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Anthony Says Success Of ‘Ti Blacks’ & Team Means So Much for Vieux Fort South


Vieux Fort South MP Dr. Kenny Anthony has congratulated Saint Lucia’s 2023 Calypso Monarch Deshawn’ Ti Blacks’ Augustin, the South Calypso Tent, and the Monarch’s support team, while highlighting what their success means for the south.

“What a phenomenal performance! We always knew you had in you, but it was just a question of when the moment would be right,” Anthony wrote on Facebook regarding Ti Blacks.

He also said he had come to appreciate and respect those behind the artiste.

According to Anthony, the success also belongs to the “King’s” writer, whom he described as the inimitable ‘Face Calixte,” also from the south.

Anthony declared that Face is a brilliant writer who crafted many songs that have earned the crown.

“His lyrics somehow always touch the nerve, elevate the spirit, and have that uncanny ability to capture the mood of the times. And we cannot forget the arrangers, Tony Wilkinson and Mchurney Augier,” the former Prime Minister observed.

“This success means so much for Bruceville and Vieux Fort South in particular. We have had a rough year- pain, sorrow, ridicule, isolation, and, yes, discrimination. We remain resilient and undaunted,” the former Prime Minister stated concerning capturing the Calypso Monarchy.

“Thank you, ‘Ti Blacks’, for restoring our pride and dignity. Thank you, too, Tony Wilkinson, for lifting our spirits. Your leadership counts. It makes a difference. You have kept us together. And thank you, “Face Calixte,” for sharing your brilliance and your craft,” Anthony wrote on Facebook.

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  1. Seriously dude ???? Smfh F”^% Ti Blacks and his monarchy. A few months ago I was genuinely traumatized and scared sleeping at my own home in Vfort, going to work, going to the Supermarket infact just being in Vfort was scary and I dont live in the Mangue or Bruceville. Ti blacks and Kenny were at the homes up north. Wtf does a frigging Calypsonian winning a crown do for me. PURE STUPIDITY FROM THIS MAN WHO HAS OVERSTAYED HIS WELCOME.

  2. Understood it always nice to congratulate any individual on his or her achievements however Mr Anthony why are you being so silent on all the other important issues relating to your district???

  3. Kenny where were you to comfort the family from La Resource who experienced the gunning down of their only child? Where were you when they needed restoration and compassion? That WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!

  4. Here we go agian. The great man delivering a great speech well nowadays a FB posts. I might assume he did it form the comforts of his own home in his safe haven in Cul de Sac. I hope this man is restored to his righful position as PM and REP for Vfort. I hope Vfort ppl are ready to spend to erect a statue of this great man in the Town. He has done somuch for Vfortians.

  5. We all are responsible for our successes and yes, our shortcomings. Most times, we forget to give thanks to those who enabled our successes but are quick to criticize others for our failures. Everything in life is symmetrical.
    Winning that crown is certainly a boost for the morale of the heartbroken south and there is nothing wrong with highlighting that.

  6. Dr. Kenny Anthony is like a battered spouse who doesn’t know when to quit. Sir, you have outserved your usefulness and it is time to throw in the towel, metaphorically speaking. As much as ‘Ti Blacks’ accomplishment makes us proud, you can make us prouder by quitting elective politics. If you do so history will judge you kindly otherwise you will be remembered as a reactionary grumpy old man. You are blind, deaf, and mute about the social malaise plaguing our island nation.

  7. Hope they give him a robe of gold and a stage coach of gold like king Charles of England

  8. Dr KDA you sis should be ashamed of yourself, you’ve been literally playing blind, deaf and dumb with all what’s transpired in VF. As a former PM, Finance minister and current MP for the area you’ve failed miserably and you sir should be held responsible and accountable for the malaise of the people of VF.

  9. They refuse to enact minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour for hotel workers but fooling the people with car knee Val them politicians are just dirty giving with one hand and taking back with the other no wonder over 80 percent of the population are dirt poor


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