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Chastanet Urges Cherishing Of Diversity Amid Emancipation Day Observances

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In a message to mark Emancipation Day, opposition leader Allen Chastanet urged Saint Lucians to cherish diversity and embrace love, understanding, and respect for each other.

“As we commemorate this significant milestone, let us cherish our diversity and learn from the lessons of the past as we chart a path forward,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader stated.

According to the Micoud South MP, embracing respect, love, and understanding for one another’s backgrounds and perspectives will strengthen the society’s fabric and prepare for future challenges.

“In the face of unfortunate movements toward racism in some parts of the world, let us use our history as a beacon to recommit ourselves to peace, harmony, and unity,” Chastanet stated.

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“Together, we can work towards a common goal of making Saint Lucia a place where solidarity thrives, equal opportunities abound, and our nation stands stronger than ever,” the former Prime Minister declared.

And he extended his heartfelt wishes for a restful, safe, and peaceful celebration.

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  1. How can we cherish diversity when those who inflicted punishment and hardship upon us (Black people) have never acknowledged their wrongdoings? To be clear, last week the governor of Florida included in the school curriculum that shattered slavery had benefits to the enslaved Africans. He was not being contrite about slavery rather he doubled down on his racism. Racism is a global dynamic that is ubiquitous. Not knowing how to identify racism doesn’t mean it does not exist in St. Lucia. The sad thing about our political system is that it allows electing of idiots.

    Diversity will be cherished when we ( Black people) are given reparations for slavery and colonialism otherwise keep your sanctimonious talk about love, understanding and respect for yourself and your family, Allen Chastanet.

  2. Well the shackles of the ancestors that Cross the dreaded middle passage are on that piece of land your family owns up in Balambushe. They cant deny it I have been there more than once on school tours. So were those the ones your family used to built their empire of which you benefited from today yeahhhhh I bet it is. I remember going close by the river where they were housed, seeing the skales, the skeletal remains, tin cups, spoon and many artifacts of the brothers and sisters who were the Castanets property. How much were they brought for ?? How much sugar cane did your greats yield sold and deposit in Barkley’s Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia ?? The records are there and are on display in the Slave Measum in London. Now generations later you have ruled and want to rule the off springs of the ancestors on this land again, to that I say we are awake and no more tightening of your fiscal noose and mental slavery will we endured. On a salom
    day that’s celebrated across the region and the world I think nothing more than AN APOLOGY on the behalf of your family to the St Lucian People is way overdue.

  3. The wealth that the Du Boulay are enjoying was built on the enslavement of African poo people

  4. Boy you have a heart yes!!! Mama!!! After you treat black people like dogs….u even sent your children to secondary school overseas – secondary school. Ride with your crap you old product of Canada!!!!

  5. I wonder as a BIG MAN now how do you feel about your family’s dark past. For me as a youth, going to your folks estate at Balambushe and The Bernards too and seeing the artifacts, and now as I reflect back on it, knowing those people did not come there voluntarily, the terror and hardships /they must have endured on the crossing alone, those who got sick or died were just thrown over board. When they finally reached St Lucia shores they were auction off, taken to Balambushe to work all day in the hot sun so far away from their home of which no return, and died right there is nothing more than a crime against humanity. To this day, if you go at Balambushe their is this creepiness feeling of something sinister gone wrong. They must have sheltered you from all of that, but when you get up close and personal and see the cardun pots and cooking utensils, and those who’s final resting place is by the river it gives you this feeling of melancholy that their spirits are still there. All the ancestors of slave owners, who Benifit from the profit and sweat of our ancestors on this rock should Apologize to the People of St Lucia. When Emancipation Day comes around if you don’t plan to denounce these atrocities or lay down a reef, then shut the hell up.


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