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Hippolyte Speaks On RSLPF Sexual Harassment Allegations


Soufriere MP Emma Hippolyte, responding to allegations of sexual harassment against a high-ranking Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) officer, has declared that she would not condemn someone based on an allegation.

“Not that I am aware of,” was her response when informed that at least four individuals had made the allegations.

Hippolyte spoke to reporters Tuesday on the margins of a meeting of the House of Assembly.

“You might recall from being a Minister, at the National Insurance, the issue of domestic violence and sexual harassment is one that we have condemned,” she stated.

However, the Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs asserted that she would not condemn someone because of an allegation.

“All I am saying is if there are persons who have made a claim, then let the law take it,” Hippolyte stated.

She told reporters she did not want to condemn somebody based on hearsay.

Hippolyte observed that she is an auditor.

“And I always say from all my training – bring the evidence,” the Soufriere MP told reporters.


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  1. Really miss hyppolite or miss hypocrite. You fo judge and condemn on hearsay buy you are selective in doing do. The whole of st lucia know you and your hacks have no evidence for the allegations on which you all condemn Guy and Chas.

  2. Miss Hippolyte, if you do not know what to say, the next time say “THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION OF THE ALLEGATION”. Repeat “THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION OF THE ALLEGATION”. Not, “you would not condemn someone based on allegation. THA”S IGNORANT.

  3. With reasons like this …. From our leaders, and those that are supposed to protect us !!!!! What do you expect ???? If this ever happens to our young ones god forbid . Are we giving them the strength to come forward??? Are we strengthening them to face our police??? Can they go to our politicians??? HELL NO . This speaks volume from our leaders. Lucian’s be smart , do like them, educate yourself, get yourself a job in the tax payers office , put five more years on the pension age , then go be a politician, never reproduce to make any children of your own ….. live large enjoy the taxpayers $$$$ retire as a politician. smart $ss B##ch.
    this is why our youths are afraid to reproduce. Messed up system .

  4. Oh my God .st lucia need you we really do need you.please Lord take control of st lucia.take st lucia from the hands of the devil.lord we need you

  5. Emma that was the most ridiculous response by an educated and hopefully intelligent leader.

    Ms Hipolyte any leader worth their salt would say “I would not comment on hear say, however any allegations of this nature must be investigated and due process followed ” .

    ” Sexual harassment in the work place is unacceptable ” .

    SLP has drop the ball once again.

  6. To those of you who condemned Emma, allow me to ask this question. If someone burglarized your home and you only tell your friends about it. How do you expects the police to investigate it? Was an official report made to the police? If yes who is the investigating officer? Why nothing has been done? How long ago was this? Why is only now this is coming out?
    Someone please clear the air.

  7. Mr Troy Francis unless you have been living under a rock. This matter has been commented on by the then commissioner of police Mrs Descartes during her first interview as COP and more resently the PAW President advised of the matter being reported to the PAW and the then COP being written to on the subject matter long before leaving office.

  8. I thought there would have been a coordinated response to this allegation, and not someone shooting from the hips. That response is very poor. I’m all for following the course for justice without political interference, but “prove it,” hmm this is gonna be fodder for the fire.

  9. @ Rude, there is a difference between commented on and a documented investigation with findings and recommendations. It appears there is no documentation of an investigation. It was a systemic failure by the officials of the police force. The best course of action at this point is the Courts and not the politicians. Why can’t the individual secure the help of a lawyer and file charges against the alleged perpetrator?


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