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Saint Lucia MP Says U.S. Should Respect Jamaica’s Position On Same-Sex Unions


Opposition MP Bradley Felix believes that the United States should respect Jamaica’s position on same-sex unions amid reports that Washington planned to post a diplomat involved in a same-sex marriage in Kingston.

Jamaican laws do not recognise same-sex couples.

But Jamaica Observer quoted the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina Johnson Smith, dismissing media reports of a row with the United States over the issue.

Choiseul MP Bradley Felix noted that the United States and many other countries have been quite liberal regarding same-sex marriages.

However, Felix told reporters Wednesday on the margins of a meeting of the House of Assembly that Caribbean countries still need to look into that discussion.

Nevertheless, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) MP believed that the United States should respect the fact that same-sex marriages are against the law in Jamaica.

Felix felt the issue had implications for the rest of the Caribbean.

“I think what it means for us in the Caribbean is we need to start that discussion in earnest because it’s going to come to our doorstep pretty soon,” the former Government Minister told reporters.

In addition, Felix spoke of the need to consider how some of the bigger countries on which Caribbean countries depend would respond.

“They might decide to squeeze us into accepting some of these norms that they have accepted,” he explained.

“I think that as a region, that discussion is way past due because we see it all over social media, we see it in the news how this, I don’t know if I want to call it, this new lifestyle has now been imposed all over the place,” Felix stated.

And he emphasised that governments and opposition in the region need to be united.

“At the end of the day, we are small countries. We are Christian countries and we have to look at the implications of some of these things,” Felix told reporters.


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  1. So what if they squeeze us ? We need to stand firm as a people and do what is right for us. We can’t be a beggar , a pawn or get blackmailed by other countries because we stand by our principle. Saint Lucia is a Christian country and there is no place for same sex marriage or unions in Christian countries. It’s just that simple. I mean you guys need to stand up and say no. This is not representative of our people.

  2. The US insist on imposing its desires and policies on the small islands. Am I the only one fed-up. Are we not a group of sovereign nation in the Caribbean capable of making our own decisions? Can we dictate anything to the US? Where is the respect.

  3. I agree. The US should respect Jamaican laws and our laws regarding this. They cant come and decide how the Caribbean Communities have their affairs. We do not have to adapt these laws. Just see how much craziness the LGBTQ ABCDXYZ is causing in the US. Parents are pulling their kids out of school , theyre coming to brainwash kids. These outrageous pride parades etc. Dont bring this here

  4. This lifestyle is far from widely accepted in the U.S. Their media and Biden just want to make it seem that way. Why do you think the Republicans with all their faults have such a huge following? For a huge part because they do not push or support the LGBTQ+++ agenda. Even school kids are sick of it and come to school during pride month in the colours of the American flag (red, white and blue). They tell school administration these are their colours and they will not wear the colors of Pride month. At one school the LGBTQ people said the children should be punished. The school said ‘no’..

  5. Saint Lucia is a Christian country? What a joke. It’s a Christian country but still there is bacchanal on the streets with barely clad women not leaving much to the imagination…but it’s a Christian country….bunch of hypocrites…not that I have an issue with scantily clad women on the streets but I used that to highlight the hypocrisy…I say give every human being their rights because they exist…but I agree with the minister partially that it’s a debate that must be had…and yes there are laws on the books which as a matter of process must be respected….but the debate must be had…I will not be a part of discrimination against fellow Lucians who are LGBTQ…. No one care what you do in your bedrooms….discrimination is plain wrong…so let’s have the debate…. ignorance makes fools of the masses….

  6. i agree, they need to respect peoples beliefs of saying no to same sex marriage the same way they want us to respect and accept them in having same sex marriages. Yall need to stop pushing yall nasty agendas on people. if thats what you into then fine but dont come and try to make people think that its ok when its clearly not.

  7. I totally agree that what people do in their bedrooms is their business. I happen to know gay people and we get along quite well. The issue is here is about trying to make an alternative lifestyle the norm. Some people have lived their gay lives privately for years with no one bothering them. Even some decent gay people are sick of this LGBTQ movement. They say it is quite toxic and they have distanced themselves from it. Just because one lives an alternative lifestyle doesn’t mean it should be shoved in kids’ faces at school and become part of the curriculum.

  8. @c-wiz…when i read st lucia is a christian nation i looked down thru the comments jus to see if u were there with ur moronic comment….and is not ppl like me dat making the barely clad women disrespect themselves in the streets……..u go talk to them……bumbum throwing left right and center………u think they care……so dont blame it on people who do want change in this st lucia place….choops…anyways i do agree we need not to sink into everything or bow down to bigger countries…but look at it this way……we have to take a stand against it but will we??? this is my biggest thought……my biggest concern…..i have always said and will always say we need to take to the streets and stand up against the violence plaguing st lucia..its too out of control…trust me if i knew how to go about taking it to the streets making my voice heard and have st lucians who care to stand against it i would follow prcedure and go right ahead to start the protest… concern is people are keeping silent….but talking about taking a stand against this same sex marriage will anybody seriously stand against it? think about that…..commenting behind chat at everything wont help our problems…LETS FIRMLY STAND AND TAKE IT TO THE STREETS..

