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Anthony Concerned Over Absence Of ‘Serious Activity’ In Vieux Fort


Vieux Fort South MP Dr. Kenny Anthony has expressed concern over an absence of what he described as ‘serious activity’ in Vieux Fort because of crime fears.

The community has witnessed a deadly gun violence spike that led the government in March this year to declare it an escalated crime zone.

The declaration gave expanded powers to the police to fight crime.

“Vieux Fort has suffered immeasurably in the last year because of the absence of serious activity in the community, allegedly because of the crime situation in the community,” Dr. Anthony told the House of Assembly Tuesday.

And he recalled taking umbrage at decisions made by some organisations, including Blackheart Football.

Last year, Blackheart decided not to host tournament matches in Vieux Fort, citing safety concerns.

“I did feel, irrespective of what the police said, that the decision to relocate or reassign Blackheart games elsewhere was not the wisest decision,” Dr. Anthony told the House of Assembly.

He explained that no community should face the degree of marginalisation and disregard that the people of Vieux Fort had to endure due to such decisions.

Anthony said he did not think such decisions necessarily helped the fight against crime.

“What you’re really doing is to just punish ordinary people and that’s really not the best thing to win their support,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

“Vieux Fort carries its crosses Mr. Speaker,” Anthony said.

But he said he was sure that a more enlightened approach would emerge.

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  1. Kenny says there are crime fears especially in Vieux Fort. And we accept it as gospel.

    Regulars folks say they are afraid they are sidelined. Chastenet said we are in fear, he is labeled a liar and unpatriotic.

    We are all St Lucian’s regardless of who we support or voted for. PM and crew wake up.

    Maundy make sure u remind our leader of the situation on the ground every single morning. He seems disconnected with the realities.

  2. Safety trumps everything. Does an aircraft takeoff in a lightening storm? Does one go swimming during rip tides?

    Vieux Fort is unsafe hence the reason for Blackheart’s decision. Their decision is simply based on the well-being of THEIR participants. Blackheart is simply mitigating. Why doesn’t Kenny make the environment safe, so people from VF can enjoy the moments? Thaaat is the million dollar question.

  3. Dr Anthony serious activity and Vieux Fort are an oxymoron since you have represented this constituency. Now you want to blame blackheads, the police, PJP for your neglect of the constituency. Dr Anthony apart from the catastrophe you did at St Jude’s and the Vieux Fort Square, how much activity has Vieux Fort seen of any worth. Are you forgetting that you were Minister of Finance? I will say it for your toilet bowl Highgrade to respond. There was more serious activity in Vieux Fort between 2016 and 2021 than any other period from 1997.

  4. I have been saying that for months!!! The northern boys – Hillaire and Pierre, wanted an excuse to exclude us from everything. HILLAIRE is the absolute worst…..

  5. Another press release meant to fool the ignorant.

    Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GBP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  6. KDA you are no saint!!! You were the PM and rep for more than 15 years and you didn’t do squat!!!you expect Pierre and hilarious to do anything for the VF? Look at how they masterfully excluded VF from the ports development. Come on man

  7. SMH. He Kenny and PJP went to Vfort with armed Police and Regional Police but He wanted me to go watch football in the same Vfort. SMH. All u forget the location of Phillip Marcellin. Btw Kenny not only Blackheart Football. Even Veterans Football has now found a new home- It’s called Dennery and Beausejour. U Kenny move all the way to Cul de Sac. But u want us local law abiding non licensed, non police to go roam the streets in Vfort. U are a joke. That is what u saying in the House of Parliament. CHOOOPPPPPSSSSS

  8. Kenny and Tony is the Worst Districf Rep in the World .I don’t know why people in Vieux Fort still vote for him

  9. Wait, wait wait, you said nothing when Vieux Fort was designated a Crime Zone in Parliament. Is it not still governed by that Act making it or calling it a crime hot spot. But we like it so, we voted for that.

  10. @ Rest my idiot Case…..I have reiterated on your AGAIN on your compulsive obcession with the Most Honorable KDA, and the people and constituency of VF is simply mind bottling. List the flare up of activities that was cherish and champion by your worthless Party ……Oh that White Elephant of a race track that has not made once cent to date, the symbol of Allen Chastanet failure, oh we are so worthy. I think they should tear down that eye sore and build affordable housing because the UWPEE’S will not regain power no time soon. It’s not ONLY the minister alone that should bring recreational activities to the masses, vested interest from cooperate to government council should be responsible for this .1997 was a very good year, you were cast away like the devil by God Kenny and to this day in 2023 he has NEVER mention one word in regards to you, interesting.

  11. In credible! ‘Leaders’ are always best at looking and seeing things whatt shudda, cudda-might have been when they no longer have sway and influence.

    At some point, all of Vieux Fort’s questions will be answered and you dear leader, is responsible for many unanswered questions.

    Oh what a wonderful web of deceit we weave.

  12. @MHLH … put YOUR god KDH against Chastanet …
    > they are both bi-racial products of white parents – only Kenny took his mother’s name, and did away with the “Barnard” name
    > they are both products of St Lucian hoteliers – yes!!
    > both of then did not attend St Lucian schools ….

    Need I go on?

  13. If no one decode this gentleman the VF MP, who bleed the tax payers pocket for 26 years in politics isn’t a nomad, genuine deceiver and a political con artist then lucians are visionary blind. after 26 years where you kenny already secure your livelihood is beyond guaranteed you now coming and talk about opportunity and development? Mun get your arss outta deh eh!

  14. Kenny should run for politics and try to get voted in as MP for Vieux Fort and then push for economic and social changes over nice short period. After all this area was a breadbasket in the 80’s during green gold. You never know he could become Prime Minister and really make drastic changes for this area that has so much potential behond the drug trafficking and lambi smuggling its now reknowned for. Wait a minute………………………….

  15. The ruling Labour party held its 2nd anniversary victory rally in Micoud North, why they did not host it in Vieuxfort, to let the world see that there is no fear in their elected seat. The government and the party needs to make that move. Not even funeral people wants to attend in Vieuxfort. Look a week ago another shooting, Kenny clean up your mess. Let’s see you go back to the fisheries and play dominos, create activities in other for the community

  16. He he he he he@ Get it Right/ Yellow Lab Rat ….mind boggling I know you would get it I have shove mind bottling down your your yellow lizard throat a million times and that always irritate you. So as I was saying 1997 was a very good year, it’s the year you were cast away by God Kenny like the devil you are and ever since then to now 2023 he has NEVER mentioned the likes of you, there, there, there, interesting.

  17. @Yellow Lab Rat yes they are both bi-racial and as “privilege St Lucians” they went to school overseas BUT THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM BOTH IS (drum roll please) ONE IS A BORN ST LUCIAN AND SPEAKS HER NATIVE TONGUE. My, my, my, jeopardy theme song please, Alex who could that be ???

  18. @MHLH … takes one “rat” to ID another “rat” including its colour!! Keep it in the pack.


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