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COP28: Pierre Looks Forward To Transformational Climate Action


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says he is looking forward to joining colleague Heads of Government in Dubai at COP28 to continue advocating for transformational action to protect the existence of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

He emphasised that Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries and other SIDS are feeling the brunt of the global climate crisis.

Pierre is CARICOM’s Lead Head for Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

On Thursday, he met with Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaher, the President-Designate of COP28 in Barbados.

The meeting occurred as the region advanced preparation for the event in the United Arab Emirates in November.

“COP28 is happening at a time when the world is in a climate crisis. However, this crisis is deeper, more serious, and more acute in our region CARICOM and other SIDS,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

He noted that the region’s experience has been that a hurricane could ruin an entire country, destroy the population’s livelihoods and plunge the nation into instant poverty in hours.

“That is the level of exposure that we face in CARICOM due to the effects of this climate crisis,” Pierre explained.

As a result, he asserted that COP28 must deliver an ambitious global climate action plan to 2030.



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  1. So dek dek mate cannot tackle internal security, cannot do anything about inflation, borrowing billions but still cannot fix or jump start the economy , cannot get rid of the scoundrels in Cabinet – so he and Kenny now jumping on the climate change bandwagon.

    So you telling us what a hurricane can do so as to frighten us into thinking going overseas is so urgent. Well – we have known for hundreds of years what can happen in a hurricane! Thank you for the useless information. Yes – and the other islands know that already.
    So enjoy the $50,000 trip. This time take some pictures of the first class travel and 5 star hotel and post on social media. Who you taking with you? Family and friends?
    And remember your cabinet has taken 40+ trips in the last few months and we have no feedback or reports on that expenditure so do not forget – pictures please!
    Hope a hurricane does not hit us while you are away , but that is OK , you so useless would not make a difference if you were here!

  2. What climate crisis? I’ve been passing along the waterfront for the last 30 years. The water level is the same as it has always been. Y’all said the north pole would melt by 2013. Still there just as cold. The is yet another con to tax people in a long line of cons.

  3. You people are laughable. More carbon dioxide means more plant life. More plant life means more oxygen. More oxygen means more life. What climate emergency again. Pierre you’re coming off as an even bigger idiot talking this nonsense.

  4. We used to criticize Chas for his travelling and more or less living in a Jet Plane, but this guy takes the Cake. Among other things he should work on his eloquence, for most of these guys are pretty sharp shooters, not ch…t shooters but quite articulate and knowledgeable in what they do. Apart from the Cap in hand Boardroom chats away from home, there is so much work to be done right here, in a hurry. The St. Jude Hospital projects, the Castries and Soufriere Harbour improvements, urgently necessary for jobs; massive improvement for Highway and Road Safety; to quash the revolving door policy at Magistrate Court. Bring in about fifty seasoned Bad Ass Cops for about two to three months, to invade the known crime hideouts, seize Guns and eradicate a sizeable amount of their stuff and make St. Lucia great again. Most of all Lucians should seek first the kingdom of God.

  5. Some good points FOX.
    Alas – these jokers really are locked into fleecing the public purse. It is the obtuse nature of the beast, the tone deaf responce to everything that is amazing.

    They are so evil that moral behaviour does not in any shape or form pass in their consciousness, as NORMAL. They literally believe that all those things a Christian man is taught as wrong are quite OK as long as it advances their material wealth and power.
    Their leadership role in St Lucia is an existentialist crisis for St Lucia as their behaviour is mirrored in society.

  6. let’s put the politric aside. but really that climate change no one will escape it .I mean no country no head of state. this is the agender of the elites. this is what is being used to bring about some tough decisions and measures and its worst than covid19. the worst is yet to come.

  7. The situation remains the same, no matter which cheek of the same backside (UWP/SLP) occupies the parliamentary seat when the music stops, during the game of election musical chairs, every 5 years!

    Crime unstoppable because the US has flooded St. Lucia with weapons? Blame anything except the US! Instead, announce climate change as the most important issue of the day, then go on a US-sponsored junket to meet with the rest of US’ poodles, who are taking time off from the pressures & questions from citizenry, who want them to honor their election promises.

    Pip is running off to COP28, because he cannot deal with widespread cop dereliction of duty in St. Lucia!


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