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Man Stabbed To Death At Gros Islet Bus Stand


A man was stabbed to death following an altercation Monday morning at the Gros Islet bus stand in Castries.

A bus driver was in police custody in connection with the fatal stabbing.

Relatives have identified the deceased as thirty-year-old Chessie Sealy.

Sealy’s sister told reporters she learned someone had stabbed her brother and rushed to the hospital.

“When I reached the hospital this morning about after nine, minutes to ten, they tell me my brother die,” the sister stated.

She said she also heard that a bus driver was assisting the police with their investigation.

“My brother didn’t deserve that ,” the sister declared, adding that the family wanted justice.

Bus drivers said the deceased assisted them as a ‘Board Man,’ registering the order in which buses arrived at the bus stand to facilitate orderly boarding.

According to reports, an altercation involving Sealy and a Gros Islet bus driver over the boarding procedure led to the fatal stabbing.

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  1. Total lack of self-control! Now he will have to go to prison where his every move is dictated by the prison officers. Learn to control your emotions yourself –otherwise the authorities will have to control you by “chains and fetters”! What a wretched way to live!

  2. Wow … a brother is killed whilst hustling to “make a bread” legally 🤔 … so sad 😔 😔 😔

  3. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming…Throughout the years all the arguing & hostile behaviour from SOME drivers,it was only a matter of time before they did something foolish.

  4. These bus drivers so ignorant. Once you buy a bus you become instantly ignorant and awagè. They ready to kill for a dollar. No respect for other road users and pedestrians. It’s all about them. Selfish idiots.

  5. The Killer is a Locksman not a Rastaman .A Rastaman is a Peaceful man. Prefix Ras means Head Suffix Tafari means Creator when you Join them it means Head Creator The killer Shaves his Beard Rasta Don’t deal with Sissors and Comb.He should be Sentence to the Gallows .Why He didn’t walk away as a Locksmam.99.9% of Bus Drivers are Very Ignorant in St.Lucia.No Lawyer Should Represent him at the Courts

  6. I think we need more young men to attend church…doesn’t matter which religion….this is where you can learn restraint, tolerance, love for one another, sacrifice, Goodness, compassion, patience, humility. The life of Jesus, Mohammed, Selassie were exemplary in that light! One love…let’s fight evil instead…let’s stab masonic occults instead…let’s kill witchcraft and sorcery instead

  7. The bus driver himself is an ignorent man who always threaten to kill people especially when his angry …rip young man 😔🕊️u didn’t deserve this cruelty justice for the victim…

  8. aa aa aa dats unacceptable……jusso the man die? a driver arguing over a boarding order? this is crazy this is ridiculous…..nobody else could have assisted in that argument? no other driver saw what happened? shame shame shame…my fellow st lucians its useless to argue with people just be the humble one and allow dem… me its worth it…

  9. Just senseless, pointless, nonsense. When will this madness end? We cannot settle our disgreements without violence in this country. So very sad.

  10. Wow – lack of education, ignorance and greed is a recipe for disaster. Why would you kill someone in cold blood just like that ?????? – perhaps it is time to put in place a public transportation system – where the buses are operated and run by the government. This would definitely put the greed to rest – this is shameful and sad at the same time.

  11. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you,I heard he slapped the bus driver and he got stabbed by the driver…exchange is no robbery.

  12. Unless you restore the death penalty this ignorance will continue; but the ignoramuses will not pass that Law, which is still in the books. How can you restore civility otherwise? at one time when the Church was respected it worked well; today the devil is at it so forget it.

  13. so because he slap he have to stab??? its a hard pill to swallow right??? at least he was mindful enough to slap and not stab… lets see the outcome of the one that stab…..he shud be jailed for life……peace be still……

  14. I always knew that this locks man would find him self in a situation like this,
    All the anger, lack of self respect and ignorant he had . I wonder why the drivers association had him in contact with passengers. There are so many complaints about mate . Smh .
    Now he get what he always wanted “blood on his f… King shoulders. Stupid

  15. I have known chessy for so long,that driver in particular I knew that was coming,he is a very ignorant individual,I actually witness that driver push out a school child for not paying bus fair,that driver deserves to go to jail indefinitely.

  16. Bus driver should be made an example out of!!! SMPH you stabbed the man bc of the order of buses selfish ignorant pricK,…..throw away the key on this bus driver a threat to the public! SmPH

  17. Its sad what happen to this young man, The bus driver in question verybody got bad comments about him, I personally can relkate to his reck;ess driving and arragont behavior towards passengers. once I was driving top of Marisule and he did a u turn in the road, causing the vehichle comin towards me. hit me and damadge the car I was driving. and he speed going up north. I got to know later it was him, I do hope he is put behind bars for a long time.

  18. ahh a mun die on his job, killed by his co-worker. One was trying to make a living and the crack head just go an push a blade… end the mun life.. god why did you turn your back on this waste land?

  19. Did the driver act in self defense. Remember people can talk their talk as long as they don’t put their hands on you. Once you put your hands on another person, you have compromised your rights. I do not support violence. Each bus driver should annually undergo de-escation training.

  20. People just have to learn how to control them self everyone is in rage,you kill a man, now what business as usual

  21. The boy didn’t slap the driver just so. The driver hit him first. The driver still had no rite after the other drivers told him he was wrong to walk to his bus take a knife a stab the boy from the back. The driver knew exactly wat he was doing bcuz after he stab the boy he got in his bus n drove off as if nothing happened. He only turn himself in after the boy was declared dead claiming self defense.

  22. I think 💬 that they need more respectful bus drivers and more youth to work on their own self-esteem and themselves


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