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NGP Leader Reiterates Call For Accountability Regarding Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 ‘Mistakes’


National Green Party (NGP) leader, Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, has reiterated a call for people to be held accountable for mistakes during the COVID-19 pandemic in Saint Lucia.

The NGP leader asserted that with the pandemic over, Saint Lucia must have a post-mortem to determine where mistakes occurred and hold the people responsible accountable.

“It cannot be a situation where we just dust off our hands and simply carry on as though nothing has happened,” de Caires stated.

He declared that if science is the guiding principle, it makes a post-mortem mandatory.

The NGP leader said his party knew several people in Saint Lucia sustained injury after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this regard, he spoke of the need to investigate all claims if there’s a belief in science.

“In the same way that we were so concerned about persons who contracted the COVID virus, we should be treating these people with adverse symptoms in the same manner,” de Caires said.

He recalled that people suffered humiliation for questioning mask effectiveness or the value of lockdowns.

“Now we see that the misinformation was coming from the very authorities that we were supposed to trust. We realise, those questions were valid at the time with more and more data coming out to prove it so,” de Caires observed.

He believed that time had vindicated the NGP regarding its COVID-19 pandemic pronouncements.

And de Caires described the pandemic’s duration as a ‘three-year nightmare’.

In addition, he expressed support for individuals seeking redress because of suffering from the COVID-19 vaccine or lockdowns during the pandemic.

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  1. I totally agree. Science is never settled however when people asked questions they were severely criticized and austrasized. This behavior is reminiscent of the prevailing mindset of the dark ages. Now that time has vindicated those who questioned, the so called authorities are now suspiciously quiet.

  2. de Caires is being too politically correct!

    The governments & medical “professionals” in St. Lucia need to be prosecuted, convicted & jailed for their gross incompetence & corruption, regarding their response to the ‘plan-demic’!

  3. Vaccines were never mandatory, so your case is moot.
    People are making up various invented ‘vaccine damages’ in the hope of getting free money. Shame on them.

  4. nudge and @105smph you dont see nothing is being said about the medical and dental association court case where they took the doctor to court and revoking her license for using ivermectin to treat the covid

  5. Taeggi972, what would you call: if you don’t take this shot you will not have a job. Those who did take it kept their jobs, those who didn’t were fired. Wouldn’t you called that mandatory.

  6. Mr. De Caires, there were no mistakes in this “plandemic”. Laws were re-written to grant total immunity to the CMO and her ilk prior to any vaccine being rolled out. This was all planned out. Don’t be fooled.

  7. The laws of man will protect them, but they will pay. Just last week I was watching an American news report about 45 percent spike in sudden deaths from 2021 to present in what is considered to be the young population (20 to 45 years). People who had no prior medical conditions, but the common denominator is that they all took the jab.

  8. VACCINES WERE NEVER MANDATORY? so wat about the wrkplaces that were forcing it on people after so many years of hard wrk or lose ur job?? TAEGGI come on be serious now!!! choops….anyways we need to take it to the streets and protest…many of us did know people or even our family members sustained injury after taking the vaccine and dont tell me nothing abt underlying issues….thats everybody talk now the so called scientists in st lucia……the doctors who promoting this the bosses who fire people for this and the public man big or small who support this all the lives lost will answer in judgment…prepare urselves whether u like it or not….nothing passes the Creator….lets not act foolishly….the day will come….people check yourll self..

  9. Seinfeld it isn’t just the US. Every country with high vax rates have “unexplained” excess mortality. Well we know what caused it but hey, we aint’ too bright so let’s follow the science and wait for the correct answer from the authorities. Kudos on NGP for not allowing them to memory hole this.

  10. Taegi what about the 30 Dennery factory workers who lost their jobs because they didn’t take the shot? It wasn’t mandatory for them? Where is the justice for these people. Those who pushed this poison on people need to pay the ultimate price. No mercy on them.

  11. accountable in the day of judgment I agree on the protests. That’s the hill I’m willing to die on. Those who pushed this must be held accountable or it will happen again and much worse.

  12. What we have is an association who was granted powers over night to hand down mandatory laws. A body which is by no means have the autonomous jurisdiction to suspend a qualified individual to practice, let alone goodwill damages, lost of income, publicly being embarrassed etc. The application of such drugs did not cause the quantum dead toll as compared to the poison authorities brain wash the masses to take. The world still have to face and accept the after effects. However I agree with the call but I would like them to be tried similarly like war crime criminals.

  13. Pancho? You not seeing all the atrocities going on right now? Nice try but we won’t be distracted. A green snake!

  14. Unfortunately the COVID 19 ship have sailed and there is nothing we can do now to put the paste back in the Tube..
    Folks! If we have to protest, let’s protest for a fair living wage of 10+ per hour worked to get rid of the slave wages $ 3–6 and replace it with a fair living minimum wage of $10+ to the working poor and overworked people of St Lucia, especially the Hotel workers..

  15. Be on guard ❗
    Vax in πŸ’‰ Limboy
    Mid Terms coming
    Global 666
    Is preapred for the devil 🐍and his angels
    God is still the best doctor
    Prayer is still best medine.


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