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Calm Reported At BCF As Correctional Officers Await Redress Of Grievances

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Amid Correctional Officers’ concerns over unaddressed long-standing grievances, Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte disclosed that she has learned that the situation at Saint Lucia’s lone prison is calm.

“From feedback from the Director, things are pretty calm,” the Minister said regarding the atmosphere at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

“They are working as best as they can to ensure that the inmates and the officers working are not under duress,” Albert-Poyotte stated.

The Babonneau MP disclosed a meeting with the Correctional Services Welfare Association to discuss the organisation’s concerns.

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“We left the meeting satisfied that all parties will be addressing the matters,” Albert-Poyotte told reporters on Tuesday’s sidelines of a House of Assembly meeting.

She revealed that one of the biggest concerns for the Correctional Officers related to needed security equipment.

In this regard, the Minister told reporters the government was awaiting information from the supplier of some of the radios the officers needed.

She said the government has to get 50 radios costing $341,000.

According to Albert-Poyotte, the government had gone far in responding to the concerns of the Correctional Officers.

But she revealed some responsibilities the Correctional Services Welfare Association has to shoulder while the Department of Home Affairs is doing its part.

Regarding timelines, Albert-Poyotte told reporters that the radios were coming from New Zealand.

She also said the suppliers had to programme the devices before shipping them.

“So there are some things that are not within our control,” the Minister stated.

In addition, Albert-Poyotte said while the government was addressing the Correctional Officers’ concerns, the officers needed to address other ‘internal’ issues with the BCF Director and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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  1. SMH, how effup this MP is by saying the radios have to be programmed before shipment. So this practically saying we have a bunch of statute occupying and taking tax payers money at the NTRC. NTRC have competent individuals who can do such and this is just an insult again unleashing at our very own people by our very own MP. So who must put trust in who?

  2. What about the fencing and telephone system for both officers and inmates what about addressing the packages of contraband intruders sending into the facility daily.

  3. Lol.. nothing is within the control of this government. Everywhere has sugar and rice, none in Saint Lucia not within our control, passport debacle, not within our control, terrible road network, it’s the weather. Never see it like this lawd!

  4. I cannot believe 50 vhf radios costing $341000 be it usd or xcd Motorola is one of the most popular radios out there and ICOM none of these cost $1000 us per radio already programmed I wonder what kind of radio the talking about plus the chinese have multiple brands of cheaper radios so am wondering who’s going to pocket the rest of the remaining $300000 left after buying those 50 radios the government doesn’t have money because of too much wasteful spending
    I know someone is getting rich ripping off this government or maybe one of their friends will be the one shame on the mess when this government is willing to take $ 341000 from tax payers to buy 50 vhf radios

  5. 34100.00รท 50= 6820.00 so $6820.00 per handheld vhf radio what kind of radio is that and I know they qouting us dollars so mutiple by 2.67 what a mess with the peoples money

  6. Wanted to say 341000 and not 34100 as stated in my last comment divided by 50 equals 6820 and I think its usd they talking about so multiply by 2.67 xcd equals $18209.40 per radio


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