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WATCH: Pierre Condemns Shooting Of Customs Officer


Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, condemns the vicious attack on a customs officer who was the victim of a shooting incident on July 11, 2023.

On July 12, 2023, the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Acting Commissioner of Police, met with Customs and Excise employees to assure them of the government’s commitment to their safety.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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    ISN’T HE

  2. Government have not Done Nothing to Stop That Foolishness happening in St.Lucia.The Firearm act is Not Supporting the Police this must be Re.visited ASAP. The Majestrates at the Courts Supports the Criminals .Crime all over the Island.The roads Island wide are in a Deplorable Condition .Modern Technology is the Key to Solve CRIME only Meetings and Nothing Else.Cid cannot Investigate all these Homicides ànd other Crimes .St .Lucia Finish .Too much Nonesence politics And Throwing Remarks for one another.That Countfy Must Close down too many Unsolved Murders

  3. Chickens coming home to roost. If you morons in authority thought the brazen crimes would stay within the gang community then think again. Soon we will have gunfights between the popo and bad boys right on William Peter Boulevard. Then the judges and magistrates will become targets. Then the politicians.

  4. If the magistrates are hit up like this customs controller than yes the laws will change immediately and rapidly! Is this why magistrates names are never published STLT?!!!smph

  5. Yesterday the PM said “ the way you make your bed so you sleep” now you saying something else. Innocent law abiding citizens are getting killed , or shot and that’s a what that Pm saying. Pip check yourself,stop playing politics and govern

  6. Pierre should be condemning the senseless shootings and killings of all Saint Lucians. The life of no Saint Lucian is more important than the other. Saint Lucia is fast becoming a failed state. If some miracle does not happen, this island will soon be like Haiti where the criminals rule and control large swaths of land. And when this happens, all those crooked politicians and their families will just jump ship.

  7. St. Lucia depends on tourism. Soon it will be on the list of countries where it is not safe to travel to.
    What will st. Lucia do then? There will be no tourists just more abject poverty.
    Take control while there is some hope. Get help from outside.
    The population is living in terror.
    A concerned tourist.

  8. This prime minister of ours does not inspire any confidence, listening to this man speak I feel defeated and depressed. He waited so long to be prime minister but it’s clear he wasn’t meant to lead. We need some young energetic people to step up and govern St.Lucia. All these politicians from both parties are old and tired and it shows. Time for them to take their pension, they can move to Florida or something and retire while we clean up the mess they made.


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