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Chastanet Says Epidemic Of Violence Unacceptable, Urges Citizen Unity Against ‘This Menace’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has declared that the violence epidemic in Saint Lucia is unacceptable, noting that nine young people met untimely deaths over the past two weekends due to gun crime.

“This epidemic of violence is unacceptable and demands our urgent attention and collective action,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on Facebook.

He acknowledged the profound grief and pain experienced by the families and loved ones of the victims.

And the former Prime Minister noted that the alarming rise in violent crime, particularly gun violence, clearly indicates that society is facing a grave challenge.

“We cannot afford to be complacent or turn a blind eye to the suffering and loss that are unfolding within our communities. It is our duty, as responsible citizens, to stand united against this menace and demand effective solutions from those entrusted with the task of ensuring our safety and security,” Chastanet asserted.

He spoke of the need to provide law enforcement with the necessary tools and prioritise comprehensive government strategies to address the root cause of violence.

“We must invest in our communities, providing alternative pathways and positive role models for our young people, steering them away from the temptations of crime and violence,” the opposition leader stated.

In addition, he urged the government to take immediate and decisive action to address the crisis.

“We demand a comprehensive plan that includes effective policing, intelligence-driven operations, and community engagement. It is essential that our justice system operates efficiently, ensuring swift and fair trials for perpetrators, and providing the necessary support for victims and their families,” Chastanet said.

He also called on Saint Lucians to unite, irrespective of political affiliation, to confront the grave issue of crime threatening society’s fabric.

“We owe it to our youth, their families, and the future generations to build a Saint Lucia where they can grow, thrive, and fulfill their potential without the fear of violence,” the former Prime Minister observed.

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  1. Chas only now u wanna cum n talk crap after u put police out by destroying their barracks only empty promises u gave officers up to a day like today still no barracks. Central station Is the MAIN station which should be a headquarters it’s house in a building where was once a clothes store with no place to bathe, change or iron very poor working condition. The security of the country isn’t been treated right. Officers are willing to give their utmost best at work but there’s no motivation or impunity within the force

  2. Both Slp and Uwp have the Same Modus Operandi.St.Lucia Needs a New breed ot Politicians .Married men above 60years and Qualified .These present Politricktians are all the Same they are just like the Professionals Wrestlers Fake.The Roads all over St.Lucia are jn a Mess .The big useless liar Minister said on National Telivision Rain Falling they Cannot fix the road .Now we in the Rainy Season

  3. My advice to the decent people in this country: Make a plan to leave this country. Make that plan now. When it ultimately becomes a collapses you can save yourself and those dear to you.

    The politicians here are clueless, corrupt and don’t care. The police are demoralised having to pander to corrupt politicians. The vast majority of people live in fear realising the system around them is collapsing. Look at your capital. A plywood city with vieux negs occupying every nook and cranny. Wanton disregard of law and order. There is only one destination for this country: FAILED STATE. Get out while you can.

  4. He did not enact a minimum wage when he was in power but want to come and talk about crime …

  5. It’s up to the citizens to demand a fair living wage system of $10+ per hour to everyone,so The Greedy business owners can pay their workers a decent minimum wage.
    Folks! Let’s keep the pressure on the Deceiving politicians,, Demand a fair living wage..

  6. Allision it is a shame that the low wages that people are earning in the private sector 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour . The workforce need to hit the streets and protest for change as the politician do not seem to care all they care about is tourism so they can enjoy their big salaries every month …


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