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First United States Coordinator For Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions Named


United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, has announced the appointment of his country’s very first coordinator for Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions.

He disclosed that Michael Ben’Ary – a very experienced Department of Justice Prosecutor, would serve in the role.

Blinken spoke last week at the beginning of discussions with CARICOM Heads of Government.

In announcing Ben’Ary’s appointment, the United States Secretary of State explained that his country and CARICOM were working to address the shared priority of stemming the rising tide of violent crime.

Blinken observed that violent crime was devastatingly impacting communities across the region, especially young people, hurting local businesses, undercutting foreign investment, and eroding citizen trust in their governments.

He noted that last July, Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

It included new federal provisions that increase criminal penalties to up to 15 years in jail for traffickers, straw purchasers.

“This is a tool that’s vital for holding accountable those who smuggle U.S. arms to the Caribbean,” the United States Secretary of State explained.

In addition, he said the United States supported the creation of CARICOM’s new Crime Gun Intelligence Unit, which is improving information sharing among  law enforcement agencies and strengthening the capacity of countries to investigate gun-related crimes.

Last month, United States Vice President Kamala Harris said the Joe Biden administration was committed to disrupting firearms trafficking in the Caribbean.

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  1. Just another plan concocted to imprison black people. The u.s. can’t stop gun crimes in their own country, just look at New York or San Francisco or Chicago. They can’t stop the hundreds of mass shootings that already took place this year, but they here to save you from gun crimes, when they are the same ones who make the guns, so guess who profits from the guns.

  2. Why don’t black people get it , anything to destroy the black race the white don’t give a damn.

  3. CARICOM is in bed with the US, UN agenda. We the people can’t trust these hypocrite and parasites. There only goal is control, soon they will go after legal fire arms owners. This is all part of a bigger agenda and the military industrial complex is all about profit over lives, just like big pharma, big agriculture, and all those who monopolize industries. Money is power and power corrupts. Very good comments, we need to come out more and articulate what many are thinking. We the people need to wake up!

  4. Boooy lucians have no idea what they want.. you people complain about the guns in the barrel guns in containers illegal guns killing innocent people on the island shooting all-over the place and st lucia doesn’t sell guns or make guns you ask your government to do something they have no clue on how to control all the guns coming to the island don’t you think the people who’s responsible for all the illegal guns coming to the islands should be prosecuted even if America can’t control all the killing they’re having right now but the JUDGE’S not giving bail to all the people who’s committing the crimes maybe black people should stop killing one another… I’M ALL IN AMERICA BRING IT ON IT’S TIME WE PUT ALL THOSE CRIMINALS IN THE BIN FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT IF THEY HAVE A BUSINESS FOREIGN OR LOCAL BLACK OR WHITE THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED

  5. @ don’t feel sorry, nobody sorry for criminals. But why black people like to pretend? Nothing is going to happen to the rich, mostly white people who are bringing these guns in, should the poor black people not be arrested, even though they’re criminals? No one is saying that . It’s called exploitation. Fix your own house and problems, before you save the world, when you are actually part of the problem.

  6. We the People, let’s unite..UNITY is Strength.
    One hand can’t Clap … let us control our own affairs…Guns and gun’s epidemic will never stop in our lifetime.. The profitable business should share the wealth with the people who made them soo profitable.. SHARE THE WEALTH to reduce Criminal activities.. The middle class Families needs some financial Help… Share the wealth.. Folks

  7. The solution is simple…monitor all the ports in Saint Lucia, including the porous borders where anyone can enter the country anytime, any day…guns don’t just appear on Saint Lucian soil by magic…they enter through one way or another….then check for collusion in the designated ports.. someone is helping the illegal trade in fire arms in the ports…get those unscrupulous criminals and jail them…this problem is not difficult to solve…lack of government initiative is the problem….

  8. @Awa you said the white people don’t give a damn…dose the black people give a dawn if they did they wouldn’t be killing one another the way they’re doing right now we have to take responsibility for the things we do and don’t blame others

  9. It is well documented facts that the United States cannot control gun violence nor will it ever remove it from the first amendment but our foolish leaders will look up to those appointees as GODs. They give you two cents and you make a fool of your country in return. Guns were made to kill why waste money to legislate laws and to spend money to feed and protect the ones who used the very tool to evaporate some else life? If you are going to waste money on legislation then make it super harsh .. eg. Used the same weapon to shoot you in your skull. Pow done with…


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