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Shooting Of Customs Officer Prompts Meeting Involving PM, Police & Customs Comptroller


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Philip joined a meeting involving Customs Comptroller Sherman Emmanuel and his staff following Tuesday’s gunshot injury to a Customs Officer.

“I strongly condemn the recent shooting of a dedicated customs officer, an individual who was simply carrying out their duty to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our communities. This act of violence is not only a senseless act but also an attack on the very fabric of law and order that holds our society together, the Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

And the Comptroller of Customs disclosed that the officer was recuperating after being shot while in a vehicle at Monchy.

But Emmanuel said Customs Officers were not on strike.

He told reporters that Wednesday’s meeting with staff was to allay their fears.

“Essentially, the staff have concerns having experienced this situation with their colleague,” the Customs Comptroller stated.

“So we had this impromptu meeting with the staff. The PM actually and the Commissioner thought it good to also join the meeting and we were so thankful that they were able to come and contribute to the meeting and help allay some of the concerns of our staff,” Emmanuel stated.

He observed that Saint Lucia faces a security issue nationally, and the Customs & Excise Department wants to ensure that its staff work in a secure environment.

“We are exploring a number of things but I cannot go into detail at the moment on it. But we are having a staff meeting scheduled shortly and these are some of things we will be discussing,” Emmanuel told reporters.

The Acting Police Commissioner disclosed that investigators were following several leads regarding Tuesday’s shooting.

And Philip said the investigation was active.

“We are going to spare no resources. We are going to do all in our power to try and bring a resolve into this matter. In terms of motive, I cannot disclose the information we have at this time,” the Acting Police Commissioner told reporters.

“It speaks to our social fabric. As a society, we need to adopt zero tolerance towards criminals and their activities,” Philip declared.

“We cannot allow the criminals to run wild in this country, and this morning, I pledged my commitment to the Customs Department to work hand in hand to try to bring a level of stability,” he explained.

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) said the Customs Officers were not on strike.

“The members are basically expressing their sympathy. They needed a meeting with the Comptroller of Customs. He met with them regardless of the other commitments that he had. He was able to get the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of Police to address the employees. So we are monitoring the situation,” CSA Industrial Relations Officer Lawrence Poyotte stated.

Poyotte said there would be a meeting of all Customs employees Thursday at 1:00 pm at the Financial Complex.

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  1. This is Really out of Hand in St Lucia .After every Homicides there’s a Meeting and after the Meeting Case Close .This Crime Situation is out of Hand in St.Lucia .The Criminals Committ the Crime and no arrest. This is Really bad for St .Lucia .

  2. OHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so now it home all of yall want to get up off your backsides and meet with the PM. Also the officer was shot in a car was he on a lime or was he at work for you to say he was individual who was simply carrying out their duty to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our communities. it makes it seem the customs officer was shot performing his customs duties.

  3. All departments have more balls than the RSLPF if was a member of the RSLPF who was shot no one cares not even the higher ranks ok that police force have failed st lucians

  4. Lmao, hahahaaaa, hold on, I can’t stop laughing, hahaaayyy eee salop! St.lucia police say they going to solve a crime, this I have to see. It took the violence hitting home, for y’all to respond. Too sorry for the families whose children died, who thought you cared. So, you promise to solve at least this one? I getting my popcorn ready, let’s watch the show, st.lucia police in action.

  5. Simple question…was he on duty as a Law enforcement( customs) officer? ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

  6. Watch them the HACKS. Lol. This read like a joke. The last Comptroller was treated unfairly. Anyways. I waiting tot see. Time Will Tell. Only when it hit home ppl wanna react. Gv the Police more vehicles and motorbikes.

  7. Mr. PM, RF has experience in these kind of activities. Put him on the case let him do the investigation. Ask me how I know, SLP told me so a view Year ago.

  8. On the real, customs officers should be trained like police. Carry guns and enforce laws like police the only difference they would have from the police is that they protect Saint Lucia’s borders and ports. You all have the fellas dress like office boys.

  9. So many dirty customs officers. See if it’s not one of them that help set him up. Think about all the guns passing through, a lot of them are dirty and endangering their innocent comrades. Just because this man doing his job straight. Smh. They said he was investigating bikes.

  10. Was this related to his job as a customs officer, or another matter? Why is the PM so quick to jump in here, when there are so many deaths that go unremarked upon? Seems to be related to status. Young men (and women) who have their lives taken don’t seem to count somehow. Why is there no such reaction to their deaths?

  11. Like I said many times before it will be a totally different approach depending on who’s door the man in the black coat knock’s on in other words when it’s just a normal citizen or just a young man from the ghetto and it doesn’t matter if his innocent or not no one cares

  12. This is my brief analysis of this situation. The institutions and government that have to look after security are both corrupt and compromised. You can’t have any form of governance and justice in such an environment. So things will not get better. The root of the problem will not be tackled by The SLP at any level. So pure chats and bull sheet coming from all of them!

  13. These utterances and assurances can no longer be trusted. Such promises are a comfort to…….high grade and the others out there.

  14. Hey st.lucia police, any updates? I know it’s only been two days, but the pm said he was bringing in regional and international help. my popcorn getting stale, no action, like a boring movie. Next week, I going to the nearest police station, I giving them a class of how to put handcuff on a suspect, because none of them have ever done it before, Not sure they know how. Free class, for only $100


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