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Flood-Beaubrun Calls Out PM, Hippolyte & Albert-Poyotte Over Police Sex Allegations

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Former Castries Central MP Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has taken Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and the two female members of his cabinet, Dr. Virginia Albert Poyotte and Emma Hippolyte, to task over allegations of sexual misconduct against a high-ranking police officer.

The former Gender Relations Minister in a previous Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration demanded to know why Pierre, responsible for National Security, had not yet relieved the officer of his post for a probe into the allegations.

“The Prime Minister should address the nation immediately on this issue,” Flood-Beaubrun, an Attorney at Law, stated.

She was one of several women participating Thursday night in a panel discussion via Zoom organised by the Women’s Arm of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

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Flood-Beaubrun, who also served in the last UWP Cabinet, asserted that the Prime Minister should explain to citizens what was on his mind.

And the former Castries Central MP also chided Commerce Minister Emma Hippolyte and Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert- Poyotte.

Flood-Beaubrun recalled that when Saint Lucia enacted a new domestic violence bill last year, she commended Albert-Poyotte publicly.

However, she asked Albert-Poyotte whether the sexual misconduct allegations against the high-ranking police officer had been the subject of a discussion with the Prime Minister.

“Have you had a discussion with the Prime Minister to explain to him how serious this matter is, and have you represented the interests of Saint Lucian women?” Flood-Beaubrun stated.

The former MP said she would like Albert-Poyotte to address Saint Lucia’s women, indicating where she stands on the issue and what she has done, failing which everything the Minister said when presenting the Domestic Violence bill would be null and void.

Regarding Soufriere MP Emma Hippolyte, described as an elected senior citizen with great experience, Flood-Beaubrun asked whether the MP had met with the Prime Minister to express the seriousness of the matter.

Flood-Beaubrun said singling out the PM and the two women Ministers does not absolve the other Cabinet members.

“I cannot believe that Saint Lucia can be taken seriously by any member of the United Workers Party. I cannot believe that any CARICOM country, any OECS country can take Saint Lucia seriously with this going on,” she told the panel discussion.

“This has brought our crime situation to a new level,” the former Minister stated.

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  1. Let me say this POLITICANS have no business in the day running of the Ministries and The Police department… POLITICANS are there for POLICY…….. If anyone got assaulted they must go through the chain of command to get the required justice needed……

  2. Please leave Poyotte out of this .
    She is focused on bringing the LBGTQ issues to primary schools.
    She has to follow the proposed agenda.She eh have no time for Dem police ting

  3. Ms Flood is absolutely correct on her assertions and has even put it appropriately.
    Have these SLP women in Cabinet and at the highest level of political authority in St Lucia, been to the PM and requested that these allegations are addressed? Apparently not.
    It is also becoming increasingly clear in St Lucia , when you see the incompetence of this SLP Administration, in every sphere, that they are being encouraged and abetted by the Civil Service. This administrative arm has long ago ceased to be objective in their duties and are just an arm of the SLP party in many instances.

    Flood’s questions about these allegations are needed as sexual misconduct is all linked and part of the crime scene in St Lucia.
    3 youth murdered in Dennery. 5 people murdered in 72 hours. Air rage on a BA plane from London with a broken bottle causing injury. High ranking SLP member supporting calls for physical harm to opponents. Nunerous allegations of sexual misconduct by a high ranking member of the police force

    We have become a savage, uncivilized nation and the SLP’s behaviour is at the top of that chain.
    And you can guarantee that with 3 years left of their tenure that the vulgar Carnival has just begun.

  4. Hon Flood-Beaubrun and the UWP is politicizing and weaponizing this controversial matter. First I think she is wrong to point fingers at the two female cabinet members. Sexual harassment affects both men and women. Every employee in every establishment has a right to work in a safe and non threatening environment. People should not be harassed in a multiplicity of ways subtle or overt at work. Sexual favors should not be a condition of employment. Having said this, did the female officer report the harassment to her superiors and did they followed up with an investigation and recommendations for disciplinary action or termination of employment, if there is evidence to support the accuser’s allegation. The accuser has the right to file charges if she is not happy with the outcome of the internal investigation. I hope the police has systems in place and protocol for handling such matters. Also did the officer bypassed protocol and went straight to the UWP politicians and community activists. I am recommending that every government or public service employee attend sexual harassment training annually. Hope this is resolved and lessons learned

  5. What is this, Pussy Riot? the men are afraid to say anything it looks like; if it was Chas in trouble, look out the whole Cabinet, especially the two Independents, all hell breaks loose. Interesting to see what the P.M. does in this case; just don’t let the girls get mad on you.

  6. Sarah, hypocrisy is a terrible thing. It will destroy your reputation even more.

  7. ok so that’s definitely a political thing why is only politicians and party affiliation that seems to be pushing that thing. shouldn’t the police handle that situation ? I am asking this question 4king. politicians

  8. They hired a theRapist to guard the pussies in the RSLPF. Oh what a dread situation.

  9. @Realist maybe because the people who usually advocate for women’s rights, who are also well known slp supporters are not saying anything…. and @James Banks- did you miss the part where the matter was reported to two previous Commissioners as well as the last outgoing “female” Commissioner and nothing has been done? People seem to be missing the point that the Public Service Commission should not have made such an appointment (whether acting or not) with such a matter alleged against this man. Had the matter been investigated and he was exonerated, then they could’ve been justified in making the appointment. Nobody ever seems to be held accountable in this country once they get to a certain level in society. And St Lucians always want to complain about the malayways being targeted for petty matters. For a government who got into power on the premise of driving out corruption and promoting accountability, transparency and all that, they have really not held up their end of the bargain. Until St Lucians start really demanding accountability and not pretending to, this country will just continue to go down the drain.

  10. Stop weaponising sex both males and females in St Lucia. It is not a political issue but a societal one ie decent behaviour all around goes a long way to a more developed and ethical country. Mistreat each other and see what happens; unwanted children, homicides and other crimes. Disintegrating communities. It is evident all around us right now, right here on this island.

  11. What a load of horse manure! about selective morality. Can’t fathom why anyone should give the likes of Sarah the time of day when such issues are only relevant when convenient and in opposition. Sexual harassment is inexcusable but make no mistake this situation is only being pushed for political mileage. These people don’t give a rat’s arse about the alleged victims …only that their situation provides fodder for the desperate anti-PJP Administration minions who seeks to embarrass the government by any means necessary.


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