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Vincentian Opposition Leader Says Violent Crime Getting Out Of Hand


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday has expressed concern over violent crime in a statement following Wednesday night’s fatal shooting of five people in the capital, Kingstown.

“This problem is getting out of hand – violent crime, shootings, is out of control in our country,” the New Democratic Party (NDP) President asserted.

Friday noted that in July alone, eleven killings occurred as of the 20th of the month.

“And this year, we are on track to break the dubious record of last year and to have over fifty homicides if the rate continues,” the Vincentian opposition leader declared.

“We are heading in the wrong direction,” he lamented.

Friday advocated a broad-based approach involving all the country’s stakeholders and influencers.

He stated that the government has demonstrated that it does not have a plan to deal with violent crime.

Friday urged better collaboration with regional and international law enforcement to stop the gun flow and detect, prosecute, and solve violent crime.

In addition, he called for programmes to divert young people into more constructive activities, providing them with a stake in the country’s future.

“We in the New Democratic Party and the opposition in the parliament have offered to be of assistance in this process. We continue to do so. We have a plan to deal with violent crime in our country, ” Friday observed.

And he called on people with information to assist the police regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting and other unsolved crimes.

The police, currently on high alert, have disclosed that based on their intelligence, there’s a potential for reprisals.

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  1. Jesus is coming again so I hope Lucian reading this it’s everything in the world so be prepared

  2. This is shocking for a small Island with a population less than half that of St. Lucia. Right now in St. Vincent you have the right guy, the Chairman of the Council for National security and Law Enforcement, you should have a word with him.
    @Help:- 1st. Peter Ch.5 Vs.8….the devil as a roaring Lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour.
    So my dear Lucian friends, stay sober and vigilant, don’t let your guard down, look all around you, I once thought it was only St. Lucia, but see what’s happening in St Vincent. Some will laugh at us saying there is no God – but the kingdom of God is within you. Praise His Holy Name.

  3. Jesus has been due to come back for the last 2000 years, and still he ain’t arriving…better to implement citizens action to solve the crime scourge than to wait for Jesus to return… because he ain’t coming back. Ever wondered why Muslims don’t believe jesus was crucified and it was someone else crucified? What a nation need is action. Clear and directed multi- faceted action from government, citizens and cooperate entities to find a way to deal with crime…cause while you are waiting for your Jesus to return a nation burns…WE NEED SOLUTIONS NOW cause apparently Jesus is too busy preparing for his coming that is forever coming but ain’t arriving to hear the prayers of weeping mothers who have lost sons to gun violence….

  4. @help Jesus turn his back on this waste field a long long time ago. Henceforth no pastor can ever show you the true identity of Jesus, whether it’s a he, she, batty-natty, gold, black, silver, white, coolie, shabin, asian, Arabs etc. We put our hopes up high and ignore the small things that matters. When we put money, wealth, greed, selfishness in the forefront of our life don’t call god’s name deh. Stay in your section and deal with the consequences.

  5. I will urge my fellow Lucians who are religiously inclined. If you have so much faith in your religion and god, you should be praying hard for god to change that hearts of criminals so they become better citizens for the nation or get out there on your feet and do god’s work and convert the criminals to your god as your master commanded you….let’s see that happen, because it’s either you do that as god commands you or you are failing miserably in your service to your master and by extension your nation…. because it appears you religious zealots have the answer.. saying this are the signs of the end of time don’t mean jack…while you sit feeling comfortable you going to heaven because you are supposedly saved….. otherwise failing this, all your verbal ejaculate of saying god this and god that, quoting scripture by rote ain’t doing zilch for crime anywhere in the Carribbean….get off your comfortable rears and go soldier for your master and make society a better place…lets see the results of your efforts….maybe then I will be convinced of your blind faith……but I can assure you if government implemented practical policies that tackle all issues that affect our society such as support for single parent families, proper education for all, making jobs available for the unemployed, effective justice system, effective Community policing, a 6 month national service every citizen when they turn 18 where every citizen embark on valuable skills training, community service, lectures on why being an effective citizen benefits the entire nation…etc etc..this will allow all citizens feel that they have a stake in society and therefore it is in their interest that they do their duty as citizens…. granted yes there will always be crime but the crime rate would fall drastically….not praying or believing in some sky god….he obviously ain’t listening.. perhaps he is too busy…..go figure. Now I await the rebuttal. Have a go if you think you hard enough.

  6. How do I know Jesus ain’t coming back?

    Mathew 16:28 (Jesus is speaking) Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.

    In plain English: your sky god was tell the crowd approximately 2000 years ago, that some of them who are listening to him will not taste of death, in other words, they will not die BEFORE they see him (Jesus) coming in his kingdom….that was 2000 years ago….

    But obviously those who heard those words when the sky god spoke 2000 years ago, have already become the dust of the earth ..and where is the sky god since? He ain’t returned yet…but there are some fools today still waiting for the sky god to return…I suspect the so called religious zealots don’t even read or know their own Bible… I await the rebuttal….come have a go if you man or woman enough…

  7. Be assured, the guilts of the (innocents bloodshed) will be upon them and on the city or,and those who live in it….
    Hence,the godless (mockers)has no hope when God takes away their lives….
    When distress comes upon them,God does not listen to their pleas, for they will not find in the Almighty….
    But,thanks to our LORD and Savior, for the living hope who delight in his words,knows the times,the circumstances and the things about to come and will live in safety keep ….
    Now, “Amos is raising a conspiracy against whosoever may be concerned in the heart of every lands and countries…
    The land cannot bear all his words….
    For this is what Amos is saying….
    Will not the land tremble for this and all who live it will mourn 😭❓
    The whole land will rise like the Nile ;it will stired up and then Sink like river of Égypte….

    This is what the Souverign LORD shows me ;👇
    A basket of (ripe fruit….
    “What do you see, Amos ❓he asked.
    “A basket of ripe fruit,” I answered….
    Then the LORD said to me,the time is RIPE for my people….
    I will spare them no more longer….
    In that day the, “declares the Souverign LORD Almighty” , the songs in the house of God will turn to 😭😭wailing,many,many bodies will flung everywhere, Silence ❗

    Then to the mockers he said :
    If ten men are left in the house, they too will die… And if a realtive who is to burn or burry the bodies comes to carry them out of the house and ask if anyone is still hidding, is there anyone with you “❓and he,says :
    “No,,” “No”, then he will say HUSH ❗We must not mention the name of the LORD”.
    Next on those who carry their gods (violences under their turban (viels….

  8. Dear people,
    We do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep,or to grieved like reste, who have no hope.
    We believed that Jesus died and rose again and so we believed that God will bring with Jesus those have fallen asleep (dead)in him…
    According to the LORD’S own word,we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the,we will certainly not prceede those who have fallen asleep.
    For the LORD himself will come down from heaven, with a loud Command, with the voice of the archangel and with the 📢trumpet Call of God,and the dead in Christ Will Rise First…
    After that,we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air. And so we wil be with the LORD forever ‼️
    Therefore encourage each other with these words….


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