  9. @ let us deal with inside our house….

    You must be obviously dunce to call my comment moronic. By reading your post you make the classic mistake which shows you thought process and argument is lacking in substance. And I will point it out to you.

    When you say , and I quote ‘ and it is not ppl like me dat making the barely clad women disrespect themselves in the streets ‘ unquote…it is obvious it’s not you making the women do it cause they are adults and they choose to be scantily clad…no need to state that it’s not you making them do it….this points to yours poor analytical skills and dumb critical thinking process.. then again we are left to wonder what you get up to in private cause usually those who are quick to shout are often the ones who have skeletons in their closet… usually smelly rotten ones….

    I won’t even comment on the rest of your post…no need. But I will say this, like Voltaire himself, I may not agree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it….but I will also add, I defend even your right to say things, even if it’s dumb…

  10. It cost the US nothing, no harm can be done to them if they are so desire to dwell in any Caribbean countries affairs domestically and internationally. Karma is karma, when Russia and china does have them like a bat I does laugh and laugh hard. It’s the doctrine of the law at the end of the day. Small fish pays the price for the big ones which is more powerful. Let them send a diplomat to countries like Russia, China, and almost all middle east countries see if that diplomat ain return on a square box. Teytula

  11. Gross hypocrisy as usual in SL – so-called Christians don’t believe in illegitimate children fathered by different fathers either, which is the norm in St Lucia and throughout the Caribbean. Very few true Christians living here. I am not saying Christianity is right or wrong, but there are certain tenets that are meant to be observed by those who call themselves Christians, and that is not happening. Go figure! Should be more worried about the other non Christian behaviour in St Lisie, such as murder, incest, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse rather than only this particular “concern”…

  12. Whether we are Christian country or not, we should never condone this Sodomic lifestyle by having same sex people to get married. This is against the law of God. I say noway.

  13. Whether you agree with the lifestyle or not isn’t the point. The point is that this is the law in Jamaica…and so the US needs to be respectful of the law. Discussing changing the law and morality is something to consider for certain, but it’s not the true issue for this situation. The US is ignoring Jamaican laws by posting a diplomat in a same sex marriage…which is illegal there. And that’s where I have a problem. One country disregarding another country’s laws because they disagree with them should not be accepted. When you go to a country, you must follow their laws. Period.

  14. Righteousness exalts a nation and we don’t want no Sodom in Lucia. The FIRE will burn Babylon again, volcanic eruption. History repeats itself. Don’t provoke the Almighty.
    The rainbow colours promoting on street walls , gay foreigners is considered to be getting married on the island , the transgender books is considered to be on the island already to introduce to children when school reopens .
    It’s already there but people don’t see it because of destraction.
    The Caribbean leaders have to come together in solidarity to stand against this Sodomism the US is trying to implement.
    We can survive without them even though their sanctions and embargoes are a fret, we can still achieve in unity just as Russia and China. African leaders taking a stand against the U S transgender even Russia standing together with them. The masses are now seeing that the U S is the trouble maker forcing it’s dirty laws on countries and it is a fret if they don’t comply. It’s time the masses take a stand of this demonic Satan agenda to depopulate this Earth with this evilous Sodomism which is the new birth control pill.
    The masses already recognized that they were trick and treat with a biological weapon vaccination to depopulate the planet.
    It’s no conspiracy theory like they always say because the evidence is proven and all those that was pushing this genocide will answer soon for injuries and death .The Elites payed billions to doctor s and leaders to push this genocide and whoever sell out their own people will get their judgement. The Elites, Satan company the billionaires again buy the leaders to push this trans agender. 4 African leaders were killed because they were against the Plan demic . it’s difficult now for the U S because African leaders are uniting against this Trans agenda. Caribbean leaders,if we are divided , we fall. It cannot be just one man like Morris Bishop from Grenada or Moise from Haiti who was taken out by the U S as a means to divide and rule. Caribbean leaders have to unite . Look what the US did to Libya was not right when they took out Gadaffi. We are now seeing that the trouble maker was never Russia.

  15. Well done USA!
    Christian country my foot.
    Neither Stlucia nor Jamaica are Christian countries, and I don’t call the US a Christian country either.
    Christ dwells in your heart or not, and if he does, you will have love respect and tolerance for your fellow citizens whatever their skin colour and whatever their love preferences.
    Oh, and the head of the Catholic Church agrees with this take.

  16. The Roman Catholic church as an institution is just paganism dressed up as Christianity. With a few exceptions, most of their ministers are paedophiles in robes. So what do you expect their chief to say?

  17. Those who run the show in the Catholic church are just a bunch of pedophiles in robes. With a few exceptions. So what do you expect their chief to say?

  18. There is ultimate reality. Those who are living the life style and indeed it is a life style will one day face judgment from the Creator of the Heaven and Earth if they do not change. This judgment is not only for these persons but all who seek to continue their rebellion against Him. Repent is the call to all. With the LGBQ + people movement in introducing their lifestyle in schools and everywhere else with the backing of governments and even some churches is a disgrace to a people. On one hand they ask for equality yet wanting more than an equal opportunity. Taking businesses to court for have different beliefs to them. Persons need to respect others beliefs. Governments need to respect other countries beliefs and not throw out the baby with the bath water for a few persons which has become the norm. Some may say that God does not exist. He is able to defend Himself. All I will say is that He is alive and well and time will tell. Repent and return to the Lord with all your heart is His loving call to all sinners.

