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Mary Francis Calls Out Criminal Justice System Employees Over Man’s Unlawful Detention


Outspoken Human Rights Advocate Mary Francis has criticised criminal justice system employees, asserting that a young man was unlawfully detained at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

Francis, the Executive Director of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights, highlighted the recent incident, declaring that civil servants can either make or break a government.

“It’s not just another job,” the Attorney at Law asserted.

Francis explained that a young man had been at the BCF for three and a half years.

She told St. Lucia Times she had followed the case since the man’s brother told her the police arrested his sibling for possessing a screwdriver.

Francis said on Friday, July 14, she learned that a Zoom hearing in the Criminal High Court at the BCF ordered the young man’s release. But he was not freed until July 21.

“There was no case against him. He had no intention to commit any crime,” the Human Rights Advocate recalled.

Francis said she communicated with the Registry of the Criminal High Court, informing them that the young man’s detention was unlawful since the court had ordered his release.

She revealed that she subsequently called the DPP.

“I was made to understand the necessary documentation would have been done to send to Bordelais,” Francis said.

She told St. Lucia Times she again had to intervene before the BCF released the young man on July 21, at about 3:00 pm, approximately one week after the court order to free him.

She expressed that administrative deficiencies kept him at the BCF.

“That is not right,” Francis told St. Lucia Times. Who is going to compensate him? There must be accountability on the part of the public servants,” Francis stated.

She observed that had she not repeatedly intervened the young man might still have been at BCF.

“I am following the matter and he has to be compensated,” Francis said.

The Attorney at Law revealed that she gets frequent complaints regarding similar situations and urged public servants, especially in the Criminal Justice System, to change their mindset.

“Should a man have three-and-a-half years of his life adversely affected for no crime?” She asked.

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  1. yall see of course unlawful detention. the same unlawful detention that the leader of the opposition had to go through inside the house and people were saying he was getting on for nothing, this is the type of transparency he wanted others to see for those that dont have a voice just like this guy made to stay in prison for all these years for nothing and if was not for mary he would have stayed some more

  2. Mary I have a question, why was this young man arrested in the first place? What was the allegation against him? Was hw even sent to the court or visit the magistrate on Wednesdays? Isn’t there is a Bordelais officer who will ensure remands visit the magistrates every Wednesday? Mr Garde answer this please. Finally, I am of the opinion that adjournment of cases is too obvious in St. Lucia.

  3. Before you idiots start spewing you usual crap note that Human Rights law is a branch of law different from criminal law. The lady’s job is to ensure your rights are respected by the government. You don’t want to be on the end of the government arbitrarily detaining you or seizing your property. If human rights lawyers did not exist this would be the norm.

  4. Well all he has to do is get a lawyer , a lawyer from out side st lucia and file a law suit for 10 million dollars

  5. There is something missing in this story. The young man was arrested with a screwdriver and was on remand for three and a half years. 😳 Am I missing something or I read incorrectly? What was the charge against the young man? 🤔 Ms Francis please give the full story cause it really not making sense to me. Are you making a case for the three and a half years or the seven days. It sounds like the case was for the seven days. I believe the bigger issue should be why someone was on remand for so long and then was released. Was charges dropped and case thrown out or the prosecution decided to discontinue the case? To many loose ends in Ms Francis’ statement and the story. Somebody make it make sense please.

  6. If he was only arrested for having a screwdriver and got three and a half years, why are people who have guns, and even commit crimes get out of jail so quickly. This is a sad case.

  7. Troy Francis if u read without bias u would seen that he was arrested and detained for possessing a screw driver. Unlawful Detention. Is that what Dale Elliot was about to experience had it not been for his ability to contact the right people? Is that what Claudius Francis try on the Leader of the Opposition? SMH. Awah. Awah. Awah.

  8. Was he a mechanic ? What was his purpose for carrying a screw driver which can be used and has been used as a deadly weapon ? Unless those questions can be answered truthfully, I rest my case.

  9. Does that mean that those of us who carry weapons (scissors, small knives, ice pick etc) in our bags in case of self defense should be arrested?

  10. Maranne, yes, if there is probable cause. Intent and criminal history will also be considered .

  11. @get you issa azz…..should the police going around arresting every farmer with a cutlass and say it’s a deadly weapon…whether or not he had reason to have or not have a screwdriver that was cruel on the law’s part for letting him languish for those long before any decision was made….this is a cut clear case of how they treat poor and unfortunate ppl in st.lucia…..whilst korts and jaqs have to swept under table….do you think responsible authorities are not aware of what’s taking place….SMFH!

  12. May justice be done and the gouvernement be held in accountable for the unvaccinated employees which looses their post or job for no reason,by following fashion of other countries, which now, about the forty percent of the unvaccinated employees which looses their post/job,of all profession in all the french régions have regains back their post or job.
    GOD is Alive ❗

  13. Mary Francis is not telling the truth. This man pleaded guilty for the offence before the Court. He admitted his crimes. The Judge sentence him to 3 years and a few months for his crimes. However because he had spend around that same amount of time on remand. He was sentenced to time served. This is the truth. He is not an innocent man.


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