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Police Launch Two Homicide Investigations After Bodies Found At Babonneau & Morne Du Don


Police have opened two homicide investigations after finding bodies with penetrating wounds at Babonneau and Morne du Don.

The body of a man identified as ‘Messi’ was discovered on the Babonneau playing field close to midnight on Saturday.

Police suspect that the death was related to a report of gunfire at Gros Islet, with the body being later transported to Babonneau.

And on Sunday morning, the body of a male with puncture wounds was discovered near the Morne du Don School.

According to the police, the body was discovered at about 8:00 am.

A Morne du Don resident told St. Lucia Times that the deceased had sustained multiple stab wounds.

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  1. What’s the point of investigating? It sounds good, but, what’s the point. We haven’t forgot about the three kids that were killed, where’s that investigation going? Now you starting a new one. St.lucia police get new motorcycle, they get drone training, yet still seem incompetent. We still waiting to know who killed those children.

  2. kill him in gros islet then dump him in babonneau….masiay dead bodies in vehicles….Jesus Lord St. Lucia needs a purge of these guys……telling them put down the guns on tv obviously has no effect….this country needs a wake up and a shake up from on high..then we will understand ourselves….

  3. Waiting for the ppl or group that want some media time to come and say “PUT THE GUNS DOWN”. Lol did someone actually believe that vans and motorcylces for Police would help stop gun violence. Think Again the person. THE STATISTICS ARE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE

  4. The only lasting antidote for evil is repentance from our sins against God and fellowmen, and to turn to Jesus to live a life of love for God, and love for one another through the guiidance of the Holy Spirit. That’s what Jesus Christ showed humanity to be the only lasting solution to the ills and evils that engulf us. But too many are too proud and foolish to humbly repent and turn to the Saviour. Therefore, evil will continue to consume the lives and souls of many in this little island of ours. Sad.

  5. No outrage or even a word from the two Ministers of National security or our so called activists on this or the innocent teenagers killed last weekend but carnival queen got a projectile launched at her…. Everybody up in arms… Priorities all messed up!

  6. On the SAbbath & on the Lords’ day the Devils unleashed here, by the International Witches, have shown us how deadly they could be. Whether their intention was to have won the elections and go away, but as devils they saw fissures in the system, so they continued to take advantage of it, that is to ” steal, kill and destroy ” that’s what Devils do. They may continue as long as the Churches Locally sit back and allow them to continue to do as they please. This is the signs of the times and its every where. ( He will come as a thief in the night )

  7. Now that the street a loaded with GUNS after years of neglect because the bigger heads are involve . Now the bigger heads have been demoted and no more corruption ppl now want what is owed to them for deeds done .

  8. An important takeaway from the article. The perpetrator(s) were confident enough to transport the victim to Babonneau where he was dumped. Isn’t that beautiful or what?
    Those roadside checks are a pain for criminals. These checks are more deterrence than capture. For certain, those checks would have lessened vehicle thefts, and other illegal nighttime activities. Under new leadership, I am witnessing more of them, however, there needs to be much more. It’s a also a tool for gaining intelligence and developing informers. Well, let’s say it’s so overseas.

    The police farce can only solve a few murders. The sheer volume is overwhelming. When police tactics and firearm laws become up to date and aligned, only then can one expect a decrease in serious crime. To start, letting a gunman out on bail in this environment, is as asinine as it gets.

  9. Fear not my dear Citizens,There is hope right around the corner…Pastor Ben is coming to the rescue & hopefully the young men can follow his words & change their wicked ways.

  10. … and the bodies were placed where they could easily be found, no one got a chance to report that they were missing, the bodies did not get to be decomposed beyond recognition, they get to have a proper burial etc. Well, the perpetrator/s will be at the funeral/s for sure 🤔. Effective investigation of these matters requires collaboration between the police and an expert in the psychological/psychosocial field: behaviors/thinking need to be analyzed in order to zero in on the perpetrator/s of such heinous crimes.🙏 🙏 🙏

  11. They want the criminals to go and work in the private sector for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour

  12. When you see these things being to come to pass, lift up your head, for your redemption drawers nigh.

  13. #TRUTH BE TOLD ..countries with millions of people and the highest percentage of atheists (non religious) are the most peaceful with the lowest crime rate…as a matter of fact prisons are being closed down and places of worship are being put to good use by converting them to apartments..bars etc

  14. Re Article.. it’s very disturbing to know that soo many Evil things are going on in St Lucia..
    The police should have a road block and search the Vechile and person’s in the Vechile and we should put a dent in criminal activities asap..

  15. government should invest more in churches ,the only solution to crime problems is to introduce Jesus only him could change a man heart from do8ng evil

  16. I would like to know when will the those sitting in high places see it fit to amend the laws…is it when one of theirs get killed? What would it take to enact a death sentence or life without parole for those found with illegal guns? PM bragging about bikes for police etc…this is a secondary solution! The head -on problem is a weak sentencing regime…a bois….a soft system that makes illegal gun slingers smile to the point that they want to commit the act over and over again!

  17. It’s so sad how our young men are being killed by each other. Young man full of potential and just wasting their lives away. Everyone wants to be a “killa” or “gangster” but nobody wants to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. I think this whole carnival should be canceled too much blood shed in this country.

  18. This present Government Went to the House of Destruction and Throwing Remarks to Make adjustments to the Firearms act .This adjustments are so Favourable for the Criminals when arrested with illegal Guns and Ammunition.The Bail is $3.000 For the Firearmand and the Ammunition $1.500 for the Ammunition .Cash or Suitable Surety and Report to the Nearest police Station twice a week at a time Convient to the person arrested.papisho.This is Foolishness have no Respect for the police .

  19. Bordelais Should be up graded to House about 2000 prisoners .Send Gun offenders to Rest up there for Life Time Convictions Just as Jamaica too much Foolishness in St Lucia and the politricktians on Both Sides have to be Blamed .Lack of Discipline in that So called House


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