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Fedee Urges Full Disclosure From Pierre Regarding RSLPF Leadership


Opposition Senator Dominic Fedee has criticised Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre for failing to provide a timeline regarding Ronald Phillip’s tenure as Acting Police Commissioner.

“I call on the Prime Minister to give a frank and full disclosure as to the timeline of the individual,” the former Tourism Minister declared.

“We want to see a solid plan as it relates to the leadership of the police force,” Fedee said, adding that Saint Lucia was going through one of its most difficult gun violence crises.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, would not be drawn when reporters questioned him on Tuesday on the sidelines of a House of Assembly meeting regarding Ronald Phillip’s tenure as Acting Commissioner.

But he explained that there is no Officer in Charge in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), and Phillip was the Acting top cop.

Pierre’s disclosure came amid calls for an independent probe into allegations of sexual harassment in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“What is critical and what I find to be quite sad is that the Prime Minister refuses to give a timeline,” Senator Fedee told a news conference Wednesday.

Fedee, also the second deputy political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) recalled learning that Phillip’s acting appointment would have run from June until the end of July 2023.

“Why is it that the Prime Minister is not levelling with the people so that the people can know who their Police Commissioner or who their leading officer in charge of the enforcement of laws in our country will be? Why is this a state secret?” Fedee stated.

And he expressed disappointment regarding how the Prime Minister deals with crime.

According to Fedee, the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party has shown no leadership.

In addition, he told Wednesday’s news conference that at least the Prime Minister could use his good offices to ensure a probe into the sexual harassment allegations in the police force.

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  1. Politicians please stop dipping your trunks into the affair of the Police. The main reason the force keeps on failing,it’s simply because every politician is a Commissioner of Police.

  2. fedee why dont you keep your trunk out of police business. since when that’s your role

  3. If there is nothing to hide, Ronald, please come out, recuse yourself and ask for the investigation so that can be done. I do not expect Pierre to do anything but being a clown without a circus. The guy is actually putting the country in danger – there could have be so much done with a new to cop. Instead he plays politics with anything he can get.

  4. What’s the matter with our people, so the newnormal is, bad is good and good is bad, so when labor is in power anything goes, we see misappropriation so we should not talk, remember what goes around you know my drift

  5. Cocoloram since when that’s your role. Stay in your opposition state. It’s all people like u & the jackalacks spewing all kinds of shit about st lucia. All you’ll jackalacks needs to retire, but wait everytime you’ll remember mardi pee’r ta’ , knowing you’ll can no longer get you’ll hands, you’ll Arrray ArrrArray

  6. Why should we stop someone from labouring to gain their daily bread, this is the evil 😈 that is spreading in this country ❓
    Why do we cannot have the same sentiments towards each other,and respect each others work ❓
    How can we except good when we are harbouring 😈, for GOD is not a God of disorder, but of “PEACE”…
    Serve God and not evil 😈…

  7. Even if there was no formal complaint, there is an allegation and you sir need to do the right thing. You will not hold any press conference because the questions will be asked of you. You are the face of security, cannot hide forever.

    Public officials should hold them selves to high standards and not be skirt chasing, instead be handling the affairs of their department.

    An election was won on allegations of corruption and financial wastage. No one has been brought to justice. Now they sit in opposition because of public perception not concrete facts.

    The PSC(Political Service Commission) needs to do better. Have you confirmed him? Are you looking for another suitable candidate? The other deputy seems to be a man of integrity.

  8. I have read and listened to philosophers on the moral code and how it’s development leads to our understanding there is a God who has guided all that is good..

    In juxtaposition to this we look at the acceptance of individuals like Fredericks (by BOTH parties at different times) as a valid and legitimate part of our political process even to the point of appointment to a Cabinet post. We look also at this issue with regard to accusations within the RSLPF and wonder about the moral base of our society that accepts such behaviour without examination or abhorrence.
    If we as a supposed Christian society can reject a fundamental God delivered morality and accept such aberrations , plus many others, then we are an evil people. And it is across all spectrums. Look at how many of our so called elitists actively defend the Labour Party while those who put them in power have gone silent after years of agitation between 2016 and 2021.

    St Lucia continues to stumble along achieving less that 30% of its potential in economics, agriculture, security, family life, sexual habits, etc.
    I do not see any thing different in the future with this immoral, clueless, grasping set in government.


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