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PM Commits To Deploying Local, Regional & International Resources Against Crime


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, speaking after the shooting of a customs officer on Tuesday, committed to deploying local, regional and International resources against crime.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, met Customs and Excise Department officers Wednesday to show solidarity after what he described as ‘the vicious attack’.

Customs Comptroller Sherman Emmanuel and Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Philip also attended the meeting at which Civil Service Association (CSA) Industrial Relations Officer, Lawrence Poyotte, denied that the Customs & Excise Department was on strike.

” I have committed to deploying local, regional and international resources to arrest these cowardly attacks. At no point should these criminals feel so emboldened,” Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre wrote on Facebook concerning the shooting of the customs officer.

“We will redouble our efforts to ensure that justice is served,” the Castries East MP declared.

“I strongly condemn the recent shooting of a dedicated customs officer, an individual who was simply carrying out their duty to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our communities. This act of violence is not only a senseless act but also an attack on the very fabric of law and order that holds our society together,” Pierre stated.

He said it was deeply troubling that such an incident occurred.

And Pierre spoke of collective responsibility to stand against violence targeting those who serve and protect.

In addition, the Prime Minister strongly denounced any glorification or encouragement of violence and criminality from any individual, including public figures and those entrusted to represent the people of Saint Lucia.

He observed that words have power, and leaders must use their platform responsibly, promoting unity, respect, and peaceful solutions to conflicts.

“I trust that the authorities will continue to thoroughly investigate this incident and others that have plagued our country and bring the perpetrators to justice,” Pierre said.

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  1. General Pierre strikes again! He is commiting classic mistakes made by rookies, mimicking professional security personnel. He has not grasped that his tactics are wrong…dead wrong. He thinks that throwing money at the problem will eventually solve it. Big mistake. He will be back early next year with the same crap.

  2. GREAT SPEECH. Thats why i have alwasy said we have the best PM ever. Such an intelligent statement and action, deploying local, regional and international troops to solving a shooting. I mean we have a PM who can deploy international resources. Impressive. I hope he remains as PM for the term also. Greatest PM ever.

  3. Get a decent minimum wage for your people, enforce it.
    Poverty is the cause of all the crime.
    People cannot afford to buy decent food. Bad housing, little or no social programs.
    Tourism will fall if crime keeps rising.
    Then guns will prevail and young people will join gangs.
    Get a grip St. Lucia. DO SOMETHING NOW

  4. I need some òne to tell me where did they get this man from?the country is on its knees and all does is talk crap

  5. Words have power?… So does inaction, ineptitude, indecision, ineffective, inability, out of depth, out of mind, out of control, out of mind , out of reason…

  6. @SMLH are you serious or are you just being sarcastic?and if not I still respect your opinion

  7. Forget it, can’t win with words such as these: you’ve been advised to get some Badass guys from other places, to fight the gang at their game, but you prefer to Bail them out at the Courts; time’s up, you can’t win, your advisers should find another strategy.


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