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St Lucia Labour Party Youth Organisation Commemorates Emancipation Day


The St Lucia Labour Party Youth Organisation (SLPYO) proudly stands in solidarity with  the nation as we commemorate Emancipation Day under the theme “Enkindling Our Consciousness.”

This momentous occasion allows us to reflect on the struggles that have  propelled us to this point.

Emancipation Day holds profound significance as we pay homage to the indomitable  spirit of our ancestors who endured unimaginable hardships and fought tirelessly for  freedom from the chains of slavery.

Their unwavering resilience and determination  continue to inspire us as we honor their legacy.

Emancipation Day serves as a powerful reminder of the long and challenging journey toward liberation, igniting our  consciousness to the importance of preserving our history and embracing the principles of  strength and unity that have brought us this far.

Today, we acknowledge the struggles we have triumphed over, paving the way for the        opportunities available for the advancement of our people.

From education to entrepreneurship, from arts and culture to technology and innovation, we stand at the threshold of a new era filled with limitless possibilities.

The SLPYO encourages our young people to seize these opportunities, for they are the architects of our nation’s future.

Through dedication, perseverance, and focus on personal and collective growth, we can overcome any obstacle that lies ahead.

 As we navigate the future, the SLPYO calls upon our young people to remain steadfast      and resolute in their pursuit of progress. Let us draw inspiration from the struggles of the     past, understanding that our actions today shape the trajectory of our nation for       generations to come.

Emancipation Day serves as a powerful reminder that we hold the   power to shape our destiny, and it is our responsibility to create a society built on justice, equality, and inclusivity.

This Labour Party government remains committed to empowering young people with the     tools, resources, and support necessary for their success.

The SLPYO urges our young people to actively engage in shaping our nation’s future, to champion social justice, and to   foster unity among all members of our society.

On this Emancipation Day, let us honor our history, celebrate our achievements, and recommit ourselves to the progress and prosperity of our beloved nation.

Together, we shall forge a future that embodies the ideals of our ancestors and ensures a brighter tomorrow for all.

SOURCE: St Lucia Labour Party Youth Organisation. Headline photo courtesy Dr. Ernest Hilaire’s Facebook page.


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  1. “pursuit of progress.”
    This line should have never been added in in that press release. Caus there I no progress happening in this country.

  2. Emancipation for St. Lucians has been reduced to mere spectacle & symbolism; as the dashikis & costumes clearly reveal!

    They are too busy celebrating to understand that massa was only forced to free them from chattel slavery because it was no longer an economically beneficial paradigm within the “capitalist” framework. Instead, massa eased into a new operating mode that was even more pernicious to blacks, debt slavery. Today, the foreman for the plantation in the Caribbean, is our very own, Gene, the house negro du jour at the CDB.

    Meanwhile, Africans, excluding the few who are paid well to remain house negroes, are in an existential battle to regain their long stolen sovereignty & dignity from ex-slavers & colonialists. With the help of Russia & China, who treat them as equals, they’ve begun to assert themselves on the world economic stage, in direct opposition to the predatory capitalism practiced by the collective west (waste?).

    To help jog you out of your mental torpor, here is a discussion of the current situation:

    US/France threaten intervention in resource-rich Niger – Fears of war in West Africa


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