  19. @bunch of hypocrites….@taeggi…… u all never cease to amaze me…why when we speak christianity u all have a problem??? we all are humans u know…that doesnt mean there is no good in some of us…..u all need to stop dat…….what is to come will come as prophesied…men mocked God from ages so people like u in our day no different…..u all cannot stop people from exalting God’s name in sincerity….the more they kill the more christianity grows…..there is bad and some good in us all…dats u all but no two women or men taking my child to raise to figure out who is mommy or daddy or mommies or daddies….think about dat…how will the generations grow without us making our kids we dreamt of and want…..??? stop looking at who father from who not father from who dat who….nonsense now…..the bigger heads are controlling us with all type of laws but we bust fighting each other…..some of u all need to open u all lassy eyes….

  20. @C-WIZ you to jackass and stupid. The predominant religions in the country are Roman Catholic, Seventh day Adventist and other Protestant religions. That’s why it is a Christian country. DEKDEK!!

    It’s not mosque and Synagogues and temples that predominantly make up the religious base of the country. A little knowledge is a dangers thing just don’t talk…smh

  21. For a while I wondered if Bradley was still in the House. When Chas was taking hell and even had to walk out from the House, I never saw him lift a finger far less accompany him. Today he is front and center about Jamaicas’ gay problem with the U.S. Well to hell with them both. Neither deserve my approval one way or another. Our M.P.’s should first of all concentrate on our home front and our many problems before worrying about Countries that can take care for themselves. This Gay and Zommie problem have been around from the beginning of time; none of us can do anything about it, so leave this for the Almighty and the day of Resurrection. Sad, for most of these people are good people.

  22. dat c-wiz more dan dek dek……is ppl like dem dat talk but can control only whats in their household……try telling c-wiz da sun is black…..ppl like him or her whoever c-wiz is or i shud say cornyhole-wiz need to find work an honest day wrk to do…trying to convince people of his or her humanly wisdom which is foolishness to God….its time human beings learn their limited place in this short life tun…..dey dont wanna accept ppl opinion but wana convince the masses…smh

  23. @Janice…then you must be an ingrain idiot to not notice that a Christian country is suffering under the scourge of crime…go pray some hail Marys for God to stop the crime…I await the result of your good for nothing, knee bending…### prostrating temptingly in the air, good for nothing, worthless babblings to your sky god… religion in nothing but a false comfort to fools…

  24. On second thoughts, I have decided to come back and post this to enlighten some fools. Take the challenge if you think you hard enough.

    Noah’s flood never happened….and the reason is if you take into account the dimensions of the boat god ask Noah to build, then the ark would not be big enough to house all the species that entered the ark..Do the math…Ark dimensions in today’s measurements: 450 feet Long X 45 feet wide X 15 feet wide .go confirm those measurements In you so called holy book…….now consider all the species present on earth today, including those that went extinct, including the dinosaurs and follow your sky god advise to put 2 of the clean and 7 of the unclean animals in the ark….an idiot would quickly notice the ark is not big enough….and that Is before considering where was the space for the food for carnivores, herbivores and omnivores to last 40 days and 40 nights…and a simple question…was the mosquito on the ark too? cause they obviously exist today…this might sound trivial but on closer inspection even a fool should realise how idiotic belief in religion is….

    Next issue….humans have only been around for about 250, 0000 to 300,000 years give or take…a fact proven by the fossil record. The dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago another fact proven by the fossil record…see the length of time between dinosaurs extinction and human appearance on earth.. after dinosaurs went extinct it took atleast 64,750,000 years before humans appeared on earth…man and dinosaurs obviously did not walk the earth together…so the bible story of Adam and eve walking in a garden of Eden with animals (including the dinosaurs) that were created between the 1st and 5th day of biblical creation is pure myth….do some real research and stop reading that fictitious book called the bible….the chicxulub crater near Mexico is the evidence dinosaur went extinct….do some research and open your tunnel visioned mind…there is more spurious claims I can destroy with pure evidence to show that your sky god is a myth as myth comes…. including ancient civilization with many dying and rising gods long before Jesus Christ appeared on earth……..bunch of fools

  25. @choops.

    Say something intelligent at least… don’t just spew your uneducated tripe on this platform..say something that makes you sound educated for once….one problem in Saint Lucia is the number of uneducated fools and the height of ignorance that exist in Saint Lucia from people who sadly have a right to an opinion but due to ignorance can’t even say something that is worth the air they breathe….they are always ready to attack with their limited vocabulary and limited critical thinking skills and unadulterated ignorance..well if you attack, I C-WIZ will bite back …. uneducated fools are endemic in Saint Lucia, a situation where only the level of crime is worse.

  26. @Janice

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing? Then stay ignorant. Stay and wallow like a pig in mud in your ignorance…A worse fate than educating yourself..


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