meant to write, …”increased the motor vehicle FLEET not feet.

    Mr PM, you can provide thousands of vehicles to the RSLPF and that won’t make a dent to the crime situation here in Saint Lucia.

    Crime is not about political party, it is about the people of this island which needs to be dealt with as a collective. No one party or institution can solve crime and it won’t happen over night.

    We all know the real criminals are the ones pretending to solve crime. SOME Government officials, SOME Custom officials, SOME police officers, SOME in so called Higher Class of society, SOME of the one making decisions in the Court houses, etc.

  9. Having more wheels, is an absolute necessity. It will eliminate the “lack of transportation excuse” we often hear when the police is called upon to respond to a situation. It will definitely shorten the response time of the responders. Hire more cops if necessary to eliminate the” lack of man power excuse”. Pierre’s role is to provide the police with the resources to carry their duties effectively and by doing this he is effectively putting the ball in the police court.


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