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Chastanet Criticises Government Over Deteriorating Infrastructure, Inflation


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has criticised the Philip J. Pierre administration over deteriorating infrastructure and services, inflation, and other matters.

“Our roads are in their worst condition ever,” Chastanet declared on Facebook.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister noted that the Rodney Bay Highway remains nonexistent.

He asserted that the government cancelled essential housing projects while firing hundreds of contract workers, increasing unemployment and hardships for families.

Chastanet also pointed to economic hardships and inflation, declaring that the government had burdened Saint Lucians with high gas prices and increased costs for essential goods such as bread, rice, and flour.

He pointed to steep rises in passport fees and electricity bills.

And the United Workers Party (UWP) leader pointed to implementing a 2.5% tax as further straining the financial well-being of citizens.

Chastanet also took issue with healthcare, public safety, nepotism, cronyism, lack of passport access and borrowing, and ‘financial irresponsibility.’

He accused the labour administration of breaking its promises.

“It is crucial that we remain vigilant and hold our leaders accountable for their actions and decisions. Together, we must strive for a transparent, accountable, and prosperous future for Saint Lucia,” the opposition leader asserted.

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  1. That is why I ask what are they celebrating. I wonder how much they think sometimes. For instance I would think if $50,000 is given to a constituency for projects that the rep or whoever is given the cash. Would identify the more major projects to be done. If the cash can allow for 3 major projects just do the 3 instead of choosing to do just a little part of the project that has no benefit and claim that u Dont want to do the 3 major projects but only parts so that instead of the 3 projects being done u get 100 small things. Who thinks this way. Do the 3 projects well and know that this is a problem that is solve and next time u do another set. Instead of doing little bits of it and next year the same problem arises. That’s what’s happening with some of the Slp MP. They give a few ppl $5000 work where the project is not done well and then turn around and say they give out 40 contracts instead of giving 5 good ones. Some easy projects have a high cost and some difficult projects have a low cost. If it has to be this way then they will never see work being done and by the next year they same problem will exist. Do it right instead of not doing it right just to say u give ppl work. Then they critizing the uwp Mp when he does it right. The up uses the cash to do the number of major project it can do even if the cost is a bit high knowing that it is a problem solve and will not reoccure but Slp don’t do that because they don’t care that the project is done well they only care to say they gave 1000 people job with the money even when they know is shortcut they make the ppl do. Another thing if a contract is given and it’s a bit costly they cut it down because they believe that it is too much money to give the person instead of thinking ok let’s get it right and this is one problem being eliminated in the future. As for Infastructure shift these people around as they are bias and can easily be convenienced . Let’s be fair and work for the betterment of our country our communities by doing things the right way. People are no longer the jackasses we are taken to be. May god grant us honesty within our hearts and may he teaches us to practice doing to others what we would like them do to us. Peace and love

  2. Both of the political parties have failed so man please get the hell out as you all only represent the interest of the oppressors and big businesses that fund their political campaigns things are just as worst as when you were in power both of the political parties has been a dismal failure

  3. “Our roads are in their worst condition ever,” Disgusting really. You have to pay road tax yet have to drive on these obstacle courses. Pierre really has no shame.

    “implementing a 2.5% tax as further straining the financial well-being of citizens” – after we are being murdered by at least 30% inflation in a recessionary environment/ the dumba$$ thought it best to further erode purchasing power.

  4. The roads in St Lucia was in heaven with gold pavement,as soon as the St Lucia labour party got in office for two years all mashup
    Let’s stop playing with the mind of the people, speak the truth

  5. Cry a Yellow River Fool…….. it’s call mopping up and tightening of our belts from your fiscal mismanagement and BURDENSOME PLACED ON THE BACKS OF THE WORKING POOR OF THIS NATION. St Lucians need to understand the debt the country is in we are not educated enough on the issue . If you are in debt you don’t keep all your lights on at home, some things are put on the back burner until your finances are more profound. SACRIFICES HAS TO BE MADE, to prevent this country from going to court like Grenada and have all our landing and departure fees forfited to our debtors. We are a small nation with little resources and two rocks sticking out of the ocean we have to get out financial house in order and Allan Chastanet and the UWP Pee Pee’s won’t do it their aim is to add to our debt, with the delusional notion plane loads of tourists will pay for all of it. What’s their debt management program. ??? What are their reduction plan for crime ? They NEVER had one then and they don’t have nothing to tell the St Lucian People now. A bunch of loooooooooooosssssers.

  6. The UWP commenced the construction of a Modern Hospital in the Southern Districts; when this present Labour Government took office two years ago. they immediately put a stop to further construction, and I personally believe that was done in a way to hurt Chastanet, although 3/4 of the work was completed.
    About a year ago, Mike Maura Jn. a senior agent of ‘Global Port Holdings’ came to Town, with Plans, Videos Tapes and a lot of convincing talk of how the Port of Castries can be improved, and his Company is the one that can do that. Cabinet members were present, each signed agreement and off went the Presenter. What was not said, and we do not know, whether any money or any written financial agreement handed over to the man at the time, but he left and nothing has been heard of him since. Castries is still Castries the proposed Modern Hospital is left to be deteriorated, that which should have employed lots of Trade men, could have been completed by now, with Doctors, Nurses, skilled and other workers employed in a real Hospital rather than a makeshift one. QUO VADIS ST. LUCIA

  7. @Yellow Cunning Fox stop YOUR CRAP about modern day hospital. It could be as modern as 2060 any little thing or everything you touch down in Miami so I don’t know what’s your advocacy when you would not be caught dead in any hospital here and I won’t even mention that HEAD FOREIGNER of the opposition


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